This is a story I thought of about how the leaders of Belka came to the conclusion to detonate nuclear weapons on thier onw soil.

The Beginning of the End

"This is the Holy land of Belka. We will not allow the allied forces to set foot in this land! This is why we did this...this is why we don't deserve to be here..."

-Several Days Earlier-

June 2nd, 1994 after the fall of Hoffnung the leaders of Belka met in order to decide what would be the best course of action against the allied forces.

"Gentlemen." The man leading this meeting started. "As I am sure you are aware Hoffnung has fallen to the bombing of the allied forces. It has been comfirmed that most of the city has been damage by the Oseans indescriminant bombing of the city."

"Those Osean dog!" One man excalimed. "They'll never stop this! Not until Belka is nothing more than a fallen nation that can only be found in history books! We can't let this go on any longer!"

"Calm down!" Another man said. "If we lose our heads now we might as well start putting up Osean flags right now."

"Why should I?" The man responded. "At this rate we might as well be doing that! Where did it all go wrong? How did it end up like this? I tell you how! It was getting Osea in the war! We should've focused on the smaller nations first! We didn't have to power to take on the other nations with Osea backing them up!"

"Enough out of the two of you." A third man said. "We're here to discuss our next action. Not why our previous actions have failed."

"And what do you think we should do?" The moderator of the meeting asked.

"Well I've been looking over the details about the movement of the allied forces at this rate..."

"Yes, yes, we've all have seen the reports." The upset man interupted.

"Then you should all know what the projected casulties are if the fighting continues..."

"More than 70,000 projected casulties..." One of the men said solemly.

"Correct. They won't stop until Belka is finished."

"Then we should send a message to the Allied forces for the conditions of surrender! We need to stop this now!" The man who argued with the first man stated.

"Surrender!? How dare you call yourself a Belkan, and one of the Rald Party no less!"

"I am a Belkan! I know what is the best action for this nation! It's men like you who got us into this mess that are the reason I'm standing here right now! Forced to surrender to dogs! If you want to know why a Belkan like me has to submit in such a way just look into a mirror and you'll find one of the men who led Belka to failure!"

The politicans argued for hours, none of them able to decide on a proper course of action.

"So we have got no ideas on our next move then?" The moderator asked the group. No one responded. "Then we'll reflect on what we've heard tonight and meet again tommorow."

-The Next Day-

Discussions were already going on about the subject that they had started yesterday. In that time the Allied Forces had once again attacked several areas under Belkan control and there were reports of areas being bombed in what was being called North Osea at this point, a name that left a sour taste in the mouth of those in Nord Belka, due to remaing Belkan soldiers refusing to surrender and forming a resistance in several areas, though it actually made little news due to the spotlight being on the front lines. Allied forces were close to moving in on Nord Belka and these men were running out of time.

"General Richter what do you think about all of this?" One of the men asked.

"Hmm...I have to be honest wiht you men. Without the support of South Belka and the events of Hoffnung we will have to..."

"Forgive me General, but I know what you're going to say! We can't surrender! They won't let us surrender! The world sees them as the heroes while we're portrayed as the villian in all of this! Osea will just keep pushing! We can't let them win!"

"But we can't fight anymore!" One of the other men argued. "We have lost this war! We're finished! Belka's time in this world is over!"

"I've heard enough of your bickering!" A man at the end of the table exclaimed.

"You and your party has failed us Waldemarr Rald! This is all your doing!"

"And what did I exactly do!?" Waldemarr started. "Was it wrong that I choosed to try to stop the decay of Belka by starting a war! A war, I might add that you and the Belkan people supported! I choosed to not see us go through a slow and painful death! I choosed to stop what would eventually turn into a war with Belkans against Belkans with both sides trying to survive! I might have not saved Belka from the Allied Forces, but I did save Belka from itself! So don't tell me what I did was wrong! Don't tell me I failed! I gave us a fighting chance! I gave the Belkan people hope!"

This made everyone in the room silent. It was unusual for Waldemarr, leader and creator of the Rald Party, to make a outburst like this. As the men look around at each other they could see the nervousness in the other's face. They were becoming desperate. And at that moment they realized that the enemy had them exactly where they wanted them. Nervous, angry, tired of a war that they knew deep down they could no longer fight. Belka was finished. The lost the war, each side knew that at this point. But the war refused to end. But who was the one keeping it alive? Belka? Osea? Most of the nations had already acheived thier goals and drove Belka out of thier nations, but they chose to push into Belka anyways. They had mentioned abour Nuclear weaponry and had found nothing, yet they still came. They had taken over B7R yet here they were, moving forces towards Nord Belka. Would thye even be denied the right to be thier own nation? Thier own people? To believe in what they decided, to live life as a Belkan? Who is the victim and who is the aggressor? The war had changed. It was no longer the invasion of the Allied nations by Belka, it had become the invasion of Belka by the Allied Forces. You couldn't justify the war at this point anymore. The people in this very room knew that, nothing else could be said to make thes men believe otherwise now. But they still had to do something. Stop the bleeding of Belka. Save thier nation. This would be one of the last things these men would do...and they would regret it for the rest of thier lives.

"At any rate..." One of the men in the room started. "Blaming each other at this point will do no good. Every second we spend doing this will just give us more thing to blame each other about, because we're doing nothing at this point and letting Belka fall around us!"

"But there's nothing we can do! Surrender would mean the fall of Belka!"

"Not to mention that Osea is preventing any chance for surrender. Though you won't find that on any world news station." Waldemarr added.

"But we have no choice! Even if Osea is preventing any contact with the other nations sooner or later we would get our message out!"

"And then what!" Waldemarr said sharply. "They would just bomb a city in South Belka and we would be the scapegoats. Surrender is impossible."

"Damn those Oseans..."

"If I may present a solution..." General Richter started. "No. Nevermind."

"What General?" Waldemarr asked.

"Forget I said anything! I couldn't possibly ask this!"

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