Project Nemo was set-up to fully translate the Japanese Edition of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere from Japanese to English.


Project Nemo is translating the in-game text first and making it available as HTML documents. Their ultimate aim is to have a playable game with all the Japanese text translated to English. The difference from the official Namco International release will be that all 52 missions will be included and translated by fans who enjoy the game. Project Nemo believe that their release of the game will be a much more faithful re-creation in the way the original authors intended. Please note that there is no "roadmap" or timescale for this.

Team Nemo:

The current team consists of:

  • Founder & Raw Provider & Translator: DragonSpikeXIII
  • Co-Founder & Webmaster: IcemanUK
  • Translators: BRPXQZME, pmt7ar, JumpingDax
  • Coder: Gipphe


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