Mako Squadron
"D'yavol Akul" ("Devil Sharks")
"Antarian Akula"
Full name No. 33 Fighter Squadron AIAF "Mako"
Allegiance Antarian Islands
Antarian Islands Air Force
Deployment Antartica War
Whitelands Freedom Front Rebellion
Leader Viktor Yakovik "Akula"
Known members Viktor Yakovik (Mako 1) "D'yavol Akula" ("Devil Shark")

Boris Tevezaya (Mako 2) "Belaya Akula" ("White Shark")

Mikhail Doychev (Mako 3) "Prizrak Akula" ("Ghost Shark")
Aircraft 3x BAe Hawk Mk. 208

The No. 33 Fighter Squadron AIAF "Mako" was an elite Antarian fighter squadron which fought in the 2001-2002 Antartica War and in the February 2002 Whitelands Freedom Front Rebellion. During both the war and the rebellion they were the pillar of the Antarian Islands Air Forces' strength and fought huge numbers of Whitelandians during the war and managed to accomplish their missions.

By half-way through the war the Whitelandians knew them by their nickname "D'yavol Akul" ("Devil Sharks") and greatly feared them. Many Whitelandian troops had seen Mako Squadron defeat them despite greatly being outnumbered, which greatly demoralised them.

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