"It'll take more than a power-hungry traitor to ruin my plans. Perhaps within months, or even weeks, we'll take back our nation!"

-Galaan Scharfefaust

Obersterführer Galaan Scharfefaust and his followers escaped Dinsmark, re-established his empire offworld, and regrouped his forces. Schenze remained his Waldreichsführer and oversaw the new military projects, which included a new space fleet.

After confirming that the Anean Republic was providing the Osean Federation with the new equipment needed to fight Belka all along, Scharfefaust and Schenze prepared a surprise attack. The bombing started on an Emmerian shipyard on the western island. The attack soon expanded to the Anean mainland, against Emmeria, and Estovakia. Soldiers and civilians alike were the targets of the attack. Emmerian and Estovakian civilians were forced to evacuate, and to escape as fast as possible. Many of them managed to escape, despite the sudden blitz. After the attack, Rald Belkan transport planes began landing on the coast, sending troops to invade. Gracemeria, renamed New Dinsmark, became the temporary capital for Scharfefaust's faction.

However, as the war intensified, the Ralds' firm hold on Anea was beginning to loosen from the landings by the Allies. Trombe and Gespense Squadrons were sent to launch a counterattack; however, they were eventually shot down by the squadrons supporting the assault, many of the kills claimed by pilots such as Erich McKnight and Omega Felsen.

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