General Resource LTD.
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Full name General Resource Limited Group
Location Belka, Usea, Leasath
Head of State CEO Unknown/Grey Men
Type Highly Aggressive Corporation
Era(s) 2010(?)-2045+


General Resource is a conglomerate with enormous financial capital that dominates all kinds of industries and functions outside the framework of nations. Globalization of financial markets progressed in line with developments in capitalistic principles, and corporate mergers and take-overs began to be frequent and common. As a result, prominent capital assets in all countries were ultimately combined and concentrated on a large scale. Within this wave of world-wide conglomeration, the General Resource Group attained enormous growth and developed into a huge multinational corporate entity. General Resource Ltd. was created as a result of a transformation within Grunder Industries in the early 2010.

GRDF (General Resource Defence Force):

ASF (Air Strike Force):

The ASF is the Air Force of the GRDF and was formed during the 2030's to do battle against the UAD (United Air Defence).

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