• Otaku66 Z

    I was thinking of compiling a soundtrack for 52 pickup. With Music from many sources AC, bands that i like, etc. and also would be lovely would be your suggestions from you guys as well. Since This is humor/serious there will be a blend of music from varying genres and countries. mainly Germany, Japan, USA. Anyway I'd like some suggestions.

    Anyway with the conclusion of X3 i would like to get to work on 52pkup more and get some articles done. Oh there will be articles dropping from every crevice possible on X3 and plenty of other projects to do. We must also get this wiki out here more. but enough. I was also thinking of a superfighter from Yuktobanina that originated in the 1970 and 80s and had a emphasis on speed, payload, and manuverabil…

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  • Otaku66 Z

    I was playing on my Laptops PSX emulator, and decided to use the Screenshot feature to capture some pics of the two games. Yes i have the physical copy of the First Air Combat, But i Have Roms of Ac2 and 3(JP). But here are some screenies of Air Combat and Ace Combat 2.


    (I'll add more later damn photo upload is acting up.)


    Bleedin miracle its working! oh wait now its not...><

    F-16C in Combat AC2.

    Same Misson, Same MiG-21 except hes Scrap Metal now. Haha.

    F-16A or Early C model. (Im thinking A)

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  • Otaku66 Z

    Even though im rather new to AC communities, what irritates me is this ACS Vs Acewiki crap! listen up and take a seat and hear me out.

    1. ITS A GAME! there isnt anything that says that we cant have fun with the source material as long as we dont say its game canon and steal credit from the creators, we can make our own fanfics and ideas, getting creative isnt wrong. and listen they do this do grab our goat and make a scene. only basement dwelling internet tough guys do this. this is low, immature and pointless. -breath-

    2. whats the point of fighting? all i hear is ACS this and wiki that! enough and silence your stupity for once. look who cares? I dont to be honest. what makes me care is that some "elitist" groups think that they should be t…

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  • Otaku66 Z

    Entry for today

    August 24, 2010 by Otaku66 Z

    Im concerned this simulated war might become a Jet "Spamming" fest, that people will just choose a Ta 158 or a Prototype MiG-15 and call it a day, seriously. may i point out that in real life jets did not make their appearance until 1944-45, and that many of the designs beforehand like the Bell Airacomet were merely prototypes, not to mention the early british gloster designs that were powered by Frank Whittles Jet engine, or even the German Heinkel He-178 . Jets were also sensitive to damage and maintainece woes, i mean a couple cannon or machine gun bullets could put a jet out of commission. though i might just be griping, what i'm concerned about is each player being realistic about each jet fighter and prop-plane involved. even though …

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