The F-15R/EW Crying Eagle is a twin-engine multirole aircraft.


In 2006, following the end of the Second Usean Continental War, a joint review of ISAF's operations brought to light several critical weaknesses in the current Airborne Warning and Control System and Electronic Warfare protocol in use by the allied forces for the war's duration. After taking proposals from various aerospace companies in Usea, a defense constractor in North Point was ultimately selected to revise ISAF's electronic warfare systems.

The F-15E Strike Eagle already under manufacture by the contractor was originally selected for use simply as a testbed for the new avionics technology in question, but after the first demonstration of the upgraded systems a development contract for an improved variant of the aging design was incorporated into the project. Incorporating several improvements already present in the F-15SE Silent Eagle, the F-15R/EW Crying Eagle began production in late 2008 and entered limited service in early 2010.

It currently sees use in small numbers as a multirole and electronic support craft for ISAF operations.


The F-15R/EW's specs were largely centered around the accommodation and use of its new avionics, as well as incorporating more recent design and construction advances into the F-15E Strike Eagle's airframe. While typically outfitted with a specialized ECMP for jamming support, it has also shown considerable success using 4AGMs and 4AAMs to take advantage of its enhanced lock-on timing and range. It is for this reason that the Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground statistics for the aircraft are often listed as higher than its special weapons might otherwise warrant.


  • Speed: 73
  • Mobility: 66
  • Stability: 77
  • Defense: 75
  • Air to Air: 90
  • Air to Ground: 90

Special Weapons

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