Neucom Inc.
Neucom Inc Logo
Neucom Inc
Full name Neucom Incorporated
Location Usea Continent
Head of State CEO Unknown
Type Technological Advanced Corporation
Era(s) 2010(?)-2045+
"Making The Impossible, Possible."
Neucom Advert, 2040


Originally the EASA (Erusian Aeronautics and Space Administration), it was sold off some time after the Usean Continental War. Its success really took off after the acquisition of Air Ixiom, which earned Neucom's Space Development Division a place as "cutting edge". In their opening days, Neucom bought the Comona Islands (also known as the Riass Space Facility) from the Usean Government. Neucom Inc. is comprised of 6 operational departments: Info, Space, Bio, Sphere, Publishing and NEU (Neucom Emergency Unit).

Neucom Sphere Division:

This department is responsible for all A.I.'s, associative memory development, computer technology, research, and development. Also, this department heads up all unmanned combat aircraft and weaponry.

Neucom Bio Division:

This Division is in charge of all bio-nanotechnology, along with biochemical research projects and the development of the Nano-Byte.

Neucom Space Division:

This department is responsible for the aerospace industry, including the development of the Radical series and along with new technologies. This division is one of the largest departments in Neucom.

Neucom Info Division:

This department is responsible for the Neucom Visual System, Neucom Public Relations and press releases, along with censoring information about Neucom operations.

Neucom Emergency Unit (NEU):

The Neucom Emergency Unit is the security division of Neucom Incorporated. This division uses Neucom equipment, which is highly advanced, and is the main rival of the General Resource Defense Force.

List of aircraft Neucom Incorporated operate and produce:

  • XR-45 Cariburn
  • YRB-89 Furfur
  • YR-99 Forneus
  • R-101 Delphinus I
  • R-101U Delphinus I (UPEO Export Version)
  • R-102 Delphinus II
  • R-102C Delphinus II (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-103 Delphinus III
  • R-103O Delphinus III (Pirated Version)
  • R-103C Delphinus III (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-201 Asterozoa
  • R-201U Asterozoa (UPEO Export Version)
  • R-211 Orcinus
  • YR-302 Fregata
  • R-311 Remora
  • R-311C Remora (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-501 Rhincodon
  • R-505 Eirene
  • R-505U Eirene (UPEO Export Version)
  • R-531 Mobura
  • R-701 Triakis
  • XR-900 Geopelia

List of spacecraft Neucom Incorporated operate and produce:

  • R-352 Sepia
  • R-808 Phoca

List of navalcraft Neucom Incorporated operate and produce:

  • Hydrofoil -
  • Convoy Ship -
  • Submarine -
  • Large Warship -
  • Small Warship -
  • Transport Ship -
  • Aircraft Carrier -

List of landcraft Neucom Incorporated operate and produce:

  • Main Battle Anti-Grav Tank -
  • Armoured All Terrain Personal Walker -
  • Surface To Air Missle Battery Platform -
  • Anti-Grav Tank Hunter -
  • Surface To Surface Missile Battery Platform -


  • The corporate name is a pormanteau of "Neuron" and "Computer".

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