Anonymous ONI agent

aka The Banana Man

  • I live in the grim darkness of the far future.
  • My occupation is Professional Lazy Git/being that one guy who refuses to take anything seriously
  • I am a banana.
  • Anonymous ONI agent

    Bungie is selling charity bracelets to help Japan. Get one, or I'll ban you! Nah, I'm kidding. But you should still buy one. Or two. Or three...

    (All proceeds go to the Red Cross)

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  • Anonymous ONI agent

    Some of you guys may have noticed that I deleted the Project Gold Saw blog. Now before you guys go all "WTF AR3 YU D3L3T1N' T3H BL0GS F0R????!!!!???!!!!!111???/??" on me, I have an announcement to make.

    Project Gold Saw was for the most part a total failure. Which is why I am overhauling it and replacing it with Project: GOLD RUSH.

    GOLD RUSH is essentially the same as project Gold Saw, but with a few major changes. First off, the name is in all-caps It has two phases, to give us some direction. Second off, it imposes a deadline on us, which will force us to get things done. The first phase consists of doubling the amount of articles on this wiki, cleaning up existing articles, and getting my NCF policy in full effect. During the second phase,…

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  • Anonymous ONI agent

    A few days ago I contacted Wikia about the Oasis skin. This morning I received my response.

    On 2010-11-05 22:48:36, wrote: > Why has the Oasis skin been made mandatory? > Will other skins will eventually be available again? > What was wrong with the Monaco skin? > > Thank you!

    Reply: 1) The choice to do so was to simplify the number of current skins and systems we would have to test each new feature under. We, in the past, kept the previous generation skin around side by side, but every new thing we made, or everything we changed, meant twice as much testing and development time.

    2) No. Once all wikis are converted over, we will be doing a cleanup of the actual skin files on the server, to prevent them from being used (som…

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  • Anonymous ONI agent


    November 5, 2010 by Anonymous ONI agent

    It seems the new skin is causing a lot of ruckus over at community central. I would like this wiki to remain civil about the issue, but I would like to know your guys' opinions about the new skin and what's happening at the central wiki.

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  • Anonymous ONI agent

    Halo Hilarity

    October 30, 2010 by Anonymous ONI agent

    I posted these on my userpage last week. If you haven't seen them yet, WATCH THEM NAO!

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