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This page list the timeline for the fanons made by The Ace of Razgriz. Most of the info will be left out until I finish my fanons. But here is some things that I can add that won't ruin some of the story.

Ace Combat: The Silver Dove


  • Silvelkia is hit by a fragment from Ulysses. The impact destroys 90% of Silvelkia's resources.


  • Silvelkia's government eventually collaspes making way for a military rule.


  • Ravalka invades Silvelkia, starting the Ravalkin conflict.


  • Hunter One leaves Usea and joins Sandstorm Squadron.
  • Ravalka finishes Archimedes the Ravalkin superweapon.
  • The Ravalkin Conflict ends.



  • Hunter One fights in the last year of the Estovakian Civil War.


  • Grunder Industries is bought by (Spoiler). Name changed to General Resources Limited.

Ace Combat: The New World


  • Belka. Erusea, Estovakia, and Leasath form a alliance to prevent economic downfall.
  • The New World begins to attack several locations around Strangereal.
  • Osea, Emmeria, and ISAF create the Hunter Squadron to fight TNW.
  • Osea goes to war with Belka.
  • The alliances between countries fall and a large amount of the countries go to war.
  • Hunter Squadron becomes mercenaries due to the fall of the Osean, Emmerian, and ISAF alliance.


  • Osea splits into 3 different areas.
  • A large battle takes place at B7R, with almost every country involved.
  • The PMC called "Knights of the Old World" is created by Hunter Squadron.
  • TNW's superweapon ACF-1 Ulysses is destroyed by Hunter Squadron with support from the Razgriz Air Command Squadron.
  • The 3 areas of Osea reform into "New Osea."
  • Hunter One collides into the "Rebirth" missle. The explosion destroys the remaining members of TNW.


  • All around the world arms reductions take place. Many countries try to form alliances eventually leading to the creation of Neo United Nations (NUN).


  • Hunter One is revealed as the leader of "The New World."



  • All of the Anean continent is owned by General Resources.


  • Neucom gains control of almost all of Usea. General Resources own a few small islands.


  • Ouroboros reappears and starts a war around the world.


  • UPEO and NUN manages to finish off Ouroboros. But due to the poor performance of the groups they eventually are disbanned.


  • Neucom begins Project: Rebirth in secret.


  • General Resouces gets ahold of Project: Rebirth without Neucom's knowledge.
  • The Strangereal United Forces (SUF) is formed by the remaining free nations.


  • Neucom and the SUF form a treaty allowing Neucom to have joint control over some of southern osean continent and in return the SUF are allowed to operate in Usea.


  • Project: Clear Skies is created by Neucom and the SUF.

Ace Combat: Electrosphere Rebirth

(Add more later.)

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