"After I saw my house crash right into that fighter, I knew exactly where my life was going..."
—Storytroller Boy, moments before becoming the storytroller.


The Storytroller boy was a kid who knew nothing about war until his house came to life due to radiation coming from the Bakan border and the flew right into the air and crashed into a ISAF fighter pilot fighting against Mellow 13. After the death of his parents Mellow 13 ejected out of his plane due to a freak out about the house and went up to the Storytroller boy and asked him "Problem?" before taking all of his clothes off and screaming about being on fire.

After the events of that day, the Storytroller went to live with his abusive uncle, who did nothing but take the money the boy earned from the slave labor camp where he had to clean up the crap from the Boarkeeper's boars. It was at the Boarkeepers place that he met the Boarkeeper's daughter and once again Mellow 13. The Boarkeeper went around talking about the number of planes they could've shot down when Mellow 13 started to play his sitar and asked the boy to play with him. Luckly for the boy, Mellow 13 started playing the song his father used to play while hitting him with a baseball bat whenever he was drunk (The father, not the boy, though they were usually drunk at the same time.) Eventually the Storytroller found a family within the Mellow Squadron but could never stop annoying Mellow 13 with the fact that his parents were dead because of him, even though he had no power in stopping a house from coming to life and colliding with a fighter he was engaging, I might add.

Though later on as the Insanely Stupid Allied Forces made thier movement onto the continent, via camels and cow with engines from the Arkbird attached to them, the boy became more of a troll every day asking Mellow 13 sarcastically "Problem?" and it only became worse after top ISAF ace Mobius None took down Stonehenge with just Ribbons, and while the performace was quite graceful, giving the ace the nickname the "Ribbon Dancer", it was a huge blow to Erustyians. And one night the Storytroller boy found Mellow 13 chasing after the Boarkeep's daughter after finding out she was the one who sabotage Mellow 4's plane by replacing the jet fuel with Mellow 4's lifetime supply of lubricant. When Mellow 13 caught the girl the Storytroller boy yelled out at Mellow 13 "Get out of our town you Facist Pig! Trollolollol!!!" and then ran away screaming "trololololo!!!" the entire time.

Soon after Sin Salvation was recaptured by ISAF, who later on destroyed the city with a large ass party that would bring any college frat house party to shame (as to just how it happened...well...let's just say it resembled a scene from the beginning of "The Revenge of the Nerds"), the Storytroller boy and Boarkeep's daughter followed Mellow 13 all the way to Erustyia only to find out that he died as soon as they arrive causing the boy to scream out "Trolo!"

After the war


The Storyteller Boy as an adult, now known as Tyson Ro'lo

While nothing is comfirmed, it is assumed that the Storytroller boy changed his name to T. Ro'lo after sending a message to Mobius None that he knew exactly why Mellow 13 wanted to fight him and that he would return due to the fact that he lived through the biggest trolling of all and he would reflect the events of that very reasonably started war.  He soon became the Internet sensation and fighter ace known as "The Troll", and with his custom plane, the Rule-31 Trollhound, became a menace to Governments, ISPs, Censorship Boards, Education Systems and Copyright Laws everywhere.  He also discovered that the 52 Pickup continuity was not as it was supposed to be, as well as the reason why it turned into what it did, but being the type of guy he was, he wouldn't have it any other way.

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