"Who the hell is this?! What are you talking about?!"

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"It's foolish to think I wouldn't expect you to retaliate, Osean scum."

-Galaan Scharfefaust

Early History

Very little is known about Galaan Scharfefaust's early past, because he was very reclusive, and di

Road To War (Rising Slowly To Power)

"Belka deserves better than someone who would just settle for the little land we have left."

-Galaan Scharfefaust

Finally, Scharfefaust came into existence of the public's eyes around 5 months before the Belkan War. As with several engineers, he worked secretly in Gründer Industries. As a matter of fact, his knowledge of military vehicles and government politics were so immense, that he quickly rose through the ranks of the industry, to the third highest position. He was revealed as a fanatical supporter of the Rald Party, and became the closest (yet always hidden in the shadows) advisor to Vladimir Rald, who was the party's leader at the time.

Clandestine Activity

After the Belkan War, Scharfefaust developed an intense hatred for Osea. He continued to operate in Gründer Industries, which was part of the Grey Men, and shortly after became the secret head of the operation, with squadrons Grabacr and Ofnir following his orders. Not willing to pull a coup d'état because of his faith in Prince Erich and Erich's longstanding aggression towards Osea, he performed another trick up his sleeve: control the Prime Minister of Yuktobania, Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor, and later, a coup d'état with the help of the Grey Men. He soon ordered Nikanor to be taken to an isolated prison camp with no contact to anyone on the outside or in the prison (although this failed). The Grey Men willingly complied and carried out his order. After that, the Yuktobanian militants took over the country.

Hoping to ensure their plans succeeded, the Grey Men, absent of orders, assigned Allen C. Hamilton to Sand Island Base, knowing that a certain squadron of hotshots called Wardog Squadron would be a nuisance to Belka.

Circum-Pacific War (Grudge Abroad)

Despite the failure of the attack at St. Hewlett Naval Port, Yuktobania's forces remained strong, and they carried out the next attack with the Scinfaxi's burst ICBMs. The attack was very effective, but still failed to destroy the OFS Kestrel. New orders were given by one of the higher generals to send the Scinfaxi to reinforce an invasion fleet that was sent to seize Sand Island. Scharfefaust was pleased with the Yuktobanian success of destroying most of the pilots from the island base, but flustered about Wardog still surviving and still being able to destroy most of the landing force and the naval escorts. In surprise, the Scinfaxi was later taken down with help from the Arkbird, and this further fueled his frustration, but now he had taken an interest in capturing the Arkbird for Belka's use.

Meanwhile, the Yuktobanian underground resistance was forming against the regime, and with increasing numbers. He wouldn't receive word about this, but for some strange reason, he already knew about it.

As the war intensified, he organized a plan with the Grey Men to capture Osean President Vincent Harling, sending Grabacr (under the alias of the Osean Air Force 8492nd Squadron) to a holding position over Osean Air Defense space over the mountains. At the same time, Scharfefaust told his advisors to have one of the air captains send a squadron to take down a cargo plane that was carrying the president. However, the attack squadron was only the second bait for the 108th squadron, as he secretly expected the attack to fail. Osean Vice President Appelrouth removed the cargo plane's signature from the defense grid's list of allied craft, under orders from the Grey Men. After the cargo plane flew out of the defense zone, and after the Yuktobanian fighters were destroyed, Grabacr flew in to relieve Wardog Squadron of escort duty, ensuring Harling's capture.

After Osea's campaign, Operation: Foot Print; Scharfefaust decided that Wardog Squadron had done enough. Following an attack on Yuktobanian civilians by the 8492nd during an Osean invasion campaign, Vice President Appelrouth put full responsibility for the attack on the 108th TFS.

Another plan was put into action. Yuktobanian General Ivan Ochev sent a commando team to spread toxic gases in Bana City, while Captain Strochov would oversee an attack on Apito International Airport. Despite the casualties, the attacks flopped due to interference from the Capital District Air Defense Squadron and the Wardog Squadron.

Unfortunately for Scharfefaust, the 108th TFS continued to inflict devastating damage against the Yuktobanian military, even with the downing of Kei Nagase (who was rescued quickly after). The Hrimfaxi was able to last longer than the Scinfaxi, partly due to its UCAV fighter cover, but eventually succumbed to the Wardog Squadron, which gained a reputation as the Demons of Razgriz. As a result of the following battle in the deserts, the Grey Men decided to plan an attack on November City during a war rally (which was administered by Appelrouth), by leaking information to Yuktobania. As planned, the Gorizont Squadron lured Wardog Squadron into a trap by attacking the city and the stadium, where the rally was being held. The 8492nd sent out an order for all OADF fighters to return to base, ensuring that the Wardog Squadron would be overwhelmed. Eventually Alvin H. Davenport was shot down into the stadium and killed, but the fighting only intensified, and after an override order was sent, the attack was withdrawn.

Trouble was brewing back in Yuktobania. The Cruik Fortress was overtaken by Osean forces, and Cinigrad was the only thing left in their way. Scharfefaust turned to his comrades in Grabacr Squadron (as the 8492nd) to lure Wardog Squadron into a trap to shut them out of action for good. It almost worked, but Wardog escaped back to Sand Island. However, Major Hamilton informed Base Commander Orson Perrault of Wardog's "betrayal", and the Sand Island Base turned against the pilots. Former Belkan pilot Wolfgang Buchner on the other hand, pulled a fast one and helped the pilots escape from the base in Hawk training jets, even with the 8492nd in hot pursuit. It was then revealed (not to Osea) that AWACS Thunderhead was a Belkan spy, his real callsign as CRAC (Covert Reconnaissance Airborne Carrier) Schmerzmittel.

Osean Naval Captain Marcus Snow appeared to be arriving to shoot down Wardog Squadron, but was really helping them escape the radar. This action did not escape the eyes of Scharfefaust, who knew they were still alive. He had his personal guards torture and interrogate Osean President Harling inside the dungeon of Stier Castle (Scharfefaust himself oversaw the process from the secret quarters at the top of the castle).

"Here they come now..."

-Galaan Scharfefaust

Before Wardog Squadron and Sea Goblin team attacked the castle, Scharfefaust ordered reinforcements and sent his own tanks and fighters to defend his fortress. However, Osean fighter ace, only known as "Blaze", strafed the gunnery positions and missile defenses on the castle and damaged the north wall. Even the guards had trouble, as they were being picked off by the helicopter gunship that was over the courtyard. They escaped with Harling but before they could discover Scharfefaust, he escaped in his getaway craft and disappeared from scanners.

Scharfefaust was angered about an underground Yuktobanian resistance movement that was planning to overthrow the current military power there. When word came that Razgriz demolished the weapons facility and the mine in Mt. Schirm, and was already heading to Payavlenie Ravine in Yuktobania to help the Resistance dismantle the V1 warhead, Ofnir Squadron was sent to stop them. Although they proved to be a tough adversary, the fight ended with them shot down (but still alive) and the nuke dismantled after the Resistance escaped in a submarine.

The next plan was put into action by Adler, a Grey Men operative who captured the Arkbird with a boarding party months ago. His plan was to destroy Okchabursk in Yuktobania with a V1 nuclear warhead using the Arkbird to frame Osea. Razgriz Squadron arrived once more, and attacked the Arkbird. Even the backup plan to detonate the nuke in Osean territory failed, as the interception was too quick, and Adler died with the Arkbird in an explosion.

Grabacr flew in when Captain Bartlett and Yuktobanian Major Nastasya Obertas, as well as the Resistance, were getting Prime Minister Nikanor out of the prison camp, with fighter escort from Razgriz Squadron. Though the fight was longer, Grabacr ended up being shot down and bailing out of their fighters, and the others managed to escape Yuktobania, meeting up with the Kestrel and its fleet. A Yuktobanian armada awaited them from a distance.

In a shocking turn of events, three Yuktobanian vessels defected to the Kestrel's fleet. The YNS Pitomnik, however, was sunk by the rest of the armada to ensure no further desertions, but several other Yuktobanian ships joined the Kestrel. Razgriz Squadron once again intervened and destroyed the attacking Yuktobanian vessels and saved the defectors; but several Osean vessels, under the direct orders of Vice President Appelrouth, opened fire on the Kestrel fleet. Razgriz wasted no time in wasting the Osean assault fleet and secured the waters and airspace around them. Scharfefaust was not amused. Suddenly, a submarine sunk the Kestrel, only to end up being destroyed itself. The pilots managed to escape the sinking carrier and flew toward Sudentor.

A large formation of Osean and Yuktobanian forces was converging on Sudentor. It appeared to be the Grey Men's last stand. Not willing to give in, they fought back with everything they had, but the Razgriz pilots were making it very difficult for the Belkans to maintain their positions.

"What now?"

"We slip away, and return to fight another day, Schenze. But we're NOT going to let Osea have their way! Prepare the SOLG to fire now, and make sure that the programmed course is put in place should the controls be destroyed..."

-Schenze and Scharfefaust respectively, preparing for an autofire strike against the attacking forces, and later their escape

Even with Captain Hamilton's intervention to attempt to stop the Razgriz Squadron, the efforts did not go well. The tunnel was hotwired and opened by the Osean and Yuktobanian engineers. The Razgriz all made it inside, with Captain Bartlett coming in from the other end of the tunnel. At the same time, Schenze managed to survive by escaping through the underground tunnel, and Scharfefaust escaped to the skies in his personal aircraft before Hamilton collided with another aircraft and died in the collision. The control core was destroyed, but Belka wasn't finished yet. The SOLG was descending to smash into Oured, the capital of Osea. Razgriz Squadron was sent on a final mission to stop the SOLG. Grabacr and Ofnir returned to defend the falling satellite, but even in a combined formation, they were eventually shot down, and this time, killed. Razgriz turned their attention back to the SOLG, and fired everything they could, but the satellite took a heavy beating and still managed to stay in one piece. Blaze fired at the four generators and destroyed the SOLG right before it reached Oured. The Circum-Pacific War was over.

In the aftermath of the war, Scharfefaust flew high above Oured, undetected by any sensors, waiting to strike once more someday.

"You won today... ...but I'll be back, Razgriz..."

-Scharfefaust vowing revenge against Osea

2048 (Rise to Power)

"I've been waiting a long time for this. Within months, vengeance and justice will be served."

-Galaan Scharfefaust

Long believed to be dead after his disappearance, Scharfefaust returned to Belka after meeting with the Grey Men, as well as the Reborn Knights of Belka in secret. They eventually re-founded Gründer Industries, after the original dissolved into General Resource Ltd. Joining his cause was none other than Arrik Felsen, a Belkan fighter ace who was somehow artificially revived. Despite Belka being in ruin and Prince Erich long dead, they worked together and quickly revived the nation within weeks, backed by the Rald Party and the Grey Men. Scharfefaust rose to the pinnacle of power after being appointed by the Prime Minister (who was very unpopular with the Belkan people and the government alike) as the new leader. As soon as he became the leader of Belka, he appointed Arrik Felsen as the Grand Marshal of the newer Belkan Air Force, now called the Stählerne Luft, or "Steel Air", while still allowing him to fly as a squadron leader. At the same time, he declared himself the Obersterführer of Belka, which would become the extremely aggressive Belkan Waldreich.

"Here we stand on the threshold of a new beginning, an empire that shall last for thousands of years, and perhaps longer. Strangereal is ours for the taking! We shall make Osea pay for their treachery against Belka!! The time to rise is now!!!!!"

-Galaan Scharfefaust conducting an inflammatory speech, urging war against Osea and its allies and trading partners

As weeks passed, the Belkan people crowded Dinsmark with their presence and cheers. Shouts of "Long live Belka!" filled the air in the city. With Grand Marshal Felsen in command of the Stählerne Luft, the Osean occupation forces were driven out of Belka, and soon the Belkan Military began to mobilize.


Later in the war, Uber Luftmarschall Felsen planned a coup d'état against Scharfefaust. With Felsen managing to sabotage his Darkbird space fleet and plunging the country into civil war, Scharfefaust planned a quick escape with his men in the Dragoon. Upon reaching the ionosphere, the repairs on the Gewalt were complete, and he climbed into his craft, and flew out of orbit alongside the Dragoon, vowing revenge.

Return to Strangereal

"We'll slaughter the Anean slimeballs. We'll catch them by surprise, and then we'll level them. Military, industrial, and civilian targets will be smashed to pieces.............." -Galaan Scharfefaust

Some point after regaining his flagship the Darkbird, and the Prince Erich I in his new space fleet, he eventually confirmed that the Anean Republic had been supplying Osea with the equipment needed to fight Belka, Scharfefaust sadistically ordered Schenze to send an attack against the Anean Republic. Emmerian shipyards on the west coast were the first to be targeted. When the actual invasion was carried out, this forced many Aneans to evacuate and escape. He designated Gracemeria, renamed New Dinsmark, as the capital of his faction until he could take back Belka. Of course, when Allied landing forces established a beachhead, his hold on the Anean continent became threatened.

Final Campaign

(Information to be added later)

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