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This page contains info that's fills in the gaps in the Hunter Trilogy (AC:TSD,AC:TNW, and AC:ER)

WARNING: Stories contain spoilers! Read the fanfics above before reading this! You have been warned!

In "The Shadows"

Hidden Base in Belka (2008)

???: Hey Mercier! What's our next mission?

Steven Mercier: Not sure yet. The bosses haven't told me yet.

???: You shouldn't let things like that bother you two. Be proud that no matter what the mission is, it will bring us one step closer to regaining Belkan glory.

Steven Mercier: Easy for you to say. You were born a Belkan.

???: Hey be nice to Baldric, Mercier! After all he going to be the "Supreme Commander" some day.

Baldric: I will become the commander of our forces someday! So you two better watch out!

Steven Mercier: At least you have a shot. The rest of us not born "Pure Belkans" will be left with the crappy jobs. Isn't that right Lambert?

Lambert: I have no idea what you're talking about! I'm more Belkan than the both of you combined!

Baldric: Then why is Mercier ranked higher than you?

Lambert: He's had more experience then I have had! Also he was picked personally by our leader himself!

Baldric: The Falcons of Dawns top ace, an Usean. Imagine if that got out to the rest of the troops.

Lambert: Be quite Baldric! We're not suppose to even know about that!

Baldric: But we do Lambert. So why not discuss it? We're the only ones here at the moment.

Steven Mercier: If this is about loyalty, don't worry. After all that Baermann has taught and told me there's no need to question that.

Baldric: Don't worry Mercier, none of us are questioning your loyalty.

Lambert: I think I can hear someone. We should be quite now.

(Someone enters the room)

???: Gentlemen.

Steven Mercier: Captain.

Lambert: Captain.

Baldric: Nadine.

Nadine: That's Captain, Baldric. You would do well to remember that.

Baldric: Yes....Captian.

Nadine: Anyways we have a special assignment. As you are aware we are part of the FODMD (Falcons of Dawn "Mercenary" Division). We are involved in missions as mercs as favors to the Falcon's allies. But on this mission we won't be in the air on this one. This mission is big. That's why we've been picked to help with it.

Steven Mercier: So what is the mission?

Nadine: We are to assassinate political figures at the Osean peace conference happening two weeks from now. Leaders from Sapin, Aurelia, Ustio, Yuktobania, and Wielvakia will be there. We will be given more info when we arrive in Osea.

Lambert: Assassination!? What are they thinking!? We're not assassins!

Baldric: When do we leave?

Nadine: When we are ready, and by that I mean now.

Lambert: Are you guys listening to me? Why are we doing this!? How can-

Steven Mercier: Lambert! I thought you said you had more Belkan than me and Baldric combined. This is a great opportunity for us. We cannot fail.

Nadine: If you're done complaining Lambert, we're leaving now.

Osean Federal Prison (Three Weeks Later)

Steven Mercier: I've got nothing to say to you! Damn Osean!

Graham Rush: Such hostility. I'm not here to talk to you. I'm here to listen to you.

Steven Mercier: Like I would tell you anything! You'll get nothing from me! *spits*

Graham Rush: Are you really going to do this? Maybe if we had this talk off record.

(Graham turns the cameras off)

Graham Rush: Now then. Who are you working for?

Steven Mercier: ...Your mother.

Graham Rush: ...I see.

(Graham pulls out a baton)

Graham Rush: Now then...*Hits Mercier with baton* Who are you working for?

Steven Mercier: The Osean Federation!

(Hits Mercier with baton)

Graham Rush: Who are you working for!?

Steven Mercier: ISAF!

(Hits Mercier several times with baton)

Graham Rush: Now this is your last chance. Tell me who you work for or else we'll move to something more interesting. You and you're allies have been comfirmed dead after the assassination attempt. No one knows you're here. But if you play nice, maybe we can work something else.

Steven Mercier: ...

Graham Rush: Well? *Raises baton*

Steven Mercier: Do it.

(Graham knocks Mercier out)

Graham Rush: Damn terrorist...

Osea Federal Prison of Land Ford (Seven Months Later)

???: Mercier! Still alive buddy?

Steven Mercier: If you can call this being alive. How are you holding up Bryant?

Bryant Rowland: I'm still breathing. So offically i'm still alive. By Osean record though...

Steven Mercier: We're nothing but dead men in here.

Bryant Rowland: First thing i'm going to do when I get out is go to the nearest broadcasting station and tell them everything. Don't care if they lock me back up, but it's the least I can do for the rest of ya.

Steven Mercier: We're never getting out of here Bryant. No one has escaped from here.

Bryant Rowland: Look I know that what you thought was real on the outside of here turned out to be fake but that doesn't mean everything you hear here is true. There is a way.

Steven Mercier: If there's a way, why haven't you left yet?

Bryant Rowland: Listen. *Looks to see if any guards nearby* Have you heard of Jan Voller?

Steven Mercier: No.

Bryant Rowland: Well he was a pilot that was put into Arcam Prision and escaped from there five times.

Steven Mercier: Well this isn't Arcam Prison now is it?

Bryant Rowland: Just let me finish. Jeeze. Anyways, after they found him again they decided that they would send him here. I remember how he looked when they put him in the cells, though to be honest, I couldn't really get a good look at him in this dark place.

Steven Mercier: So what happened to him?

Bryant Rowland: Well there wouldn't be a point to this story if he hadn't done what happened next. Less than a week in here he escaped from the prision. When that happened all the lights came on. Had to close my eyes as soon as it happened. We had not seen a trace of light for years. For us it was the greatest day of our lives. The next few days, not so much.

Steven Mercier: So how did he do it?

Bryant Rowland: Don't know.

Steven Mercier: So we're stuck here then.

Bryant Rowland: I was just telling you a story, proving that escape is possible. I should charge you for telling that story. It's a least worth five favors, but i'm not going to and you know why?

Steven Mercier: Why?

Bryant Rowland: Because I only need one from you. You're going to help me find out how and then we are going to do it.

Steven Mercier: ...Sure, why not? It's not like I've got anything else planned.

Osea Federal Prison of Land Ford (One Year Later)

Steven Mercier: You ready for this?

Bryant Rowland: As ready as I'll ever be. We just have to wait for Rush.

(Rush enters the area)

Graham Rush: So I heard that you finally want to play nice. That will be good for us if we want to get Harling out of office. Follow me.

(Steven "falls" down while walking with Rush)

Steven Mercier: Sorry about that. Don't suppose me info will come with a meal. After all of this a meal could be the least I could get out of it.

Graham Rush: Well after you fell on me the info better be good if you even want some water. Nice, fresh, Osean water. I bet you'll tell me a lot.

Steven Mercier: (Bastard.)

(Mercier silently slides the keys he got from Graham to Bryant's cell.)

Graham Rush: Put these on. We don't want to blind you now do we? Though all we need is your voice. Damn! Where did I put those keys?

Steven Mercier: (Come on Bryant! Hurry up!)

Osean S-Guard: What the- Prisioner escape!

Osean S-Guard: The prisioners are escaping!

Graham Rush: You filthy little-

(Mercier knocks out Rush)

Steven Mercier: Yeah, and the same to you too! Bryant where are you?

Bryant Rowland: Right here buddy.

Steven Mercier: I need to put these on you before they turn the lights on!

Osean S-Guard: Turn the lights on! Blind them!

Bryant Rowland: Okay, they're on!

(The lights turn on, blinding the prisioners except for Mercier and Rowland.)

Bryant Rowland: Man you look bad!

Steven Mercier: You're no better yourself! Now what's next?

Bryant Rowland: Well we need to go into the vents and wait while. Then we'll have to get some of the "live" prisioners to help us escape.

Steven Mercier: Let's hope this works.

(The two of them wait in a air vent just large and strong enough to let them hide from the guards)

Graham Rush: Find them! I don't care about Rowland, but if Mercier escapes all that we've been working for would have been for nothing!

Bryant Rowland: I-

(Steven covers Bryant's mouth.)

Steven Mercier: Be quite.

1 day later...

Bryant Rowland: ...

Steven Mercier: ...Okay. I don't see anyone coming. Let's move quickly.

Bryant Rowland: Where to?

Steven Mercier: To that cell nearby.

(Steven and Bryant quickly and silently move to the nearby cell.)

???: Well I wasn't expecting visitors. What brings you here?

Steven Mercier: Who are you? Tell us now.

???: My name is Joshua. Joshua Bristow.

Bryant Rowland: Bristow? Oh, you're the guy that tried to kill the president.

Joshua Bristow: And who would you two be?

Steven Mercier: Dead men.

Joshua Bristow: I've heard of you guys. Thought that was just a rumor though.

Bryant Rowland: It's not.

Joshua Bristow: So I guess you're trying to escape.

Steven Mercier: That would be correct.

Joshua Bristow: Room for one more?

Steven Mercier: I guess we don't have much of a choice.

Joshua Bristow: Well here's what I can tell you. I've been in two different areas. The first being where my first cell used to be and the second being here. Where my first cell was I could see several cameras and when I was left out...Hold on, it would be easier if I just drew a map.

(Bristow draws a map of the area while Mercier and Rowland hide from the guards)

Joshua Bristow: You can come out now.

Steven Mercier: Wait. I'll just go. You stay here Bryant. In case I get spotted.

(Steven moves back into Bristow's cell.)

Joshua Bristow: Okay then. Have a look.

(Steven looks a Joshua's dirt map)

Joshua Bristow: See this X? That's where we are. The smaller x is where my first cell used to be and this circle is where it would be possible to escape from.

Steven Mercier: There's more than I thought there would be.

Joshua Bristow: Note that these are possible escape routes. Most likely you would be shot before you could even get near them. The areas have quite a few guards. But if we had a distraction of some kind...

Steven Mercier: What do you have in mind?

Joshua Bristow: My "teachings" are not very popular with some of the others in here. If I could start a riot and if you could create a route for me to follow then we could possibly escape from here. I would have to prepare some things as well for when we do leave.

Steven Mercier: How long would that take?

Joshua Bristow: About three days at best. Think you can last that long?

Steven Mercier: Not without food or water. We didn't excactly choose the best day to try to escape. But it was the only day we would've had a chance.

Joshua Bristow: Hmm...I see. Well in the meantime would you like to hear some of my "teachings"? It would help you two pass the time. I'll provide what little food and water I get to the two of you.

Steven Mercier: Well let us hear a bit of it first and then we'll decide if we want to hear more.

Joshua Bristow: Very well then. First off what do you know of the world?

Steven Mercier: To be honest, I don't know. My knowledge of the world is...false.

Joshua Bristow: False?

Steven Mercier: I was raised to beleive in something that wasn't true.

Joshua Bristow: I see. Well, allow me to teach you the truth of the world.

(Joshua told Mercier about the history of the world as he knew it and his personal beliefs, as well as things about being a pilot for the next three days.)

Bryant Rowland: So when do we leave?

Steven Mercier: Not yet. We have to wait for the riot to start.

Bryant Rowland: Are you sure we can trust this guy? His beliefs are a bit..misguided.

Steven Mercier: We can worry about personal beliefs when we get out of here.

Bryant Rowland: Wait. I think I hear something.

Osean Guard: Everyone move! A riot has broken out! Lockdown the prison! We need to stop this quickly!

Bryant Rowland: Looks like it's now or never. Remember those moves I taught you?

Steven Mercier: Like you gave me a choice. Though I'd rather not have to kill any of them if we can.

Bryant Rowland: Very well then. But if I see Rush and have a chance...

Steven Mercier: Not even if you have a chance! This is about escaping, not revenge.

Bryant Rowland: Let's go then.

Osean Guard: What the-

(Mercier takes out the guard using non-lethal techniques he learned from Rowland, thought the techniques were ment to be lethal.)

Bryant Rowland: Not bad. Though you would have to finish him off by breaking his neck instead of just knocking him out.

Steven Mercier: Just put on the outfit. I'll go ahead.

Bryant Rowland: Alright then. Just hope none of the prisioners come after me.

(Steven moves on ahead while Rowland puts on the guard's outfit.)

Osean Guard: Report.

Osean Guard: The riot has broken out into three areas. There's also been reports of an intruder in the prison.

Osean S-Guard: Intruder? Tell me all that you two know.

Osean Guard: The intruder looks like a prisioner but I haven't see him here at all and i'm sure I've seen pretty much everyone in this area.

Osean S-Guard: Nothing to worry about. I'll report this. You two just focus on the others.

Osean Guards: Yes sir!

Osean S-Guard: Sir. It's Mercier and Rowland. They're on the move.

Graham Rush: (Radio) Don't let them escape! Shoot them if you have to! I want all S-Guards out of "The Shadows" now!

Osean S-Guard: Yes sir! To all S-Guards, move out of "The Shadows" We have some Dead Men walking.

Steven Mercier: (Damn. This just makes things more difficult. Sorry Rowland and Bristow, but if one of us is getting out of here it's going to be me.)

Osean S-Guard: Mercier sigh-

(Steven knocks out the S-Guard)

Steven Mercier: (Anywhere I can hide this body? Hmm...that looks like a good spot.)

(Mercier hides the Guard and takes the S-Guard uniform)

Steven Mercier: (Kinda tight even for me, but it'll have to do.)

(Mercier moves around the prision until he reaches the security center)

Steven Mercier: (Alright here it is. Looks like all I have to do now is take out the guards, open a path for the rest of us, and just focus on me escaping.)

Osean Guard: Hold it!

Steven Mercier: (Dammit!)

Osean Guard: What's an S-Guard doing here?

Steven Mercier: Trying to escape. Same as you, Bryant.

Bryant Rowland: What the- Mercier? What are you doing dressed as an S-Guard. Don't tell me there up here too?

Steven Mercier: Looks like it. I heard that they're all coming up here.

Bryant Rowland: How did you know it was me anyways?

Steven Mercier: It seems that the regular guards are ignorant about the S-Guards. You on the other hand seem to know who they were.

Bryant Rowland: Damn, it's like a prison within a prison. The worse part is that they don't even know about the area below.

Steven Mercier: Well it won't be our problem anymore. All we have to do is escape.

Bryant Rowland: Right. So what about Bristow?

Steven Mercier: Once we create a route for him to escape we don't have to worry about him anymore.

Bryant Rowland: Okay then. From the looks of the room we won't be avle to take them out without killing a few of them. Are you up to this?

Steven Mercier: I'm not going to let a few guards get in my way of escaping from here. Let's do this. What do you have?

Bryant Rowland: A pistol. But that's it. What about you?

Steven Mercier: Another pistol, a flash grenade, and an assault rifle.

Bryant Rowland: Wish I had taken the S-Guard's equipment! Well that should be enough.

Steven Mercier: Ready?

Bryant Rowland: Ready.

(Mercier throws the flash grenade.)

Osean Guard: Grenade!

(Flash grenade goes off.)

Steven Mercier: Now!

(Mercier and Rowland enter the room taking out all of the guards in there.)

Bryant Rowland: *Heavy breathing* Still...Still alive buddy?

Steven Mercier: *Heavy breathing* Y-Yeah.

Bryant Rowland: We...we should open the path. Damn that hurt! Guess we weren't as strong as we used to be.

Steven Mercier: Easy for you to say. You were only firing a pistol. The recoil on that rifle hurt!

Bryant Rowland: Yeah, yeah....just got to turn off the the the locked doors..and that's it! Let's go!

Steven Mercier: Wait turn that camera back on!

Bryant Rowland: What is it? *Turns camera back on*

Steven Mercier: It's Joshua! It looks like some of the prisioners are holding him hostage!

Bryant Rowland: Too bad. Listen we've got to keep moving. It's only a matter of time before Rush's S-Guards come after us!

Steven Mercier: ...You're right. Let's go. (Sorry Bristow.)

(Steven and Bryant keep moving towards the exit while the prision is in chaos.)

Bryant Rowland: There's the exit! Come on Steven! We've got to keep moving!


Bryant Rowland: Argh!

Steven Mercier: Rowland!

Graham Rush: Not so fast Mercier. You're not going anywhere. You didn't think I wouldn't have my own link to the cameras in the prison. Just give yourself up.

Osean S-Guard: Just put down the weapon and come peacefully.

Osean S-Guard: We will fire at you Mercier! Just give up!

Bryant Rowland: Steven...

Steven Mercier: (What do I do!?)

Graham Rush: Put down the weapon Mercier! I will put a bullet into your brain if I have to!

Steven Mercier: (Dammit! What do I do!?)

(The lights in the prision go off)

Graham Rush: What the!?

Bryant Rowland: RUN!!!

(Steven breaks out of the nearby glass window)

Graham Rush: Fire! Fire dammit!

Bryant Rowland: Die Rush! Argh!!!

(Bryant starts firing at Graham and the Guards)

Steven Mercier: Bryant!

(A few gunshots are heard then nothing)

Steven Mercier: Bryant! Bryant!

Bryant Rowland: Steven...

Steven Mercier: Bryant!

Bryant Rowland: I...told run.

Steven Mercier: We said we were both going to make it out of here.

Bryant Rowland: We...did..didn't we? Good thing I never said anything about making it out of here alive. *Coughs* Mercier...

Steven Mercier: Yeah Bryant?

Bryant Rowland: Make it count...

Steven Mercier: Bryant!? Bryant!?

Bryant Rowland: ...

Steven Mercier: Dammit! God Dammit! This wasn't suppose to happen! Bryant!!!

One week later.

Osean Broadcaster: It has been a week since the massive riot that took place in the Osean Federal Prision. Graham Rush, the man who was running the prison has been reported dead and files concerning a secret section of the prision called "The Shadows" are currently being investigated. Though some guards and prisioners have been found dead it is belived that no one had escaped the prison...

Rise of Mavado/The Beginning of the Ravalkan Conflict

The Falcon's Hunt

Hidden Base in Belka (2011)

Baldric: So that's where he has been all this time?

???: Not exactly. Rumors were that he escaped from an Osean prison two years ago,

Baldric: The Oseans reported him dead!

???: We can never trust Oseans, Commander.

Baldric: Everything went to hell after that event! He hasn't talked yet, but we need to be sure.

???: Yes sir. When should I send the "Mercs"?

Baldric: Now.

???: Yes Commander.

Baldric: *Sigh* (Everything went wrong that day. We were able to take out our targets. But Mercier didn't. What happened that day? I need to find out.)

???: The "Mercs" are on standby. Awaiting your order.

Baldric: Tell them to move to the target, but do not do anything else just yet. There's a few things I need to get from him.

Erusea, EASA XFA testing and production facility (2011)

EASA Engineer: Mercier! The boss needs you in his office.

Steven Mercier: What now? I already told him the 27 needs more work on the secondary weapons! It can fire four regular missiles or fire SP weaponry, it can't do both!

EASA Engineer: It's not about that. Said it's something else but he wouldn't tell me.

Steven Mercier: Fine then. Just refuel the 27 for another run. I felt that it wasn't manuvering quite right and I want to do a check.

EASA Engineer: Yes sir.

(Steven enters the office)

Steven Mercier: You wanted to see me sir?

Max Stafford: Yes Mercier, sit down. Now you've been with the EASA for how long now?

Steven Mercier: About...a year now?

Max Stafford: That sounds about right. Anyways, you have shown exceptional promise for a tester than any other pilots have for the EASA have ever since the EASA was created. In three weeks we're doing a show in Osea to show off the XFA-27 and I haven't see anyone handle that plane like you so I if you would be willing, we would like you to go to Osea to pilot the 27 for the EASA.

Steven Mercier: Osea huh...

Max Stafford: So will you do the job?

Steven Mercier: (Should I?)

Max Stafford: Well? Don't make me wait any longer Mercier. I really want to know if you'll do it.

Steven Mercier: Yes. I'll pilot the XFA-27 for you.

Max Stafford: Yes! Thank you for choosing to do this Mercier! You won't regret this! I'll call my superiors right now to tell them the news! When this is all over you'll be the face of the EASA! There won't be anyone in Osea and Usea that won't know who you are!

Steven Mercier: Wait.

Max Stafford: Yes? What is it?

Steven Mercier: I change my mind. I mean, I need some time to think about it.

Max Stafford: think about what I said Mercier. You'll be famous if you do this. Tell me when you've come to a decision.

Steven Mercier: Yes sir. May I leave now?

Max Stafford: Yes, you may leave.

Steven Mercier's Home (2011)

One day later

Steven Mercier: (I can't possibly do this! They would find out who I was. I'm not going back to a cell. The answer is no. I just got to tell him that.)

(Phone ringing)

Steven Mercier: (That's probably him right now. I'm going to feel bad aobut telling him this but I have my reasons.) Hello?

Baldric: Towards the Dawn my friend.

Steven Mercier: Ba-Baldric!?

Baldric: It's nice to hear your voice Mercier. Nice to know you're alive.

Steven Mercier: Why did you call me? How did you find me?

Baldric: I'll be the one asking the questions, my dear friend. First off where were you all this time?

Steven Mercier: You mean after the mission? Well after they caught me they put me in a section of the Osean Federal Prison called "The Shadows." It was a terrible place. There wasn't light unless a prisioner was escaping. In a way whenever the lights came on it was symbolic. It was like the light was telling us that we could escape from there, that we could escape this darkness. Anyways, after being there for some time I escaped.

Baldric: So the rumors were true. And after that?

Steven Mercier: After that I escaped from Osea and began to recover from my experince in "The Shadows."

Baldric: Why didn't you try to make contact with us?

Steven Mercier: I had my reasons.

Baldric: That's not good enough Steven. I need more than that! Tell me why!

Steven Mercier: Because all that I was told was a lie!

Baldric: ...

Steven Mercier: Everything they taught us was a lie Baldric! All the history and who to hate! It was nothing more than a lie they told us, and we were more than willing to accept it! After everthing that had happened to us as kids we were willing to accept everthing theu told us! Every last lie Baldric!

Baldric: Is that what you think?

Steven Mercier: It's what I know Baldric. If you ever got out of that place and experienced the world like I have.

Baldric: You mean a prisioner in a place where you never saw daylight? A place where anything could become the truth and enemies could be anyone? Open your eyes Steven! What we were told is the truth! What we are fighting for is real! Come back to us Steven! You'll be forgiven and then we can start to restore Belka!

Steven Mercier: I know what is real Baldric. You and the rest of the men are the ones living the lie.

Baldric: Is that way everything went wrong that day!? You threw away everything you believed in and than what? They threw you into a cell to die Steven! Is that the "truth" Steven?

Steven Mercier: That's not why I didn't do my job that day Baldric!

Baldric: Then why!? Why did you fail to kill your target!? Everyone else was able to. Why weren't you!?

Steven Mercier: ...

Baldric: Tell me dammit!

Steven Mercier: Because...

Baldric: Because why!? Why!?

Steven Mercier: When I looked through the scope I saw my target, but I saw something else as well.

Baldric: What!?

Steven Mercier: He had his family with him. His wife and a small little girl. They looked so happy. I started to lose my nerve. I tried to do it but...I couldn't. I looked right into thier eyes and then I couldn't do it. Then all the shots went off and I was captured.

Baldric: So that's why...

Steven Mercier: Do you understand Baldric?

Baldric: I see now...Steven...

Steven Mercier: Yes Baldric?

Baldric: I'm sorry. Fire.

(A bullet enters the room nearly hitting Steven.)

Steven Mercier: Dammit!

FOD Sniper: Missed. I repeat, missed target.

Baldric: (Radio) Don't let him get out of there alive!

FOD Sniper: This is Arrow-2, target is still in room. Assault team prepare to breach.

FOD Soldier: Roger that. Preparing to breach room.

Steven Mercier: (Where did I put that gun!?)

FOD: Room ready for breach. Throwing frag.

(The FOD Soldier throws the frag grenade into the room.)

Steven Mercier: Shit.

(Mercier jumps over his bed to avoid being hit by the frag grenade's explosion.)

FOD Soldier: Breaching!

(Five FOD Soldiers enter the room.)

FOD Soldier: Living room clear!

FOD Soldier: Bathroom clear!

FOD Soldier: Kitchen clear!

FOD Soldier: Bedroom cl- *gunshot*

(Steven shoots the FOD Soldier in the head.)

FOD Soldier: Mercier is in the bedroom. I repeat, Mercier is in the bedroom. Snipers do you have a visual?

FOD Sniper: Negative. We do not have visual.

FOD Soldier: Flash the bedroom.

FOD Soldier: Roger. Throwing flash!

(The soldier throws the flashbang into the bedroom)

FOD Soldier: Move in!


FOD Soldier: Did we get him?

FOD Soldier: I don't see him.

FOD Soldier: Dammit! Where did he go?

FOD Soldier: Argh!

(Mercier uses a FOD Soldier as a human shield.)

FOD Soldier: Help me!

Steven Mercier: Drop your weapons!

FOD Soldier: What do we do?

FOD Soldier: Fire!

(The soldiers fire at Mercier, killing the soldier whie Mericer fires back, killing the 3 FOD Soldiers.)

FOD Sniper: (Radio) Assault team respond! Do we have a comfirmed kill on Mercier?

Steven Mercier: (Now to deal with the snipers.)

FOD Sniper: Arrow-1 to Arrow-2. Do you have a visual on the assault team?

FOD Sniper: Negative Arrow-1. I can't see anyone. Moving to a better position.

FOD Sniper: Roger that Arrow-2.

Steven Mercier: Better keep this radio with me. Now where are they?

FOD Sniper: Have visual on the bedroom. Assault team is down. No signs of Mercier.

FOD Sniper: Roger that. Arrow-1 moving position.

Steven Mercier: (There's one! On the rooftop!)

(Mercier fires an G3A3ZF gotten off one of the FOD Soldiers)

FOD Sniper: Ahh!!! I've been hit!

FOD Sniper: Where did the fire come from!?

Steven Mercier: (Been awhile since I used one of these. Oh well, I got the guy.)

FOD Sniper: I'm not going to make it. Get rid of him Arrow-2.

FOD Sniper: Roger that Arrow-1. You're not getting away from me!

Steven Mercier: (Only one left.)

FOD Sniper: I see you now.


Steven Mercier: (That was close!)

FOD Sniper: Show yourself Mercier! There you are!

(The sniper fires again but all he hit was a decoy.)

FOD Sniper: Shit.

Steven Mercier: Now I got you!

(Mercier fires the G3 at the sniper, hiting him in the head.)

Steven Mercier: Phew. Now to talk to that sniper I left alive. Hmm?

Baldric: (Radio) Report. Did you get rid of Mercier?

Steven Mercier: Now is that how you treat an old friend?

Baldric: (Radio) Steven!? Your alive?

Steven Mercier: Yes I am Baldric. Now tell me why the Falcons of Dawn sen those assassins after me!? Tell your boss to stop this now or else!

Baldric: (Radio) You've been gone for awhile Steven. I'm the boss now. Baermann and the rest are either dead or in prison. The Falcons of Dawn belong to me now.

Steven Mercier: How did this happen?

Baldric: (Radio) After the Circum-Pacific War, the soldiers and I felt that Baermann and the Grey Men failed thier duties as Belkans. So with some help I...retired them from duty.

Steven Mercier: So that's it huh? You removed Baermann and the rest of them so you could take control of the Falcons. What does this have to do with me then?

Baldric: (Radio) Well I couldn't just leave loose ends. At first, we all thought you were dead. Looks like I shouldn't keep coming to that conclusion.

Steven Mercier: So what now?

Baldric: (Radio) Isn't it obvious? I'll send more men and eventually you'll die. Even if I had to kill you myself. Goodbye Steven.

Steven Mercier: (Baldric...)

At the rooftop

FOD Sniper: Ungh...

Steven Mercier: Hey you!

FOD Sniper: Mercier...

Steven Mercier: Tell me what you know.

FOD Sniper: N-Never!

(Steven sticks a knife in the bullet hole in the sniper)

FOD Sniper: Argh!!!!!

Steven Mercier: Tell me what you know! How did you get here!?

FOD Sniper: Argh!!!!

Steven Mercier: How did you get here!?

FOD Sniper: Stop! Stop! I'll talk.

(Steven removes the knife)

Steven Mercier: Good. Now talk!

FOD Sniper: We...we got here...with a truck.

Steven Mercier: Where is it!?

FOD Sniper: J-Just down the field.

Steven Mercier: Thanks for the info. *Throws a first-aid kit* Here. This should hold you until help arrives.

FOD Sniper: Why?

Steven Mercier: That's up to you. Use it and be imprisoned or don't and die. The choice is yours.

FOD Sniper: ...

Steven Mercier: (Now to get to that truck. But I have to find the keys first. One of the soldiers should have it on them.)

(After searching the bodies for a key and going to the truck.)

Steven Mercier: (Alright here we go. Never driven a UGV before. Guess it's time to learn.)

(Mercier drives the UGV towards the nearest city with an airport.)

Erusea, Haydon (2011)

Steven Mercier: Haydon. Now that I am here I need to find the airport before more of Baldric's men arrive. Looks like the airport is close-by. Just got to turn right. What the-

(In front of Mercier is a police blockade)

Erusian Police Officer: Keep these roads lock down! We need to keep a lookout for that black truck!

Erusian Police Officer: Remain calm and follow the directions given. We need everyone's cooperation to ensure your safety.

Steven Mercier: (Damn! Looks like they're looking for me. How am I going to get out of here now?)

Erusian Police Officer: Hey Rick! Any signs of the terrorist?

Erusian Police Officer: No sir. But we'll find him.

Steven Mercier: (Well the first thing I should do is get out of this truck. Can't go anywhere with it now.)

(Mercier gets out of the truck and goes into a nearby alley.)

Steven Mercier: (Looks like they didn't spot me. Now where to go now?)

Erusian Police Officer: Look! There's the truck!

Steven Mercier: (Looks like I don't have much time to think! Got to move now! A door! Looks like that's my only hope!)

(Steven goes into the building)

Steven Mercier: *Coughing* (Man this place is dusty! Looks like no one has lived here in awhile.)

(Mercier moves through the building, looking for a place to leave from.)

Steven Mercier: (Still no signs of a place I can escape from. Crap! It looks like they're about to search the building! Got to get to the rooftop!)

Erusian Anti-Terror Unit Member: Breaching!

Erusian ATU Member: Search the upper floors!

Erusian ATU Member: I see someone above!

Steven Mercier: (Got to keep moving!)

Erusian ATU Member: It's him! Fire!


Steven Mercier: (There's the rooftop!)

(Mercier opens the door to the rooftop, where a Erusian ATU Helicopter is waiting)

Erusian ATU Helicopter pilot: Not so fast! Get on the ground or we will fire!

Steven Mercier: (A helicopter!? What do I do now!?)

Erusian ATU Helicopter Pilot: Get on the ground now or you will be shot!

Steven Mercier: (Wait. I got a smoke grenade from the soldier. It's worth a shot.) Alright! I'm surrendering! Don't shoot!

(Mercier pulls the smoke grenade's pin while moving to the ground.)

Erusian ATU Helicopter Pilot: That's it. Just move to the ground. *Smoke grenade goes off* What the!? He's using smoke! Fire!

Steven Mercier: (Time to leave!)

(Steven jumps off the roof into a window in the next building)

Steven Mercier: Argh!

Erusian ATU Helicopter Pilot: Where did he go!?

Erusian ATU Member: Camper-1 to Command. We've lost visual with the hostile.

Erusian ATU Command: (Radio) Roger that Camper-1. To all units! We're now at a lv5 alert. Sources have said that the terrorist has a bomb on him. I don't want this city to turn into a crater. Use everything the ATU has to eliminate this man. APCs have been authorized. The city is on lockdown. I repeat the city is on lockdown. Nothing can enter or leave Haydon except ATU units. Move all civilians to the safe zone. Zero tolerence on anyone not there by five hours.

Erusain ATU Member: Roger that command. Haydon is on lockdown.

Steven Mercier: (Damn that hurt! Got a few cuts on me from the glass. I should find a place to hide.)

One day later

Erusain ATU Member: (Radio) Still no sign of the terrorist. We'll keep looking here. Icepick is looking in the northren area. Camper is checking buildings south of here.

Erusian ATU Command: (Radio) Roger that Smoker-1. Keep searching. Command out.

Erusian ATU Member: Alright then! Keep searching men! We can't let this guy get away.

Erusian ATU Members: Yes sir!

In a nearby building

Steven Mercier: (Looks like this way isn't good either. At least I was able to use the radio to keep track of thier movements. Time to move.)

(Steven moves out of the building and goes into the sewers.)

Steven Mercier: (Ugh. It stinks in here. maybe I just should've taken my chances above ground.)

???: Who's there!?

Steven Mercier: (Dammit! I didn't think they would be here already!)

(Steven pulls out his custom M1911A1)

???: Who's out there? Why are you here!?

Steven Mercier: Who are you? Show yourself!

(The figure moves closer but stays in the shadows)

???: That's a nice gun you got there. An Osean M1911A1. Looks like you've added some additions on to it yourself. You special forces? No, you don't fit the look. So that would make yout the terrorist that causing the lockdown on Haydon.

Steven Mercier: And I guess you're not with the Anti-Terror Unit.

???: That is correct. Name's Dexter. That's what everyone calls me anyways.

Steven Mercier: So why are you here in the sewers?

Dexter: Me? Well I wouldn't be caught in one of Haydon's safe zones that's for sure. They check the ID of everyone that enters there. And your's truely isn't exactly popular with the local law enforcement.

Steven Mercier: What did you do?

Dexter: Why don't I ask you that first? But allow me to be polite and bring you to my safehouse first. You look like you could use a rest...and some medical attention. Those cuts arn't bad now but being down here isn't exactly a good idea.

Steven Mercier: Yeah. I didn't even think of that.

Dexter: Well back at my place I can hook you up with some things to help you out. Follow me.

Steven Mercier: Wait!

Dexter: Yeah?

Steven Mercier: Why are you helping me?

Dexter: Hah! I don't help anyone but myself. If you benifit from my actions then good for you, but don't think for a second that I would help you out if it didn't benifit me.

At Dexter's safehouse

Dexter: Home sweet home!

Steven Mercier: (Better then the sewers...I guess.)

Dexter: My crew is currently out at the moment. The streets are open and your appearence in Haydon has opened us up a lot of opportunities.

Steven Mercier: (I get it now. Rob the city blind while everyone is hiding.)

Dexter: You'll find a first aid kit in the back. Also, I'll be needing your guns.

Steven Mercier: You can have the G3 but that's it.

Dexter: Then you will at least have to give me the ammo in it.

(Steven gives Dexter the G3 and the rest of his ammo.)

Dexter: Mmm...Don't get many Belkan weapons around here. This will sell nice. Here's the key to the first aid kit. *Throws Steven the key*

Steven Mercier: So you wern't going to let me us the kit unless I gave you my weapons?

Dexter: Oh that reminds me. I'll also need the knife you've got on you. I know you have one. I can tell.

Steven Mercier: Grrr...fine. *Gives Dexter the knife*

Dexter: Damn. Not military. Oh well. *Dexter leaves the safehouse*

Later on...

Dexter: Hey Terror Man! You awake?

Steven Mercier: Almost...

Dexter: Why are you looking at me like that Terror Man? I just helped you out after all. Now it's your turn to help us out.

Steven Mercier: Something tells me I am not going to like this.

Dexter: Now don't be like that Terror Man. We're buisness partners now! And as my business partner you'll be helping me out with something.

Steven Mercier: What?

Dexter: I need you to make an appearance in the southren part of the city so my crew can raid the northen part of Haydon. The less ATU soldiers and officers we have to put up with the better. So are you going to help us? Or do I have to make you help us?

Steven Mercier: I'll help but on one condition.

Dexter: There are no conditions. You either help us or the ATU will find you in the alley bleeding to death.

Later in the southren part of Haydon.

Dexter: (Radio)Yo, Terror Man! Can...You...Hear...Me!?

Steven Mercier: I can hear you just fine...

Dexter: (Radio) You at the spot yet? Haha! You don't need to tell me! I've got you tracked.

Steven Mercier: *Sigh*

Dexter: (Radio) Anyways, there's a gas station up ahead of where you're at. Can you see it?

(Steven looks around for the gas station.)

Steven Mercier: I see it.

Dexter: (Radio) That's good. Now all you have to do is what they expect you to do.

Steven Mercier: And that's...

Dexter: (Radio) Cause some terror! We'll start once the fireworks begin. Dexter out!

(Steven moves toward the gas station, preparing to plant the "surprises" that Dexter gave him.)

Steven Mercier: (If I didn't have this tracker locked around my ankle...)

(Steven continued to place the bombs. While he was doing this he could hear footsteps.)

Steven Mercier: (Someone is coming!)

ATU Soldier: Camper-3 to Camper-6. Anything?

ATU Soldier: (Radio) Negative Camper-3. "Happy" hasn't seen anything either.

ATU Soldier: Bet he ain't happy now eh? Continuing patrol. Camper-3 out.

(Steven entered the gas station watching carefully as the ATU soldier passed by.)

ATU Soldier: Hey wait.

ATU Soldier: What?

ATU Soldier: Should we check out the gas station?

ATU Soldier: Why?

ATU Soldier: Worse thing that could happen is that we get ourselves a few drinks.

ATU Soldier: I see what you're thinking. It would be nice to drink a few Red Wings. We'll have to drink them quick though.

ATU Soldier: We'll be fine. Afraid "Happy" will put you on cleaning duty again?

ATU Soldier: Screw you. Let's just get those drinks.

(The two patroling soldiers walked back to the gas station.)

Steven Mercier: (Dammit! What am I going to do?)

(Steven looked around for an exit but the door was locked. He knew that the soldiers would notice the broken glass soon.)

Steven Mercier: (Guess I've only got one option left.)

(Steven then cleaned out a fridge, removing the frozen treats that were in there. By this point the soldiers had taken notice of him.)

ATU Soldiers: Freeze!

Steven Mercier: (That's the plan!)

(Steven then jumped into the freezer and activated the bombs. The large explosion that followed could be seen from quite a distance. The explosion had killed the two ATU soldiers while Steven had escaped unharmed inside the freezer. After a a few minutes Mercier exited the freezer after making sure that the ceilling wouldn't collaspe anymore.)

The Estovakian Civil War

Death of a Dictator/Mercier's Interrogation

Hidden in "The New World"


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