"Here we stand on the threshold of a new beginning, an empire that shall last for thousands of years, and perhaps longer. Strangereal is ours for the taking! We shall make Osea pay for their treachery against Belka!! The time to rise is now!!!!!"
—Galaan Scharfefaust conducting an inflammatory speech, urging war against Osea and its allies and trading partners

After the death of Prince Erich I, Belka was without a leader for 24 years. When Prime Minister Leon Erachov came into power, Belka's government became just barely organized and still weak from the 24 years of chaos. 8 years later, Galaan Scharfefaust, mistakenly believed to have died 4 years after the Circum-Pacific War, returned to Belka with the Grey Men, the Rald Party, and the Reborn Knights of Belka. Alongside them was Erik Felsen (under the alias "Arrik Felsen"), a top fighter ace in the Belkan Air Force.

Prime Minister Erachov, having suffered very poor support from the Belkan people, passed the leadership to Scharfefaust, who would quickly declare himself the Obersterführer of Belka and would form the Belkan Waldreich. Keeping his promise, Scharfefaust appointed Felsen as Grand Marshal of the Stählerne Luft (the reorganized Belkan Air Force) and allowed him to personally select several individual pilots for his new squadron. The military became very aggressive under Scharfefaust, and annexed North Osea, which once again became South Belka. Osean occupation forces in Belka were driven out by a surprise counterattack from the Stählerne Luft, and Belka was once again mobilized for war.

Later, however, in the war, Felsen played his hand and sabotaged Scharfefaust's plan. Despite being foiled in the war, Scharfefaust and his squadron, along with the Grey Men and his private army: the StürmenArmee; escaped the now crumbling, civil war-consumed state.

Alpha's forces moved quickly to stabilize the nation, not taking any chances on another collapse, and within fourty-eight hours, everything would be almost back to what they were. As time passed, the Waldreich actually grew stronger due to a total restructuring of the government and military to function more in the way Ouroboros did; this would allow them to fight against the Neo-UN, and at this stage of the war, despite being on the defensive, it now appeared that Alpha might win, succeeding where all of his predecessors failed.

As a result of the escape, the Belkan Waldreich was divided into two factions. One faction consisted of the Reborn Knights of Belka, as well as Alpha's supporters and those that welcomed Alpha as the Führer. They had control over the Belkan landmass and 90% of the country's military. The other faction consisted of the Ralds and the loyalists, those that only followed Scharfefaust as the Obersterführer. They operated in space, planning to take back Belka and to finish the plan to annihilate Osea and conquer Strangereal.

Confirmed Military Units (Units and Subunits)


1st Army Core

  • 1st Sturmaubteilung
  • 2nd Sturmaubteilung
  • 3rd Sturmaubteilung
  • 4th Sturmaubteilung
  • 1st Panzergruppe
  • 2nd Panzergruppe
  • 3rd Panzergruppe
  • 4th Panzergruppe

2nd Army Core

  • 5th Sturmaubteilung
  • 6th Sturmaubteilung
  • 7th Sturmaubteilung
  • 8th Sturmaubteilung
  • 5th Panzergruppe
  • 6th Panzergruppe
  • 7th Panzergruppe
  • 8th Panzergruppe


Stahlerne Luft

937th Geheime Sicherheits Geschwader "Nightmare" (Officially disbanded in August 2048 after Alpha's Coup)

  • Neo-Grabacr Gruppe (F-15S/MT+ Eagle x 4) (Escaped with Scharfefaust)
  • Neo-Ofnir Gruppe (Su-37 Super Flanker x 4) (Escaped with Scharfefaust)
  • Neo-Meteor Gruppe (Su-43 Berkut x 10) (Neo Meteors 9 and 10 were killed in Alpha's Coup D'etat when they attempted to betray Neo-Meteors 1 through 8; reorganized as the 8th Air Division, 14th TJS "Neo Gault")
  • Neo-Bussard Gruppe (Su-43 Berkut x 10) (Killed in Alpha's Coup D'etat)

8th Air Division

5th Jagdegeschwader

  • 1st TJS "Neo-Rot" (EF-2000E Typhoon II x 4) (Shot down by Saber)
  • 2nd TJS "Neo-Grun" (F/A-18V Hornet ADV x 4) (Shot down by Saber)
  • 3rd TJS "Neo-Indigo" (SF-39 Grippen E [Improved JAS-39C Gripen with COFFIN and thrust vectoring] x 4) (Shot down by Claymore)
  • 4th TJS "Neo-Gelb" (Su-37 Super Flanker x 4) (Infiltrated UPEO SARF, callsign 'Aquila'/'Yellow')

6th Jagdegeschwader

  • Wndhvremblem 3114th TJS "Windhover" (F-16C Block 32A/40B x1, F-14A Tomcat, F-15C Eagle (Windhover 1),F-16G-2 Lance Falcon x 7 or F-15S/MT+ Eagle x 7, EA-18M Growler II (Improved EA-18G with COFFIN and thrust vectoring x 2) (defected to Emmeria.)
  • 6th TJS "Grabacr" (F-22C Raptor II x 8)
  • 8th TJS "Schnitter" (XFA-36A Game x 8) (Infiltrated the UPEO SARF, callsign 'Reaper')
  • 9th TJS "Ritter" (X-02B Wyvern x 8) (Infiltrated the UPEO SARF, callsign 'Knight')
  • 10th TJS "Paladin" (Sometimes refered to as "Strigon") (CFA-44B Vampir [an improved CFA-44 Nosferatu with COFFIN developed exclusively by Belka before its collapse in 2017.] x 8)

7th Jagdegeschwader

  • 11th TJS "Neo-Schwarze" (MiG-31R Foxhound-C x 8)
  • 12th TJS "Neo-Schnee" (F-14G Tomcat II [Improved F-14D with COFFIN and Thrust Vectoring] x 4, EA-18M Growler II x 2) (Shot down by Saber, Neo-Schnees 5 and 6 escape)
  • 13th TJS "Neo-Silber" (F/A-4X-1 Phantom-III x 2, F-16G-2 Lance Falcon x 6)
  • 14th TJS "Neo-Gault" (Formerly Neo-Meteor Gruppe of the Nightmare Geschwader) (Su-43 x 8)

Special Air Force Division (COULD be considered a special forces unit, but is technically still a fighter squadron)


  • Scinfaxi II (Submersible Aircraft Carrier Commandeered by a contingent of Belkan Marines lead by a spy in the Yuketobanian Navy in 2048)

Belkommando Spezialkrafte

Belka Reicheid Statzpolizi (Belka Imperial State Police, the equivalent of the SS)

18th Spezial Kommando Kompanie

6th Spezial Kommando Kompanie

Stahlerne Luft Raumflotte

SLR Warhammer

SLR Darkbird

SLR Prinz Erich I

SLR Imperious (Destroyed in alpha's Coup D'etat by Scharfefaust loyalists)

SLR Dragoon (Stolen by Sharfefaust during his escape)

Nine more that are as of yet still under construction

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