Some of you guys may have noticed that I deleted the Project Gold Saw blog. Now before you guys go all "WTF AR3 YU D3L3T1N' T3H BL0GS F0R????!!!!???!!!!!111???/??" on me, I have an announcement to make.

Project Gold Saw was for the most part a total failure. Which is why I am overhauling it and replacing it with Project: GOLD RUSH.

GOLD RUSH is essentially the same as project Gold Saw, but with a few major changes. First off, the name is in all-caps It has two phases, to give us some direction. Second off, it imposes a deadline on us, which will force us to get things done. The first phase consists of doubling the amount of articles on this wiki, cleaning up existing articles, and getting my NCF policy in full effect. During the second phase, we will impose a written set of rules and policies on the wiki, working on ways to expand our userbase, and augmenting our administration accordingly.

The first phase goes into effect on Nov. 28th and goes until New Years. The second phase goes into effect immediately after and will end on Feb. 15th.

I currently plan to have Phase one start Jan. 10th, and end on Feb. 25. If these dates will not work for you, speak up and recommend a time frame that does work for you.

Any questions?