King Louis carrier

The ERS King Louis is a Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier in service of the Erusian Royal Navy, originally named Admiral Wellington during the period of military rule. The ship was laid down in 2001 by the country's military government and was still incomplete by the time of the Second Usean Continental War outbreak in 2003. Due to that conflict and the post-war upheavals, the construction of the King Louis was delayed, and it was not launched until 2009. The new Erusean government was permitted to only have one carrier in its fleet by the terms imposed on the kingdom by ISAF, and ERS King Louis was deemed to be sufficient to serve the Royal Navy's needs. Since its launch, the carrier has mainly remained in Erusian waters, but it did briefly move to the coast of Leasath in 2020 to prepare to intervene in the conflict on the side of Aurelia.

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