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The nations of this world are born out of bloodshed.

1890 - Fall of Empires, Rise of Nations

Main article: Six Years' War

The long brutal war that engulfed the Anean Empire and the Yuktobanian Empire finally brought an end to these two imperial giants of the Old World. Weary and angered by the imperial oligarchs who dragged them on for 6 years, the peoples rebelled against their monarchs. What began as an imperial strife over control of the Kingdom of Estovakia ended in the birth of new and independent republics.

In Yuktobania, the red faction overthrew and massacred the aristocracy in Cinigrad, resulting in a civil war between the pro-republicans and the pro-Tsarists. The red republicans came victorious, and out rose the Yuktobanian Federative Socialist Republic, the first socialist state.

In the burning streets of Gracemeria, the Sons of Aurelius rammed a landship through the Imperial Palace gates. Opposing little resistance, the rebels discover the emperor cowering in his quarters. The emperor was publicly beheaded, and the Second Republic of Emmeria was established. The surviving members of the Anean royal family exiled to the dominion of Wellow.

While the Emmerian people were celebrating over the return of their democratic government after 200 years of imperial rule, fear and anxiety filled the atmosphere in Wellow. With the fall of the Anean Empire, the ties between the dominion and the metropole were severed. Without the guaranteed protection of the Anean military, Wellow is now nearly defenseless against the Osean Federation in the south, and the expansionist Belkan Empire in the east.

1700s - Origins of Enmity

Main article: Nordnomad War

For many decades, the people of the Belkan Empire have held a grudge towards the Anean Empire and her dominions. Before the 18th century, large swaths of Wellow were Belkan territory. The Belkan inhabitants, the nordnomade, were the descendants of fishermen and explorers.

In 1734, when the Old World empires already colonized the western coast of the Osean continent, the Aneans built ports and settlements at the southern tip of the nordnomads island. This comes after Anean explorers discovered large deposits of silicon, gold, and platinum on the islands, luxury resources desired back at the metropoles. The presence of foreign settlements on the island angered the inhabitants. The nordnomads raided and burnt down settler colonies and plundered Anean trade ships. Startled then irate by this violent resistance, the viceroy of Wellow, Sir Edric Hayden, requested that the Anean colonial troops wipe out all nordnomad villages on the island.

Thus the year 1740 was remembered in history by the Belkans as the year of bloodshed and slaughter. Thousands of nordnomads were massacred by Anean soldiers. Many of the nordnomad ships that attempted to escape the slaughter where chased and sunken by Anean frigates. After swiftly learning the news of the killings, the imperial chancellery in Dinsmark ordered an invasion of the nordnomad island to stop the genocide. Unfortunately, the Belkan ships were no match for the technological superiority of the Anean navy. After what was the "Nordnomad War", over 90% of the Nordnomad population were killed off. Fewer than 7000 nordnomads managed to escape to the Belkan ports.

1909 - What is Rightfully Ours

Main article: North Osean War

With the fall of the Anean Empire came the dissolution or the independence of Anea's colonies. The West Osean Protectorate, a dominion in the West Osean continental peninsula, was swiftly absorbed into the Osean Federation. Aurelia, a nation conquered by the Aneans and given its namesake, quickly declared independence. Inspired by the democratic governance under Aurelius of the First Emmerian Republic, the Aurelians kept their foreign namesake and established a federal republic.

1957-1959 - A Nation Divided

Main article: Second Clavian War

1972 - Red Crisis

Main article: Crisis of 1970s

2029 - Clash of Titans and Reunification

Main article: Third Clavian War

2030 - The Corporate War Machine

Main article: Operation False Armistice

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