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"It's time for the devil to pay his dues."
—Colonel Victor Sanders preparing for takeoff in the KFC-7

The KFC-7 also know as the Kentucky Fried Chicken 7 is a fighter-bomber aircraft created by La-li-lu-le-LOL industries as a idea of a fighter that also had the defense of a attacker. It is unique and well known for it's secret alloy that the armor is made of that consist of 11 different metals.

Idea of the KFC-7 and the first version

The KFC-7 was thought up of when former Belkan Aces met up for dinner at a restarant located in Nerd Baka. Durring a conversation over who would win in a fight if Baka and Isea even though the Not so great Baka War just ended about ten minutes ago when one of the pilots accidently bit into a bone on his piece of fried chicked. After seeing the durability of the fried chicked the pilots droppped what they were doing and quickly went to Hamco to see about getting thier idea for this plane in Hamco's popular game series FAUX (The 52Pickup version of Ace Combat) but they were turned down as Hamco was too busy making the next FAUX game being able to play itself via DFM, ASM, and AFM (Automatic flying mode) and that's how movies were invented. Frustrated with Hamco's refusal to make the aircraft, one of the Bakan aces decided to make the aircraft himself by buying large amounts of paper and tape, thus creating the first version of the KFC know as the "Paper Tiger" due to the fact that it was made of paper and it wasn't actualy a plane at all (He got bored and just started making a tiger out of paper.)

Later on a Ace know as T. Rolo would find this aircraft and was amazed by the Paper Tiger. He then went up to the Bakan ace pilot and offered him a copy of Hamco's new game FAUX 2: The War in the place that wasn't there before, so shut up." the pilot was more than happy to accept only to find out the T. Rolo had tricked him and instead was a copy of "Trees: Nature Silent Killer"

Construction under T. Rolo

Now that T. Rolo had the KFC-1 he decided that the idea was crap and ended up buring the aircraft and then went to his idea for the fighter. To help him with this he called some of his friends that were currently in a fraternity. The men were more than happy to help out T. Rolo and quickly went off to Baka to test this new version of the KFC. Once they had arrived each member of the fraternity got into the plane which was a 72 seater aircraft and prepared for takeoff but as they were about to lift off the runway they were shot by a passing by M-0V3R-9000 that was currently in battle with a couple a Bakan pilots in XP-96s. After that T. Rolo quickly left Baka and sold the rights to the KFC to a Colonel in the Estillfailkia military who would create the final version of the KFC.

Actual creation of the KFC-7

Bringing back the designs of the KFC to his country, the Lieutenant Colonel Victor Mancheck was told by his higher ups "Go away! Can't you see we have whores in our room! You want money? Here's money! Now get out!" which he decided meant to create the KFC-7 with help from a local company know as La-li-lu-le-LOL industries. They first started out by burning the designs for the KFC and starting from scratch. The KFC-7, as it was known as now because it was so cool that it skipped 2-6. Ideas were passed around on how they could make this the ideal plane of the century but due to the fact that Victor Mancheck, who now changed his name to Victor Sanders due to a injury he received during the invasion of Grapemania from a pilot know as Tallestman and his wingman Shamwow, one idea was used. The idea in question was realized by Colonel Sanders while going through a deep depression that he tried to cope with by eating a lot. While eating his 17th bucket of fried chicken a kid hit in the back and ran away saying "Go Prance With The Devils!" causing him to choke on the chicken bone and ended up putting him a three day coma. Once he woke up he said he had a dream about a manlady who was in a time machine and changing the world as he/she saw fit. Once he left the hospital and sold the large amounts of drugs he stole, Victor Sanders went back to work on the KFC-7 and decided to make a alloy based off the chicken that he was eating before he went into a coma. This alloy was a secret that involved 11 different metals that would make the plane fast and strong. Another thing that Sanders decided to add to the fighter was a huge bucket surrounding the aircraft, which just made it look like a bucket of fried chicken with wings.
Fried Death

The KFC-7

The KFC-7's Maiden Flight

Once everything was set up, the KFC-7 first took off from Grapemania in Feburary 17th, 2015. It performed so well in it's first flight that Victor was made an actualy Colonel. Once weapons were put on the KFC-7, TLLS, XMAGs, ect. the KFC-7 was truely a threat. Taking down 17 fighters in it's first engagement, though they were just secondary characters that no one really cares about. The KFC-7 would be used for years to come until being removed from service in the year 2040.


  • Speed: 30mins or less
  • Mobility: Actually, quite well.
  • Stability: Good as long as you don't put it on the edge of the table.
  • Defense: It's a bucket with wings...
  • Air-to-Air: Fried them all.
  • Air-to-Ground: Clucked them.
  • Spility: WTF? What does that even mean!?
  • Weapons: TLLS (Tactical Laser Light Show) XMAGs (Dirty magazines), CWB (Chicken wing bomb).


  • Tallestman
  • Shamwow
  • Victor Mancheck (Later known as Sanders)
  • Illinois Panstyneck


If you don't get what I'm making fun of it is this plane. KF-C7

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