Ulysses is a planet roughly 50 times larger than the Earth. Ulysses is the sole planet in orbit around the planet Troia in the XF04 galaxy. The planet is populated by humanoids, who barely knew of the existence of humans until recently.


Since the XF04 galaxy is quite some distance from the Milky Way galaxy, humans and the people of Ulysses (sometimes referred to as a Uly or many Ulys, which are pronounced as "You'll" and "You'lls" respectively) had very little contact prior to the events of 1994.

Ulysses Asteroid

In 1994, a horrific accident occurred where the entire nuclear stockpile of one country exploded underground. The explosion resulted in the creation of a large asteroid that was now being hurled by nuclear forces through space. It was sent through space at the exact angle and trajectory that would cause the asteroid to hit Earth within five years. The asteroid was dubbed Ulysses 1994XF04.

Over those five years, the nations of Earth would struggle to create weapons of mass destruction that would obliterate the asteroid. Many of these plans did not come to fruition save for the Stonehenge Turret Network, an anti-air railgun network of eight cannons built on the Continent Usean Continent that would attempt to vaporize the asteroid. The asteroid did something unforeseeable, however; it split into numerous fragments upon entry into Earth's atmosphere. Stonehenge did what it could, and saved humans from mass extinction, but over half a million people were killed in the impacts and many more became refugees.


The countries of the Usean Continent worked together to handle the large number of refugees. (No one really cared about Estovakia in the first place.) However, in 2001, something remarkable was discovered. Erusea had been excavating into all of the crash sites to remove the Ulysses Asteroid and study it to understand where it came from, when those studies led to the discovery of an unknown substance within some of the asteroid fragments. It appeared that the majority of the Ulysses fragments containing this substance had crashed into Erusea. The substance was codenamed NAP-2700.

Erusea, at the time, was working on super-advanced technologies inspired by the Germa--I mean, Belkans. They were working on three specific technologies: a Bionics Armed Suit, a new missile, and a new aircraft. It turned out that the NAP-2700 was the perfect substance to provide some of the power that the Erusians needed. The aircraft was soon revealed to be the Su-37 Terminator, which would empower its pilot with super abilities such as a maneuver nicknamed the Cobra for some reason.

In 2002 when Erusea unveiled the Terminator, they decided to give it to their worst pilot in their ranks to see just how well the NAP-2700 helped. This pilot was later known as Yellow 13. While up until the Terminator he was unable to keep his plane steady in combat, after suiting up he immediately felt the difference. The aircraft assisted him in every step of the way, and he became the best pilot in the Federal Erusian Air Force. Erusea was pleased and ordered more Terminators for production.

Unfortunately, the Erusians did not know of the NAP-2700's weakness... the Ulys did, but how could they contact the Erusians and warn them? Hell, they still barely believed that humans were real, but they were working on a transport ship to get them to where the Ulysses crashed...

Usean Continental War

To be continued.

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