This is the sequel to the story If kids met Aces... After the events of the previous story everyone went thier seperate ways and return to thier nations, though they still meet up with each other on Ace Combat: Assault Horizon on XBL to play some matches to relive the glory days. This is the story of one of those meetups.


-HELLHOUND666 is Online-

Mobius: It's about time. Hey guys, Cipher's on.

Blaze: Geeze, what took him so long? Tell him Kei is going to nag me to death about this! I told her I would take care of Reiko for tonight.

Garuda: Dude why would you tell her that!? You knew this was AH night.

Blaze: I know! I know! But I had to promise her that or else I wouldn't be able to keep my Gold account.

Gryphus: Well that sound stupid Blaze, top ace of the Osean Air Force not being able to have his own Gold Account on Xbox Live.

Garuda: Nice to know that Osea treats thier heroes well.

-Shamrock_Shake is Online-

Garuda: Hey, my buddy Marcus is on! He was my number two durring the war.

Gryphus: How is he?

Garuda: Well he's still in a wheelchair after all these years.

(Cipher enters the lobby)

Cipher: Hey guys!

Gryphus: What took you so long old man?

Blaze: Seriously! We've been waiting for 20 minutes! Where were you?

Cipher: I...uhh....fell asleep.

Mobius: You've got to be kidding me...

Cipher: Hey I've got to pay the bills still. I'm not out of the game yet!

Garuda: *Sigh* Is everyone here?

Gryphus: If they're not soon, then too bad for them.

-HellFirebird97 is Online-

Mobius: Phoenix is on guys.

Blaze: Well this should be interesting if he joins us.

Garuda: Any of the trolls joining us?

Mobius: Nah man, I've got this on private. Friends only.

Blaze: Thank god, remember the last time we let those guys join?

Gryphus: Freakin' Hamilton keep spamming the QAAM in DFM along with Wizard and some other noobs.

Blaze: Speaking of which, you hear about what happened to Hamilton?

Mobius: Who didn't? It's kinda world news when a shitload of hammers fall on a guy along with SUVs and the SOLG.

Garuda: "Freak Accident" my ass. It was those guys again.

Gryphus: Who?

Garuda: Those two guys. The ones that appeared when we were at the mall.

-CoolBlueNeonlites is online-

Narrator: What up, aces?

Blaze: Mobius, this was friends only?

Mobius: Not my friend! Whose friend is he?

(Shamrock_Shake is awkwardly quiet as accusations fly)

Narrator: I'm friends with Shamrock!

Shamrock: Well - (searches his mind for some type of rebuttal) that's what you guys get for going to the mall without me!

Blaze (sighs in frustration): We went without you because fans recognize you as "the only cripple in Ace Combat." Just ask your friend.

Narrator (in an attempt to deliver a quick painless blow): It's true, no one else is seen in a wheelchair. At least, not in the games that I have.

Shamrock: What?! What about Voychek! He walks with a cane!

Narrator: He's old, it's ok.

Mobius: Cipher, do you have a cane?

(Cipher is quiet, snoring is heard)

Gryphus: What time is it in Directus?

Blaze (speaking in surrendering way): Three... twenty PM.

Shamrock: Come on, it's two in the morning in Gracemeria! We're at a friend's party, but still!

Mobius: It's seven in Usea.

Blaze: Forget this. When does the match start?

Gryphus: Ask the narrator. He writes the story.

Narrator: Thank you, Gryphus. We're starting now.

Blaze: It's Capital Conquest, Dubai.

Aircraft/Pre-sortie lobby

  • Dog_of_War016 - F-14D Super Tomcat
  • RibbonFighter118 - F/A-22 Raptor
  • Cruces_de_la_Sur - F/A-22 Raptor
  • Lucky_Talisman - F-15E Strike Eagle
  • Shamrock_Shake - F-16C Fighting Falcon
  • HellHound666 - F-15C Eagle
  • CoolBlueNeonLights - F-14A Tomcat

Gryphus: Nice plane.

Mobius: Thank you.

Shamrock: Dubai? What city's that?

Blaze (in quick way with intentions of cutting him off): Marcus, no!

Narrator: It's a city in the real world.

Blaze (whispering to himself): Shoot.

Shamrock: No, this is the real world.

Narrator: Your world is called Strangereal. It is fictional, created for Ace Combat. The Real World is where I live.


Narrator: No. It's not.

Shamrock (in disgust): To think I added you as a friend.

Match start

Cipher: How do you tune these radios?

Narrator: The-They're already's a mic. Why do you want to tune anything?

Cipher: In the fifteen years since my war, I've regretted the mistake of not reporting enemy comm chatter when I heard it.

Narrator: Ok...

(The match starts. Blaze, Cipher and Mobius are on a team, and the rest are on the other.)

Blaze: Dude! This is cool! You can look at the hud and outside of the plane, too!

Gryphus: Yeah, that's clever.

Narrator: What the...(a missile locks onto his plane) Time to dodge!

Mobius: No, Point A, I am Mobius. I will get my kill. Point B, you are real, and cannot dodge as easily.

Narrator: Arrrgghh...

Shamrock: Where's Garuda?

Garuda: Oh heck no! You got in my way so many times, it cramps my style. Go find another buddy.

Shamrock: Wuuu...ok...(flies over to narrator's position) I'm with you now, bro.

Gryphus: Hey guys, what's this flashing circle thingy?

Blaze: What are you talking about?

Gryphus: What I mean is, when I get close enough to engage someone, a circle appears around them. That never happened.

Mobius: I'm seeing it too! What th-

Narrator: It's dogfight mode. Press both of the bumpers together to use it.

Blaze: Ahh...this just destroys all of my instruction. The phrase "remember your training" isn't even practical anymore!

(Snoring is heard again)

Gryphus: Wha...awwwww. No, no good.

Garuda: HOW long has it been since he's been in a plane?

Blaze: What, fighter jet, or turboprop?

Narrator: Oh, I'd love to see how he handled that...hey Mobius! Miss me? (Engages DFM on Mobius)

Mobius: That's not fair! You're narrator, so you can write whatever you want!

Narrator: Ten seconds before I start shooting.

Mobius: How do I even dodge...what are these circles? What is this? These triangles! WHA...

Blaze: I got you, ribbon!

Narrator: Helpful tip. Slow down until the triangles overlap. Then press both of the bumpers to do a Pugachev Cobra.

Mobius: How does he know so much? (Does the slowing maneuver, triangles are overlapping)

Narrator: Now! AHAHAHAHAHA! (Litters Mobius's plane with gunfire)

Mobius: What! Aaaaahhhhhhh. Come on!

Narrator: DFM's a jerk, ain't it? Oh crap!

Blaze: Die now, you demon! Haunt me no longer!

(Cripples narrator's plane with missiles)

Gryphus: Garuda, you and me! Let's finish him!

Garuda: Wait...let's get Shamrock first!

Narrator: You wouldn't attack a cripple, would you?

Shamrock: Yeah! Wait, what?

(Narrator's plane recovers from damage)

Shamrock: Dude, that's cool! How'd you do that?

Narrator: It happens. Man, I'm surprised you guys know so little! You're right in the series!

Gryphus: Whatever. ...Wait a minute. Ten clicks on the radar. Six from the west, four from the south.

Garuda: Bear bombers! And F-14's!

Mobius: I got this. Gryphus, you and me take the bombers. Garuda and Blaze will handle the Cats.

Narrator: What...have I done?

Shamrock: What happened?

Narrator: I messed up the timeline...the city is supposed to be bombed today...and the tomcats are supposed to shoot the bombers.

Shamrock: THAT'S STUPID! Why would you DO that?

Narrator: Whatever, bro. Now there are two options. The bombers have fighter escort, so we can take down those. That would mess up the timeline, since the Cats are supposed to stop Moscow from getting nuked in the end.

Shamrock: Moscow?

Narrator: Or, we can shoot down the aces. Timeline normal.

Shamrock: I like that. I'll get Garuda and Blaze...because I think a dose of payback is owed to my boss, Garuda.

Narrator: Right then, pardner. (Microphone disconnected)

William Bishop: Bear bombers in sight. Let's go, Guts!

Jose Gutierrez: Right. Like shooting tin cans in my dad's backyard.

Blaze: Hey where's that other narrator? The original one's here but...

Meanwhile, in the Chopinburg Rainforest...

Orson Perrault: *Heavy Breathing* How the hell did this even happen to me!?!

(Several gunshots from above)

Orson Perrault: S**t, he's in the trees!

TAoR: Run, fat boy, run! Who's the spy now, huh? Who's the spy now!?!

Back at the match...

Blaze: Eh, fatty deserved it. We basically take the Yukes down by ourselves and we're the spies!? The man was an idiot. Oh well, back to the matter at hand.


Bishop: Warwolf to Magic. Do we have any additional friendly aircraft in the area?

Magic: No luck, colonel. You're on your own.

Guts: Then who are those guys?

Warwolf 3 (embracing the light mood of the situation): That one looks friendly. I mean, a UAE-type F-22 welcoming party? Where are you gonna fi--OH CRAP, HE'S LAUNCHING!

Bishop: Wolf 3, evade!

Warwolf 4: Colonel, permission to detatch and engage bombers?

Bishop: Go! Take Wolf 3 with you. Guts and I will handle these guys.

Narrator: Warwolf 1, mayday mayday mayday! Commander Solowing of the...(thinking of an air force)...Wielvakian Air force! You are engaging restricted aircraft! Cease fire and exit combat area!

Magic: Commander Solowing, this is Lieutenant Colonel Plumley of the United States Air Force. Our objective is not to engage this aircraft. But if fired upon, we WILL defend ourselves.

Mobius (noticing Narrator following him): Wha... Solowing, are you cursing me?!

Narrator: No...I'm just a fan. Lieutenant Colonel...(forgetting his name)...Earvin Johnson, I am asking one last time. Get your guys to cease fire and go get the bombers! I got this! Dubai will be nuked in a matter of minutes if you don't step in!

Magic (thinking back to Narrator's remark): I wish...ok. Warwolves 1 and 2, disengage! Bombers are on bearing 045!

Guts: Ok, but...Wielvakia no es un país de verdad!

Raul Menendez: Tú lo has dicho, hermano!

Narrator: I shot you once, I'll shoot you again!

Menendez: Sorry.

Blaze: doesn't end like this...ok Solowing. Time to see what you're made of.

-controller disconnected-

Blaze: Chicken, eh?

Narrator: God dang it, the batteries. (Battery replacement) Narrator: Ok. Let's do this.

Shamrock (heard loudly): WHO'S IN THE WAY NOW, LUCKY?

Garuda: You seem to forget...(assigns wingman command to cover) I am in charge of you.

Shamrock: What! (disengages)

Gardua: That's more like it. Blaze! Where are the cats?

Blaze: Not in the Final Four, for sure!

(Guts is heard laughing before he shoots Shamrock and Garuda down)

Guts: Bandito Terminado!

Narrator (about to surprise attack Mobius): Tally ho. F-22...(gets him in range)...skewered by my sidewinder.

(Mobius pitches sharply up and evades)

Narrator: What.

(Mobius flies through the hotel arc)

Blaze: Planes flying through tunnels...that's never been done before!

Mobius: That's just how I fly.

Narrator: Spoiler, all of you have done tunnel flights. It's as common as the whole canyon deal, too.

Blaze: I am SICK and TIRED of your narration! (Locks on to narrator)

Narrator: If you shoot me down, you will all cease to exist.

Magic: What are your intentions, hostile pilot?

Blaze: I INTEND to fix the world!

Guts: Colonel, looks like we got a radical.

Warwolf 1: Yeah, I know.

Guts: Locked on target! (Blaze evades Guts' last missile) ¿Es de verdad usted?! Ese fue el último! Usted! Usted demonio! Usted y su Tomcat! Sus hombres de flanco estúpidos! Su borracho líder de vuelo! Su incapacidad para ser de confianza por sus superiores! Apuesto que la gente sube a usted y decir "Hey! Si pierde misiles que así, usted debe bajar de las mujeres aún más rápido!" Conozca su lugar, usted demonio!

All others: Jesus!

Guts: Yeah, that's how I roll!

Narrator: How's the storyline going...well. I suppose I could always reread the story and plot my next logical course of action. (Scrolls up 1/16 of the page) Uhhh...TL;DR. I suppose I'll fix everything here.

Mobius: TLDR?

Shamrock: Too long; didn't read. (quietly to himself) sheesh.

(Cipher rejoins game)

Cipher: Hey guys, I got some old buddies here!

(Dominic Zubov and Larry Foulke join match)

Narrator: Cipher!

Cipher: What?

Narrator: Engage and destroy ALL bombers!

Cipher: Roger! Ain't no WAY I'm about to let Sudentor happen again!

Garuda, Shamrock: We have to go...Avalanche and the others are bothering us.

-Shamrock_Shake has left the party-

Magic: Bombers are being destroyed.

Bishop: Warwolf to Magic. Do we have any additional aircraft in the vicinity?

Narrator (faking Magic's voice): Negative. (a pause) Warwolf?

Warwolf: Go ahead.

Narrator: You suck! Making them stupid jokes. Dreaming about Russian dudes! Not letting your other wingmen do anything! Flyin up close to plane's rear end then doin' street fighter moves in an F/A-18! Not getting anywhere with your woman! Wingman is a vodkahead! Oh yeah, target is at one o'clock.

Warwolf: Magic, what's going on?

(Snoring heard again)

Narrator: Guess I'll do everything myself? I suppose I could always eliminate the bomber threat...which would end the story. But it's pretty chaotic here.

Blaze (sarcasm strong in his voice): Why don't you call the other narrator?

Narrator (after awkward 5-month long silence): Yeah, where is he? (more awkward pause) Where is anyone, for that matter? Am I the last one? Requesting backup! Isn't there anyone here? Isn't there...anyone?

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