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Kazimir Kulik is a pilot for the Yuktobanian Republic who through a series of events eventually join the PAF. This story takes place two years before the main story of the Phoenix Air Force.

Chapter 1

Kazimir had just left his room after waking up to the sounds of people moving around outside his room. "Dammit! I'm late again!" He said as he rushed to meet his fellow pilots.

"You're late again Kazi." Said his friend and fellow pilot, Priia Chernov. "Don't remind me Priia." Said Kazimir. "And don't call me Kazi!"

"Attention!" The Yuke commander said. "Today we'll be having some PMC pilots here today in order to compensate for the need of aircraft and pilots in this area. They are from the PMC "Noble Kingdom", a group from the Kingdom of Nordennavic. Treat them as you would treat your brothers."

"In other words, annoy them to no end." Said Priia.

"Captain Chernov! Don't think I didn't hear that!" Said the Commander.

"A bunch of PMC pilots here? Something important must be happening soon." Thought Kazimir.

"Anyways, I'll let the pilots introduce thierselves as they will be staying on the base for awhile until they are no longer needed." The Commander said.

The Commander left the breifing room leaving the few Yuke pilots there with the Noble pilots.

"So you're the PMC pilots sent to help us here?" Said a Yuke pilot.

"That's right." Said one of the PMC pilots. "Though we won't be paying much attention to you Yuke pilots. Just stay out of our way and everything will be fine."

"Stay out of your way!?" Said Priia. "You think you're better than us!?"

"I think you made the girl mad Lea." Another pilot said, causing Lea to laugh. "What can she do about it?" Said Lea. "You know what? Come here sweetheart. Let me show you why we're the best."

As Lea started to move closer to Priia, Kazimir got in between them.

"Oh! Think you can get in my way?" Lea said. "Back off." Said Kazimir. "Or what?" Said Lea. "Hey guys! This Yuke thinks he can take me on!" The pilots laughed at Kazimir for thinking he could take on Lea. "Keep an eye on the others boys. This one needs to learn a lesson."

Lea tried to catch Kazimir off guard but Kazimir was too quick, evading the first punch and countering with a jab to the face.

"This is going to be fun!" Lea said, coming at Kazimir with a right hook, hitting Kazimir right in the face as the Noble pilots cheered.

"Come on Kazimir!" A Yuke pilot said. "Don't let this bastard get the best of you!" Another one said.

Kazimir tried to hit Lea with a kick but Lea caught his leg and countered with another hit to Kazimir's face and knocking him to the floor.

"Is that all you got ya dumb Yuke!?" Lea said.

Kazimir slowly got up, spitting the blood out of his mouth. "I.." Kazimir began to say.

"What's that? You've got something to say?" Lea asked.

"I've taken stronger hits from women." Kazimir said. The Yuke soldiers cheered Kazimir on as he got back on his feet. As soon as he was back up, Lea tried to hit him with a uppercut but Kazimir evaded the attack and countered with a left hook, hitting Lea right in the nose and knocking him down.

"You son of a bitch!" Lea said. "I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Lea then pulled out a combat knife and began to try to attack Kazimir with it. That was when the rest of the pilots began to fight each other until the doors opened up.

"What the hell is going on!" The Yuke base commander said.

Kazimir was lucky that the commander had arrived, as Lea was about to finish him off with the knife.

"It looks like my boys weren't playing nice...again." Said the man next to the commander. "Let me guess...Lea."

"It wasn't my fault sir! This Yuke pilot tried to attack me because all I was trying to do is have a private converstaion with the lady over there!" Lea said.

"Sure you were." The Noble Leader said. "Maybe you and I should have a "private converstaion" involving me kicking your ass again for getting into a skirmish! But it looks like someone beat me to the punch from the look of your face."

"But...sir!" Lea pleaded.

"Enough!" The Noble Leader yelled. "We're moving out men. Lea you will stay behind, while the rest of you will prepare for takeoff! We've got incoming bogeys."

"Sir!" The Noble Kingdom pilots said, leaving the room.

"Are you okay Kazi?" Priia asked.

"Just fine Priia." Kazimir said. "And don't call me Kazi..."

Chapter 2

Two weeks later after the incident with the Noble Kingdom PMCs and Kazimir was ready for duty again, Yuktobania was being attacked by unknown forces. Though the attacks were small-scale the use of military weaponry by the group was making Yuktobania's leaders tense. With a peace conference being held in the southren part of Yuktobania, several important figures around the world would be there. This was the reason for the Noble Kingdom PMCs were there. To compensate for the lack of military strenght in the south.

Kazimir was going back to his plane after losing three teeth in the fight with Lea, though happy to learn he broke some of Lea's and that his nose would need some extra treatment, he was still annoyed by the Noble Kingdom PMCs on the base. "Why were they even here on the base?" Kazimir though.

"Kazi!" Said Priia, running towards Kazimir. "Glad you're back. I didn't know what to do without my little Kazi!"

His fellow Yuke pilots laughed when they heard Priia call him "my little Kazi" "For the last time stop calling me that!" Kazimir said. Priia had always called Kazimir "Kazi" since he was 13. Priia was 18 at the time and was the closest thing to family Kazimir had. While like a sister to Kazimir, he wished that she would stop calling him "Kazi." He hated that nickname.

"I should've just let that guy finished me off." Kazimir thought. "How embaressing."

" Don't let them get to you Kazi." Priia said. "Besides, you're all that's been talked about for the last two weeks. Other than the engagement with two MiGs."

"Two MiGs?" Kazimir said. "What MiGs?"

"I'll tell you later." Priia said. "We have orders to engage some hostiles up north."

"Time to show them what Scarecrow is all about!" Kazimir said.

While Kazimir thought about what might be happening, he prepared for takeoff in his Su-27. He loved his Su-27 giving it the name "Arisha."

"Ahhh Arisha, time to take to the skies again." Kazimir said.

"Scarecrow Two you are clear for takeoff." Came the message from the tower.

About a half hour later, Scarecrow Team got thier in flight breifing.

"We've got five bogeys coming from the north." The Yuke giving the breifing said. "You and a Noble Kingdom squadron will intercept these bogeys. You are given orders not to fire on the aircraft."

"Roger that." Priia said. "You hear that Kazi?"

"Yeah I heard it Priia." Kazimir said, remembering a previous engagement one year ago when he accidently attacked an truck along the border thinking he was cleared to engage it due to poor communications."

"So how's Arisha today?" Priia asked. "Just as fine as always." Kazimir replied.

When the two of them arrived at the area, they saw that the Noble Kingdom pilots were already there

"Looks like they beat us here." Kazimir said. "Well, they did have a head start." Priia replied. "Wait a minute. What's going on?"

"What?" Kazimir said. "It looks like they are engaging each other." Priia said. "We were given orders not to engage the bogeys."

This was comfirmed when Priia and Kazimir got into visual range and saw the Noble fighters engaging the bogeys.

"Fox 2! Fox 2!" Said a Noble pilot, taking down one of the MiGs.

"What's going on here!?" Priia asked. "What are you guys doing?"

"That's none of your business Yuke." A Noble pilot replied. "They attacked us first, so if you want to make yourself useful then engage these bastards!"

"It's your call." Kazimir said. "We might as well." Priia said. "Scarecrow One engaging!"

"Scarecrow Two engaging!" Kazimir said.

Kazimir and Priia flew right into the furball with Kazimir firing a R-27T at an enemy MiG which hit the target's wing. The enemy pilot ejected out of his plane while Priia evaded a incoming missile from another MiG that was soon shot down by a Noble pilot.

"Status." Priia asked. "Doing good so far. Only two left." Kazimir responded.

Before they had arrived the Noble squadron had lost three pilots and shot down only one of the MiGs. The two remaining MiGs tried to escape but the rest of the Noble Kingdom pilots ran them down leaving no hostiles left in the air.

"Return to base boys!" The Noble pilot said. "Drinks are on me tonight!"

"We're going to have fun explaining what happened today Kazi." Priia said.

"Yeah. That'll be fun." Kazimir replied.

Back at the base "fun" was exactly what Kazimir and Priia had due to the fact that each squadron gave thier debriefing to thier leader. So they had to explain why the five bogeys were all shot down when they were given the order to not fire.

"And that's when we saw the Noble pilots engaging the bogeys." Priia explained. "We had no choice but to engage."

"You're telling me that the PMC pilots engaged first?" The base commander asked annoyingly. To Kazimir, this guy was a pain. He was always sucking up to the PMC and did the Oseans say it? "A little bitch." Though "little" might not be the best word to describe this man.

"But that's what excactly happened!" Kazimir said. "Asked them yourself!"

"I will be comparing the debreifings once the Noble leader arrives. Until then though, you two are-"

The Noble leader entered the room looking like he was just yelling.

"If I can have word with in private." The Noble leader asked.

"Oh..uhh...of course!" The base commander said. "You two! Leave!"

Priia and Kazimir waited outside the room trying to hear what was being said between the two men.

"You think he's trying to cover for his men?" Priia asked. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was." Kazimir said. "These guys are anything but Noble"

The door opened.

"Good job." The Noble leader said to two of them before leaving the room.

"You two come here." The base commander told them. "After....hearing..some more info about the two..."

"Yeah?" Priia asked.

"Are being promoted."

"Really!?" Priia said.

"Wow I guess I was wrong." Kazimir thought.

"You two will also be given the night off."

"I bet this guy is loving every moment of this." Kazimir thought.

"Thank you sir!" Priia said.

"You two are...dismissed."

As the two left the room, Kazimir saw the base commander pulling out some strong drinks.

In the nearby city Kazimir and Priia went to the local bar. The bar was usually filled with a few pilots and other military personel.

"Major Chernov!" Priia said. "I like the sound of that!"

"Senior Lieutenant Kulik." Kazimir thought. "I like the sound of that."

"Hey Kazi!" Priia said. "You buying the drinks?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute."

The bar suddenly goes silent as the sound of breaking glass can be heard.

"I'm not paying for this crap!" Said the man

"I don't care if you're military or not!" The barteneder replied. "You'll pay for your drinks and the broken glasses!"

"Military!? Military! Do you see this patch here?" *Shows him the Noble Kingdom patch* "This means that I don't have to pay for poor excuses of drinks like this!"

"I thought it ment that you were a second-rate pilot!" A man at the end of the bar shouted.

"Roy, be quite." The man next to him said.

"And who the hell are you!?" The Noble pilot asked.

"Me?" The man said. "Well...that will depend on how this goes down."

"I don't like your attitude." The Noble pilot said. "Maybe we should teach you a lesson."

Three other Noble Kingdom members get up from thier chairs.

"Steven..." The man said.

The Noble Kingdom members pin the man to the wall.

"Guys calm down!" The other man said. "Let's forget all of this and just..." *Grabs two beer bottles* "Have some drinks!" *Smashes the bottles on two of the Noble PMC members*

The two men were stunned from being hitted over the head with the bottles, the man then hit one of them with an uppercut, knocking him out, while the man who was being pinned to the wall, knocked out the other one.

"You two want to follow thier example?" Asked the second man.

One of the two Noble members still standing pulled out a combat knife and began to attack the two men.

"They look like they could use some help." Kazimir said to Priia. Kazimir then caught the second Noble member off guard and began to choke the man until he passed out.

"Hey it looks like we got some help Steven!" Said the man while dogding the attacks of the last man.

The three of them surrounded the Noble member with a knife. The man tired to slash at Kazimir when one of the men quickly disarmed him, while the other one kicked him right in the face, knocking him to the ground. The three of them then picked the man up and threw him and his friends out of the bar.

"You think we should report this as an PMC attack on personel?" The man asked the other. "We could've if this didn't start with you opening your mouth Roy." The other said.

"You two okay?" Kazimir asked. "Yeah we're fine." The man relpied. "I'm Roy Harding, my friend's name is Steven Mercier."

"Kazimir Kulik."

"Nice to meet you Kazimir." Said Roy. "You're a Yuke pilot right?"

"Hold on Roy I need to take care of something." Steven said as he walked to the bartender. "Will this cover the damages?"

"Uhh..Yes this should cover the damage." Said the bartender.

"Alright we can leave now." Said Steven.

Outside the bar

"Wait!" Kazimir said to the two men. "Who are you guys?"

"Us?" Roy said. "We're pilots as well."

"But obviously you're not Noble Kingdom pilots." Kazimir said. "So who are you with?"

"You want to know who we work for?" Roy said. "Roy we're not-" Steven tried to tell Roy, but Roy kept talking. "We're part of the Phoenix Air Force!"

"Dammit Roy." Steven said. "How much did you drink in there!?"

"Not enough..." Roy replied.

"Hey!" A voice across the street said. "Lilly!" Roy said. "Come over here!"

"He's drunk again isn't he?" Lilly said. "I'm not that drunk!" Roy exclaimed.

"Drunk enough to tell the world who we are." Steven said.

"So she's part of the Phoenix Air Force too?" Kazimir said. "Yes. Yes I am. Lilly Rosenthal. Nice to meet you."

"Kazimir Kulik."

"Nice to meet you Kazimir." Lilly said. "But I'm afriad that we have to be leaving now. Besides Steven, you know that Alexis has been waiting for you for about half an hour now."

"Shit! That's right! I have to leave now. Take Roy home Lilly!" Steven said running down the street.

"*Sigh* I always have to take him home." Lilly said. "Come on Roy."

"See you later my Yuke friend!" Roy said as the two of the left.

"Phoenix Air Force?" Kazimir thought as he returned to the bar.

Chapter 3

Kazimir and Priia were waiting at the base for the arrival of Priia's father, Lieutenant General Chernov. Lt. Gen. Chernov was the reason that Kazimir and Priia were at their current rank in the YAF, though that didn't mean that thier ranks were not well earned. Lt. Gen. Chernov was like a father to Kazimir as well, helping Kazimir out from time to time in his carrer as a pilot, not to mention ignoring some of Kazimir's past mistakes, the worse being when he was caught with a hooker on the base almost a year after he joined the YAF.

"Major Chernov and Senior Lieutenant Kulik!" Lt. Gen. Chernov said.

"Father!" Priia said, hugging her father.

"Lieutenant General." Kazimir said.

"You can call me Chernov today Kazimir!" Lt. Gen. Chernov said. "Today is a day to celebrate!"

"So what do you have in mind?" Priia said. "Well for you, I was able to get a new plane fitted with COFFIN and for Kazimir, as I know he wouldn't trade Arisha for all the Falkens in the world, I've got new parts for her." Said Lt. Gen. Chernov.

"So what are these parts?" Kazimir asked. "Well first off we've got a new HUD system, a prototype stealth system, a new type of missile, and upgraded engines." Lt. Gen. Chernov said.

"And this plane that I am getting?" Priia asked. "You'll just have to see for yourself! But it will take some time to do all of this, luckly this has been worked on for about a week now, so they should be ready by your next mission." Lt. Gen. Chernov said.

"So what would that make Arisha now?" Kazimir said. "That would make her an Su-27A-A (Sukhoi 27 Arisha- Advanced)" Lt. Gen. Chernov said.

"Su-27A-A." Kazimir said in his head. His Su-27 was heavily modified so that it was able to keep up with the more modern day aircraft.

Later on when the modifications were finished, Lt. Gen. Chernov led the two of them to the hanger.

"Go right in and see your aircraft." Lt. Gen. Chernov said.

As the two of them entered the hanger they saw the gift that Priia's father had given them. Priia saw that her father had gotten her an PAK-XFA 01.

"So that's why Arisha got so much additions to it." Kazimir thought as he turned to his Sukhoi. He was at a lost of word when he saw Arisha. A fresh coat of paint, the inside of his plane, the new weaponry, everything was amazing!

"Kazi? Are you okay?" Priia asked when all the Kazimir was doing was sitting in his plane.

"Uh what Priia?" Kazimir responded. "Sorry about that."

"So I guess you two are happy with the improvements?" Lt. Gen. Chernov said, entering the hanger.

"How do you get away with this stuff!?" Kazimir said, quickly covering his mouth afterwards.

"Do you really want to know Kazimir?" Lt. Gen. Chernov said, moving closer to Kazimir's face. "I'll ask you again, Senior Lieutenant Kulik,"

Kazimir was nervous, Lt. Gen. Chernov had a look like he was about to yell at him, he should've never asked that question.

"Well I'll tell you Kazimir!" Said Chernov, starting to smile again. "As long as I do a good job and you two do the same, then they never ask questions about these sort of things!"

"Phew." Kazimir thought.

"Now I have to take my leave. I have to do a good job after all. Goodbye Kazimir." Chernov said, hugging his daughter before leaving.

Later on the base, only two days away from the peace conference, everyone was going over what they were suppose to do on that day. Kazimir and Priia, with thier fighters, were to lead the patrol and engage any unknown aircraft in the area. While going over the route with Priia the leader of the Noble Kingdom PMC in that area came over.

"So we meet again." Kazimir said to the man.

"Yes. I would like to talk to you alone if you don't mind." The man said.

"Major?" Kazimir said. "Go ahead Kazi." Priia responded.

The two men left the room and walked until they reached the empty breifing room.

"So what do you want from me?" Kazimir asked.

"I've seen your combat skills and I've been very impressed Senoir Lieutenant." The man said. "Men like you are exactly what we need in Noble Kingdom. So that is why I am giving you a chance to join our PMC."

"Join Noble Kingdom!?" Kazimir said. "Why would you think I would do that?"

"Because we can offer you so much more than Yuktobania could offer. You would get money, fame, women, anything you could desire. You have what it takes to get these things, but only if you do one thing for me."

"And what is that?"

"I need you to allow one of our fighters into the area unidentified. Just one fighter in case of an emergency attack. We think that the fighter could give us the edge in case thier is an attack. We've recieved reports of enemy movement in areas of Yuktobania. We've also heard that there might be a spy giving the terrorist info about our defenses. An attack could happen soon so we would like to have every surprise would can use against the terrorist. So I'll ask you again. Even if you do not want to join, will you help us?"

"Should I do this?" Kazimir thought. "It seems a bit strange for just one more fighter? Maybe he's one of thier aces. I guess it could give us the edge we need if the terrorist do make an appearance..."


"Thank you Senoir Lieutenant! Now the plane will appear on your HUD and only your HUD with the callsign NOBLE so that is the one you must let slip by your patrol. We'll talk again after all of this is over."

Two days later, Kazimir and Priia were over the airspace of the location of the peace conference. Along with them were two Noble squadrons and three fellow Yuke squadrons. If the enemy wanted to attack today, they would have one hell of a time trying to get pass these guys. Due to the COFFIN in Priia's plane being a prototype, she wouldn't be able to communicate with Kazimir and the other pilots on this mission, though the base commander decided to let her do the mission regardless. Kazimir was given the lead because of this and would still be able to give orders to Priia and the other pilots.

"Looks like a bogey on the radar sir." A Yuke pilot said.

"I'll check it out. You stay on our route." Kazimir said. When he got closer to the plane he saw something was wrong. Four more unknowns had appeared on radar behind it and were gaining on the plane.

"Must be the terrorist." Kazimir thought. "All planes! We've got hostiles on the airspace. Engage!"

"Roger!" The Yuke pilots said as they came to join Kazimir. But when Kazimir got in visual range he thought something was wrong. The first plane had NOBLE appear over his HUD while the other four planes were engaging it. "Must have caught him by surprise." Kazimir thought. "Oh well, so much for the surprise on the terrorist."

"Damn Firebirds!" The pilot being attacked said. "How did you find me!?"

"You didn't think we would let you get away with this." One of the unknown pilots responded. The voice sounded familiar to Kazimir.

"We've got more incoming guys." Another said. This voice sounded familiar as well.

"Looks like we've got work to do." Said a third voice. That's when Kazimir realized that these guys were the people he met in that bar a few days ago. "What are they doing!?" Kazimir thought. "Are they working for the terrorist?"

By that time Priia and the rest of the Yuke pilots had arrived.

"Attention to all Yuke planes in the area!" A female voice that Kazimir couldn't recongnize said. "If you open fire on us we will have no choice but to fire back!"

"This is Scarecrow two. For what reason should we not attack your aircraft?" Kazimir said.

"This hostile plane has been ordered to drop an LSWM where the peace conference is located. We have given this info to your superiors and this should be comfired any second now."

"I wouldn't count on that Firebirds." The man said. "I'm not allowing anything like that to get out. Wouldn't want to let someone ruin our plans. Though I suppose it woulodn't matter if you told them. The LSWM would just fix that little problem for me!"

"An LSWM!?" Kazimir said. "Only a few types of planes could use that."

"Yeah, Fenrir, an PAK-XFA, or...a heavily modified Su-27." The man said.

"Who are you!?" Kazimir asked.

"Me? I'm sad that you don't remember me Kulik." The man said. "I wouldn't forget a man who held a knife to my throat."


"That's right Kulik. And after I destroy all of you I'll fire the LSWM and get rid of everyone at the peace conference!"

"You'll never get away with this Lea!"

"Oh I think I will. This was all planned. We made sure that you two were given those "gifts" her father was more than happy to recieve from us. After I defeat you and launch the LSWM, Priia and you will be blamed for the attack, Chernov will not be able to prove your innocence and Noble Kingdom will become more powerful from the wars that will surely come after this incident. You three played the part so well. Too bad about our unexpected guests. If they hand't arrived you would've had the chance to join Noble Kingdom to escape all of this. Oh well. At least I'll get to kill you Kulik! All Noble planes enagage!"

Lea PAK-XFA fired four missiles at Kazimir and the yuke pilots, while Kazimir was able to get away the other pilots were not so lucky.

"Priia I need your help here!"

Priia's PAK-XFA wasn't doing anything except fly like it was on autopilot.


"Something wrong Kulik?" Lea said. "Looks like that COFFIN still needed a few adjustments."

"Another part of your plan?' Kazimir asked sharply.

"This wasn't my plan Kulik, I'm just a pawn in all of this, well more of an Knight. Checkmate Kulik."

Lea then turned to face the other four pilots while the Noble pilots that had arrived started to engage Kazimir and the rest of the Yuke pilots. Kazimir turned hard as an missile came at him and was able to evade. Kazimir responded by firing his 6AAM at the Noble pilots. Four of the missiles hit thier target while the other two were evaded by the pilots. The Noble pliots responded by firing thier 4AAM at Kazimir and the remaning Yuke pilots. Kazimir barely evaded the four missiles that were on him thanks to his skills as a pilot and his flares. But the rest of the Yukes were quickly removed. Now only Kazimir, Priia, and the Phoenix pilots remained against the ten remaining Noble pilots plus Lea. Kazimir quickly manuvered behind a Noble pilot and fired his guns at him, destroying the wing of the Noble pilot's F-15CII Eagle. Kazimir then quicky evaded the incoming gunfire coming from three other pilots and performed a Pugachev's Cobra and fired missiles at two of the Noble pilots while gunning down the third one. The remaining Noble pilots became cautious as they realized what kind of pilot they were up against.

"What are you idiots doing!?" Lea said. "Take him down now!"

The Noble pilots again engage Kazimir, but Kazimir was too skilled, eventually taking down the remaining Noble pilots leaving only Lea left.

"Check, Lea." Kazimir said.

"You can't shoot me down Kulik. I'm different from those poor excuses of pilots! Prepare for the dogfight of your life!"

Suddenly Lea's PAK-XFA dissappared from radar and visual range.

"Where did he go!?" Kazimir thought.

"Hey you there? Can you hear me?" One of the Phoenix pilots said. Kazimir recongnized the voice as Steven's.

"Yeah I can hear you." Kazimir responded.

"That PAK-XFA has new stealth capabilities. This stuff is advanced, even more then what was used in the Leasath-Aurelia war. We'll have to work together if we want to take him down."

"You're right." Kazimir said.

Kazimir quickly formed up with the Phoenix pilots awaiting for Lea's attack. Suddenly five PAK-XFA's appeared on radar.

"What the!?" Kazimir said.

The five PAK-XFA's started to come at the pilots.

"Everyone move! Only one of them can be real!" Steven said as the group split up.

"Something wrong?" Lea said.

Kazimir and the others tried to evade but the PAK-XFAs were abel to keep up with them. The PAK-XFAs then started to fire thier guns.

"I'm taking damage!" Roy said.

"So am I. What the hell!?" Lilly said.

"Like something out of a nightmare right!? Don't worry though, it will all be over soon!" Lea said sadisticly.

Though Lea was good, Kazimir was finally able to manuver behind him and fired one of his missiles, the missile was about to hit Lea's plane when all of the sudden it flew right through the plane's wing.

"What's going on here!?" Kazimir said.

Kazimir couldn't help but be nervous. This was a nightmare. How could this possibly be happening. He was expecting to wake up any moment. But this was real. He could feel it, and he wasn't about to give up. Too much was at stake. Priia, and all of the people in the city. He could not, would not give up.

"I'll hit you with everything I got!" Kazimir said, getting closer to the PAK-XFA and firing his guns at it. Just like the missile, the gunfire went right through the plane but then something happened. One of the shots hit and revealed a small UAV at the center of where the PAK-XFA used to be.

"So this is your trick! UAVs that can create an image of your plane around it!" Steven said as he perfomed a counter-manuver and used his guns to destroy the UAV.

"This doesn't change anything! You won't defeat me!" Lea said as his plane dissapeared again.

"He's gone but he left the UAVs behind." Lilly said.

"Any ideas Alexis?" Roy asked. "Let's focus on the UAVs for now. We'll worry about him when he shows his face again." Alexis said.

The five of them quickly defeated the remaining UAVs and were waiting for Lea to appear again.

"There he is!" Roy said.

Lea appeared again and another PAK-XFA was with him. The one PAK-XFA was right behind Priia, ready to fire at her.

"Not so fast Firebirds." Lea said. "Attack me and Kulik's friend will torn apart by the UAVs gun."

"Priia!" Kazimir exclaimed. Lea had them beat. Kazimir would never risk Priia's life.

"Kulik. This is between you and me. Defeat me and you'll save all those people in the city." Lea said.

"Why?" Kazimir asked.

"Why?" Lea responded. "Because I love to fight! If I just go ahead and launch this thing I'll never get a chance to kill you. You'll rot in a prison. That's not how I want it to end. Screw Noble Kingdom. I'm taking this chance while I got it! Fight me Kulik or I'll kill your friend!"

Kazimir flew his plane towards Lea evading the incoming missiles, Kazimir then got behind him, Lea performed a counter-manuver and went past him.

"You can do better then that Kulik!" Lea said as he fired another missile at him. Kazimir turned hard left but another missile was on him by the time he evaded the first one. Kazimir then pulled down, pulling up just before hitting the ground below.

"That's the way Kulik! I want to savor every moment of this! Ever since that day we met all I've thought about is defeating you!" Lea said flying behind Kazimir and firing his guns.

Kazimir took a few hits from the gunfire but was able to evade with a High-G turn. Kazimir then fired his last missile at Lea, hitting hie left engine.

"Argh! Yes that's it. Keep it up Kulik!" Lea said.

Kazimir was out of missiles. The only thing he had left was his guns. He wouldn't dare try the stealth on his plane and the missile for Arisha as well was back at the base. Kazimir had only one trick left. Kazimir then performed something like the Pugachev's Cobra but instead of having his plane's nose up it was pointed down. This caught Lea by surprise as he flew below Kazimir. As soon as this happened, Kazimir unloaded his guns, tearing Lea's plane apart.

"Argh! Damn you Kulik!" Lea said trying to gain control of what remained of his plane. "But this isn't over yet!" Lea then fired the LSWM at Priia's plane as his plane exploded.

"Priia!" Kazimir said chasing the LSWM.

"What are you doing!?" Roy said. "I'm going to shoot it down!" Kazimir responded. "You'll be caught in the blast if you try to take it out with your guns!" Steven told him.

"I have to. I still have someone to save." Kazimir responded as he started firing at the LSWM. It was getting closer to Priia. Kazimir kept firing. The missile was still moving. He got closer. Kazimir was running out of time. He practically got right behind the missile and his plane was taking damage. He was so close to the LSWM that he couldn't possibly miss, nor could he escape. If he destroyed this thing he would be killed in the blast. But he didn't care. It was worth it. So he closed his eyes and waited for it to end...

But the end never came. When he opened his eyes again he saw the LSWM flying away from Priia. He had damaged one of the fins on the LSWM, causing it turn away. The LSWM then exploded in the sky above them.

"I...I did it." Kazimir said, turning his plane on to autopilot and then closing his eyes.


Back the base, Kazimir, Priia, and Lt. Gen. Chernov were waiting for the four pilots that had helped that day. Priia's had regained control of her plane some time after Lea's plane was destroyed. The four members of the PAF enter the room to discuss the events of today.

"Unfortunently I have some bad news for the three of you." Steven said to them. "Due to the nature of Noble Kingdom's plan and the fact that we weren't offically here. You three are being accused of launching the LSWM."

"What!?" Priia said.

"It's true." Alexis said. "The Yuktobanian government and other officals here believe that you three tried to attack the city. They're saying that you went rouge and attacked the Noble squadrons."

"How can they believe that?' Kazimir said.

"Because the PAK-XFA we fought wasn't seen by anyone, alive that is, that could prove your innocence. We can't defend you because we're not offically here. You two flew aircraft capable of launching the LSWM and the Lieutenant General here aquired the planes." Steven said.

"So that's it!" Kazimir said. "After all of this we're still going to be imprisoned!"

"No. We have a plan." Alexis said. "Kazimir will have to "escape" from Yuktobania. The blame for the attack will have to go on him. You two will have to support this claim as well. Our contractor, the base commander will support you."

"The base commander!?" Kazimir thought.

"Kazimir will leave the base and we will destroy the evidence of the PAK-XFA and the purchase of the aircraft and parts. Sorry we can't help clear all of your names."

"That's okay." Kazimir said. "Priia, Lieutenant General Chernov."

Priia went up and hugged Kazimir.

"I'm going to miss you Kazi." Priia said.

"Don't worry I'll be fine." Kazimir said.

"We have to go now." Steven told them.

Kazimir went to his plane thinking of how he will might never see this place again. He would make things right. Noble Kingdom would pay for thier crimes and he would return to his land a innocent man.

At the Noble Kingdom GHQ. The leader of Noble Kingdom was reporting the results of the events in Yuktobania.

"No. No. The plan was a failure."

"I sorry sir but we had unexpected guest."

"Yes it was them again. The ones know as the Phoenix Air Force."

"I know sir, but we were not prepared for thier appearance."

"Don't worry about that. Noble Kingdom is not suspected for any of this. We were at least able to do that right."

"No sir. The pilot that recieved that blame for this incident has escaped capture."

"Yes sir. I beleive they had a part in this as well."

"We were unable to find out who contacted them about this."

"I'm afraid that this will further reduce the activities of PMCs sir."

  • Chuckles* "I agree sir. We just need a little more push."

"Yes sir. I'll see what I can do."

"The pilot who was carrying the LSWM? We're uncertain if he'll survive. He was not able to eject from his plane and-"

"I'm afraid we won't be able to get anything out of him if he doesn't. His condition is critical."

"Yes. I'll contact you if anything changes."

"Of course. Noble Kingdom is always at your disposal, Mr. Nascimento."

Two Years Later...

Kazimir woke up ready for his mission for today. The plan to prove Priia's and Chernov's innocence had worked and Kazimir was now a top ace of the Phoenix Air Force. He had fought in many battles the past two years, not only becoming a better pilot, but changed as a person as well. Kazimir left from his room and went to the breifing room at the base in North Point.

"Captian Kulik. You're early." The commander said.

"Early huh?" Kazimir said. The commander was right, he was at least thirty minutes early to the breifing.

"Well then, I guess I'll take a quick nap."

Kazimir then fell asleep again, waiting for the rest of the squadron to arrive...

To be Continued In The Main Story...

Phoenix Air Force Origins: Kazimir's Story

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