Scharfefaust's Pistol

Scharfefaust's Pistol

Weapon Scharfefaust's Pistol
Model modified Colt King Cobra
Ammunition .50 Alaskan; tipped with Death Cap poison, Cadmium, Thallium, Chromium (IV), Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury
Affiliations Galaan Scharfefaust, Belkan Waldreich Belkan Waldreich (Rald Faction)

This modified Colt King Cobra is the weapon of choice for Galaan Scharfefaust. The rounds are modified to have a spitzer point, and to have more than one lethality in killing the victim. If the impact didn't already kill them, the poisonous materials in the bullet would certainly finish the job. Scharfefaust more often than not uses this weapon, as he sometimes uses Osean prisoners (or as he called them "Osean pigs"), for target practice with this deadly pistol. He also uses this to destroy "useless" documents into smoke, if infuriated.

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