Im concerned this simulated war might become a Jet "Spamming" fest, that people will just choose a Ta 158 or a Prototype MiG-15 and call it a day, seriously. may i point out that in real life jets did not make their appearance until 1944-45, and that many of the designs beforehand like the Bell Airacomet were merely prototypes, not to mention the early british gloster designs that were powered by Frank Whittles Jet engine, or even the German Heinkel He-178 . Jets were also sensitive to damage and maintainece woes, i mean a couple cannon or machine gun bullets could put a jet out of commission. though i might just be griping, what i'm concerned about is each player being realistic about each jet fighter and prop-plane involved. even though were talkin strangereal here we at least have to have some realism and common sense.

But I'm looking forward to this simulated fight. placing AC before there were Gatling Cannons and Guided missiles. before mach 1 flight. I already decided on going with my squadron the Kitsune Team and its early pilots. the early squadron goes as follows

Kitsune 1: Jacob T. Wright (2nd Lt. in 1941)

Kitsune 2: Aika Solano (Sgt. in 1941)

Kitsune 3: Adrian Martinez (1st Lt. in 1941)

Kitsune 4: Gabriel "Smitty" Smith (2nd Lt. in 1941)

Kitsune 5, 6, and 7 are taken up pilots that cycle out of the squadron.

As said in the the background they fly imported P-40 Warkhawks from Osea. their allies in Falco Squadron fly the Spitfire Mk.IV, Barghest and Kumiho teams fly P-38Js.

as i said this conflict should be intresting. there isnt much else on my mind since this is my first post. I just aquired some 3D animation software off the internet, just mess around and learn the basics of rendering and using my computer to draw and animate. since i am taking animation courses soon of course. since i might not be able to take classes this fall and will be going full time this winter. Otaku 02:59, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

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