Air Ixiom
Air Ixiom Logo
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Full name Air Ixiom Corporation
Location Usea Continent
Head of State CEO Unknown
Type Civilian Airline Corporation
Era(s) 1980(?)-2015+


Air Ixiom is an Usean airline corporation in Strangereal. Air Ixiom is the most famous and mostly used airline corporation. Air Ixiom does not compete with airlines such as Air Erusea. The airline flies all over the Usean contient, including Erusea and the ISAF states. In addition to that, the airline also flies to certain airports on the Osean Continent such as the Apito International Airport . The corporation uses several types of civilian aircraft that can hold many people. The Air Ixiom airline corporation has only recorded one attempted civilian casualtie which was by the Eruseans. Air Ixiom existed through all of the Usean Continental War and still managed to keep business by 2015 until it was bought out by the new Neucom Incorporated. Air Ixiom's headquarters is be based in Expo City on the Usean Contient.


Air Ixiom

An Air Ixiom 767-200.

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