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" Knight to C5"

"Bishop to F3"

"Queen to A7, checkmate."



"Uh....that's your 3rd win in a row sir!"

"Uh yeah, no one can stop you now..."

- Arbitary Squadron after watching Eddy Grunt kill another wingman for "cheating" in chess.

Overview and Combat History

Usea Ununified Chess Club's 26th Air Force 1st Fighter Wing "Arbitary" was a rebel squadron that defended Snider's Tophat durring the Usean Teen Rebellion. They were originally a chess club located in Eyrustia but after former jock Eddy Grint joined the club and became the top chess player due to his great "skill" in chess he decided to make the other members of the chess club join the Teen Rebels. Most of the members of Arbitary Squadron had hated Beat Squadron for causing the death of Lounger Squadron, but Eddy Grint just thought it was "funny as hell."

Durring Operation (It's the) Final Countdown, Arbitary Squadron appeared to take on Scabface before they could damage the Teen Rebel's last line of defense but due to Eddy's inability to do basic math the squadron ended up showing up just as Phonics destroyed the last of the Rebel forces in the area. Originally there were six Arbitary pilots assign to the mission but Eddy Grunt killed three of them on the way there due to them "cheating" durring their Correspondence Chess game. Once the Arbitary Squadron arrived at the combat zone Eddy Grunt thought he would be clever and try to fire a missile at Scabface from behind but Phonics easily evaded the missiles and Eddy ended up hitting his own wingman. The Squadron might have actually been the most compitnent when it came to fighting the Scabface Squadron but they ended up failing due to Eddy trying to perfrom a Castle manuver with his remaining wingman and they just ended up colliding with each other.

Known Members

Eddy Grunt: Arbitary One





  • Eddy Grunt's TAC name was Four Eyes durring the war.
  • It was rumored that Beat Squadron lost to Scabface beacuse members of the Arbitary Squadron sent all of Beat Squadron's dance moves to Scabface along with some earplugs.
  • It was also rumored the Eddy Grunt had gotten an STD from a certain Ace pilot...

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