Part One - The IdolB@astards

"It was suppose to be just another day for soldiers like us."

"Sure we knew that we weren't all coming back but we couldn't have expected this."

"One by one we saw our air cover go down, flashes of pink followed by our pilots being shot down."

"Before we knew it, Tokyo was in their hands."

"It was them...the mercenary pilots known as The IdolB@astards!"

This was the confirmed report from the front lines after the decimation of out troops at Tokyo. Our forces had been wiped out in less than three minutes by the mercenary pilots know as The IdolB@astards. (Two soldier debriefings follow this report)

The IdolB@astards, as they were called by the Usean army, were pilots from the Arrowblades, or Task Force 118 of the UNF. While there were many elite pilots that were part of Arrowblades, what made these pilots stand out is the emblems of cute girls on their aircraft. Several soldiers have also reported that a few of these pilots to be flying pink Su-34s with two female characters from a game called Tekken, it should also be know that the girls they have as emblems too come from game series called The Idolm@aster. Why would mercenary pilots put cute girls all over their aircraft? We had taken into account that perhaps these had been female pilots, but a few reports have confirmed that the majority of these IdolB@astards are indeed male pilots. Unfortunately we haven't been able to gather much on the mentality of these Arrowblade mercenaries. Perhaps we may be able to find the reason some day, but for now all we can do is wonder why.

Dr. Parsons - January 12th, 2021 - END REPORT

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