Zone of Ego aka Z.O.E. was an A.I. ace built by the rich teens during the Usean Teen Rebellion to take on the Scabface Squadron.

Development and Involvment in the War

Even though the snobby rich teens said that they built the A.I. thierselves, it was rumored that they in fact bought it off the Bakans with thier rich people money. They had made *cough* bought *cough* five different aircraft for the Z.O.E. the first being the F-14 Fatcat, the second being the F/AIL-18B "Groper", the third being the WTF-23 "Widowmaker", the fourth being the F15/S TUP-1D "England" and the last one being the FDAF-1 Fullken, though it did not have the TLLS equipped on it regardless of Beat Squadron's constant request that it was necessary. Even though the Z.O.E. was very advanced the fact of the matter was the Scabface One was the main character and it would be stupid if Scabface One lost so regardless of the complaints of the rich teens, the Z.O.E. was defeated, however their parents would soon find out that the teenagers leading the rebellion had spent all of Usea's money in order to purchase uh...I mean "create" the Z.O.E. aircraft, causing the Erustyians to be very pissed off at the rest of Usea since they wouldn't be getting the money that the rest of the continent had promised to pay, leading them to take over Stonehenge and start throwing rocks off the top of it at any people passing by, starting the Usean Continental Breakfast War of 2004.

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