M-UND3R-9000 "Patty Wagon" MINI-F.A.R.T.M16 Assault RifleM1A1 Abrams
M200 InterventionM4A1 CarbineM4E45Y "Noob Tube"
Macintyre 689 Supa Wave Toatser OvenMacmillian Heavy IndustriesMain Page
Man of WarMandrake Heavy Industries AM-400 Slaughtering ViperMap Game July 2016
Mass DriverMassive Near-Narth Asteroid Sized ChinMay Abraham
May Thompson KentsonMe-262Me-329
MiG-28MiG-31R Foxhound-CMiG-44 Falcon
MiG-51S Fullbound-FMidgardMobiderp squadron
Modified M109A5 Self Propelled GunMolnár T-13 PánikMstislav Class Cruiser
MuspelheimNR-56 (Neucom Rifle)Nano Skin
National Council for Peace and OrderNeedle SquadronNeo United Nations
Neucom IncorporatedNidavellirNiflheim
Night In YuktobaniaNo. 1435 FlightNo. 33 Fighter Squadron AIAF
NovayaOBC Int'l Interview, 2050OFS Kestrel II
Octavia ForthrightOsean Self Defense Force Special ForcesOskar von Altenheim
P-00P A1ga1on Command CruiserP-1114X - Gyges IIP-1117
PAF Origins: Costello's StoryPAF Origins: Navajo's storyPM-63 PistoletMaszynowy wz.63
PXM-RA05 SuperbiaPadriug "Broadsword" DunnPaladin Squadron
Panda FlightPaul LynchPavel Sergeiovich Voychek
PixyPlasma Fission DrivePregrada
Project 2000 HyperbomberProject Distant ThunderProject Dragonchild
Project NemoProject Spirit ShieldProyect Aurora
Purporrot SquadronRA-5D EnforcerRMC Domaine aircraft carrier
Ransaas Aircraft and Co. LtdRaven DizonReborn Knights of Belka/Felsen Belka
Regia areonautica Claviana - Royal Clavian Air Force ( RAC )Republic of ErrenRepublic of Rostierra
Republic of SotoaRepublic of UrealiaRepublic of Wielvakia
Richard HudsonRikhart HarkenRota
Rothenbaum DynastyRoyal Air ForceRoyal Navy
Rule-31 TrollhoundRyan NobelSHS Boyarin
SHS Friedrich der GrosseSHS HannoverSHS Maria Theresia
SHS OldenburgSHS Prinz WilhelmSaab 9000 Prometheus
Santa ClawsScharfefaust's PistolSchenze
Schenze's PistolSchezna SquadronSchleifen Squadron
ScumtaxiSecond Osean WarShane Hale
Shoop-Da-Whoop LAZARSix Years' WarSkies of Death
Solar Task ForceSotoan Hostage CrisisState Security Agency of Union of Yuktobanian Republics
Strider HS KarambitSu-30MK Flanker-CSu-33MKW "Flanker-D"
Su-55 Terminator IISunday IslandsSuper Solenoid Engine
SvartalfheimTFS "Lightning"THE Ace Love iDOL: Live Combat M@STER!
TerraThe 'Box'The Battle of Le Liberte
The Black DeathThe Great Revolution Class CarrierThe Phoenix and the Fox
The Spility TheoryThe Stars of AuroraThe Ulysses Conference, 2017
The Whiny KidThe Winds of StrangerealThe story of Miles Stephen
Third Clavian WarTime MachineTimeline
Timeline-HUPEO - International Mercenary Investigation DivisionUPEO - Special Armed Response Force
USEA Continental War Intelligence CommitteeUlyssesUnion of Anea
Union of ShirubāUnited Sotoan EmiratesUniversal Peace Enforcement Organization
V-X Antimatter BombV3Valais Air Base Bombing
VanaheimrVector Space Ordnance SystemVerusa Squadron
Victor PattersonVincentWTF-Bomb
War TimeWareagle 1Wareagle Squadron
Warowl SquadronWesson CompromiseWielvakia-Erusea Conflict
Wielvakian Air ForceWorld Alliance for Peace and JusticeX-02B Wyvern
X-37CX-50 KurisuX1 A-model
XAB-1 TsubasaXB-0X 'Harass-fail-grrr'XB-1000X Warhammer
XB-1 Big planeXB-375 Flying BattleshipXC-02
XD-678 WarchangerXF-14G BobcatXF-159 Annihilator
XF-17A ViperXF-22C Raptor IIXF-250 Erebus
XFA-1 Infant FighterXFA-21 ScyllaXP-96 Sparrow-Hawk
XRA-117B Ghost HawkXV-22 FailspreyXWTF-21 Flying Noob
YF-22D Super RaptorYF-31 MuramasaYellow Squadron Appears
Yuktobania Voyska Spetsialnogo NaznacheniyaYuktobanian Airspace Violation of 2010Yuktobanian Socialist Worker's Party

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