"I've always liked taking the "dominant" role."

- Cameltoe Almaz


- Member of Cartoon Squadron unable to speak clearly due to ballgag in his mouth

Overview and Combat History

Usea's Ununified Naval Synchronized Swim Team 4th Air Wing 14th Squadron "Cartoon" is a elite fighter squadron that appeared during the Usean Teen Rebellion. They were tasked with protecting the Teen Rebel Fleet while the ships stationed there were ordered to collect bird crap but Cameltoe often made her squadron leave the combat zone so that she could punish them and pleasure herself. They tried to engage the Scabface Squadron using synchronized swimming but that just made it easier for Phonics to shoot them down as they were often close together and the natural fact that planes can't swim. Though Cameltoe kept coming back with more of her "slaves" as she called them, they were no match for Scabface and they fell one by one (though that may have actually been part of the synchronization but we're not sure about this.) At one point in the fight the Zone of Ego A.I. appeared flying the F/A1L-18B "Groper" causing Cameltoe to go insane and she quickly left the combat zone again to pleasure herself. After Scabface dealt with the Z.O.E. since it went into "bitch" mode and left the combat zone again, Cameltoe and Cartoon Squadron returned to finish off Scabface Squadron. But in the end they were not match for Phonics and the Cartoon Squadron wa defeated, causing the water below to be polluted due to all the lubricant stashed in Cameltoe's aircraft.

Known Members

Cameltoe Almaz- Cartoon One


  • Rafail D (Dominant; a personal version used by Almaz herself)
  • Rafail M (Masochist; used by her slaves)


  • Cameltoe Almaz's TAC Name durring the war was "Cakewalk" though her slaves refered to her as "Lady Cam."
  • Even though the Cartoon Squadron did not fly the F/AIL-18E it was still on thier emblem due to Cameltoe's obsession with the aircraft.
  • It's unknown if Cameltoe Almaz is the REAL name of Cartoon 1; it WAS, however, her screen name on her private webcam service.
  • Almaz survived the war and became a pornstar (and later a wingman to Eustace Kleinman, aka "Mellow 13", during the Usean Continental Breakfast War as "Mellow 4"; supposedly Eustace was the only man she allowed to dominate HER, though this likely has much to do with her hitting her head upon bailing out of her Rafail D in the Usean Teen Rebellion)

Classified History

While it won't be found in any history book Camletoe Almaz was the inventor and first person to use COFFIN in 52 History (not counting the Zone of Ego), though the inside of the COFFIN looked much different from today's designs. (Think of the invention that Mr. Garrison made in South Park in order to not deal with airliners anymore.) Because of it's design, the Usean Parents decided to remake it and remove any proof of it's orignal design (until now...).

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