The F/A-22D "Super Raptor" is a 5.5th-generation fighter-attacker aircraft developed by General Resource, inc. in collaboration with the Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF).


The F/A-22D was built by General Resource, Ltd. in the mid-2010's in limited production and then in the late-2030's by Neucom Incorporated, in full production. Developed originally by General Resource, Ltd. as a replacement for the antiquated F-22A, its initial production was two airframes, designated MOBIUS and ZOE, respectively. After the original airframes were destroyed, the design has been copied and reproduced by Neucom, surviving well into the 2050's.

Despite being manufactured by Neucom, starting in 2046, it does not fall under the R-series. If it had, the aircraft's designation would most likely have been R-440 Lamna, named for the Porbeagle shark, which is native to the waters around Usea.


Mobius 1

Following Operation Katina, ISAF Ace Aleksandr Nikolaos, known better as Mobius 1, was shot down on his return home, his F-22A crippled and damaged beyond repair. The resulting crash, in Area B7R, Belka, paralyzed the star ace from the waist down, effectively grounding him. After Belkan civilians took the crippled ace to a nearby Osean airfield, he was airlifted to Seudentor General Hospital.

Upon his return to ISAF duties, he was awarded a Purple Heart, and granted honorary citizenship to Belka. He was also notified that the callsign Mobius 1 would be forever immortalized in the ISAF Museum, in Expo City. General Resource executives then approached top ISAF personnel about the proposed aircraft. ISAF would later order two aircraft be developed, to the specifications of Mobius 1.

Zone of Endless

The F/A-22D spurred interest in a revival of the Zone of Endless program, which was devised by Belkan scientists during the First Continental War. The Z.O.E program involved assigning AI various roles and ranks with regards to fighter and bomber aircraft, and seeing just what the AI would do when given specific tasks. The second YF-22D prototype was painted crimson, a hallmark of ZOE aircraft. Unlike the various production variants, the ZOE YF-22D is unarmed, meant to serve solely as a technology demonstrator.


While the F/A-22D was being developed, Osean spies managed to procure copies of the design schematics, leading to development of a copycat aircraft. This particular example was designated the OAF X-44 Marauder, reflecting the pilot who would fly it, Nathaniel Zachary of the Osean Air Force 56th Tactical Fighter Wing, otherwise known as Vigilante Squadron.

Aces and Ace Squadrons

Mobius 1


Zone of Endless AI


YF-22D - Initial prototype aircraft. Personalized by General Resource, Inc for Mobius 1.

YF-22Z - Zone of Endless demonstrator.

F/A-22D - Full scale production variant, with production beginning in 2036.

F/B-22D - Bomber variant with increased payload capacity, but reduced mobility.

F/I-22D - Proposed variant, intended for use as a high-altitude interceptor and low-level Strato Fighter.

E/F-22D - Electronic Warfare variant.


Despite being an "evolved" form of the F-22A, the F/A-22D is an entirely new aircraft fitting the same role. Because the original design specifications for the Super Raptor have been lost due to war, the following specifications are from Neucom's production run, which modified the aircraft's design slightly:

General characteristics

  • Length: 72 feet 9 inches
  • Wingspan: 47 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 80'000lbs (empty) 125'000lbs (loaded)
  • Height: 16 ft 10 in
  • Crew: 1 (YF-22D), 2 (F/A-22D)

Main Armament

  • 2x M61A2 Vulcan (1000 rounds)
  • General Purpose Missiles

Special Armament

  • Semi-Active Air-to-air Missile
  • Unguided Bomb - Large
  • 22.1mm Excalibur Gauss Autocannon

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