This is going to be a fanon about the Storyteller Boy from Ace Combat 4 after the war and also a fanon in which I'll be using a different style of writting than what I usually use. The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 18:08, November 29, 2012 (UTC) 


The story takes place 13 years after the events of Ace Combat 4. After following Yellow 13 all the way to Erusea the Storyteller Boy stayed in Erusea and eventaully became an Air Force pilot. The story take place between the events of AC4 and when he wrote the letter to Mobius One.

Part One: 13 Years

I'll never forget the man who I followed here. The man who took away my family and at the same time became like family. It's been years since it all happened. I would've never imagined that this would be the life I live now. At the age of 23 I had become one of the best aces of the FEAF. I was now the leader of the new Yellow Squadron. Though Erusea military capabilites were reduced at the end of the war, the need for soldiers were great. Rumors were going on that some of the nations south of us were having problems with ISAF and the fact that we're reciving reports of anti-ISAF groups forming around Usea were not helping deny these rumors. Though Erusea had been defeated by ISAF at the end of the last war, under new leadership, Erusea and ISAF had become allies. Though at the same time ISAF was gaining power in Usea and this is what was causing tension between the nations. ISAF, what was once suppose to be a temporary alliance between the nations of Usea, over the years became a power that nations feared would become the thing that they were trying to stop. But none of this was my concern. As long as my wingmen were safe none of this really mattered to me...

Day 1

I woke up to the sound of an air raid siren. At the time we didn't know what was going on until we got to our aircraft. Several bombers had gotten into Erusea and were beginning to attack bases around Erusea. My squadron and I took off into the sky, our jets' engines roaring as we took off. I remembered how Jay Burch, one of my wingman, was always talking about how "When this crap all starts, we're going to be the ones to be hit first." It looks like he was right. When we got in the air we were told that the bombers were on course to Walden and we were to intercept these bombers. Walden was a city that was along the border. It was the location of the HQ established by ISAF. By the time we got there we recieved reports that most of the ISAF fighters that were to intercept the bombers were shot down by a single pilot. The pilot's aircraft was described as an white F-15S/MTD with markings showing that it was from Ugellas. Though we never saw the white aircraft our squadron did engage with several enemy fighters. Even though I was considered an ace of the Erusean air force, this was my first actual taste of combat. It was much different than the "battles" I had been in before. These pilots flew differently than my Erusean allies, though my skills kept me and my wingmen alive in the battle. In the end, we were able to shoot down 3 fighters and all the bombers, though the city of Walden had taken some significant damage. When we got back to our base in Stratford, a city in the center of Erusea, we were told that Ugellas, and Amber had declared war on ISAF, and by association, Erusea. We also recieved reports that conflict had broken out in the southren part of the FCU. I wonder what "he" would of though about all of this...

Day 7

Our squadron was ordered to attack an area being used by Amber to transport supplies to their front line. ISAF was currently active with enemy forces in the southren part of the FCU while Erusea had no choice but to take on the forces on the other side of Usea by ourselves. For the last 3 days our squadron was constantly on missions. The location we were operating in had several small towns in it. We were ordered to be careful about where were to drop our bombs. The anti-aricraft fire was fierce and we even encountred an crusier along the Folt river, though we didn't engage it. Troops on the ground helped with making our bombing runs more accurate, though even with all of this we had little sucess. Eventually we ran out of time and had to return to base. Neil Vargas, our number three, was not happy wiht our results. "Were suppose to be the best pilots in Erusea! How can this be happening!?" he said. He was right though. We were suppose to be the best in the nation and right now our performance in recent missions had been poor. "This is just a setback Neil. We will show them not to mess with the Yellow Squadron. But until then, just enjoy the fact that we all came back alive. I don't think anyone else could've done what we did today. Even if we didn't succeed." He seemed to calm down a bit more after I told him that, but I wasn't sure I was convinced by what I said. To help me calm down I began to play my harmonica, one of the few things I had left from my childhood. I made sure to take good care of it. I played a few songs for my wingmen, but while I was my mind wandered off to when I was still a child. After I had dug the grave with the barkeep's daughter all those years ago, we went to Farbanti. When we got there a man found us and we explained our story. She went back to her family while I stayed in Erusea, the nation that had started this war. I was put into an orphanage though by some coiencidence was adopted by the Yellow Squadron's crew cheif. He said he had saw me enter Farbanti and couldn't believe that I was all the way here. He took care of me for a few years and when I asked about becoming a pilot he taught me everthing about being a pilot and about the history of the Yellow Squadron. One thing he told me though I couldn't understand. When 13 had been ordered to help protect Farbanti at the end of the war he refused to take off. When asked why he just said "Not yet. I want our last battle to be just me and him." Why did Yellow 13 and his squadron not just take that pilot on before Farbanti was taken? Why did they wait? Was he obssesed with fighting that pilot? Even today I still question what was going on in 13's head on that day...

Day 15

We were having some success against the what was now known as the "Independent Usea Alliance" or IUA. My former homeland was still neutral, not willing to side with ISAF or the IUA. We kept hearing about the white F-15S/MTD. The pilot's TAC name was "Cross." Cross apparently was a former member of a mercanary squadron that stopped rebels bafore the war in 2004. Cross had taken out over 20 aircraft since the war had begun and was already a hero to the IUA. Jay and Neil were always talking about Cross when we were not on a mission while Maria Pruitt, the 4th member of our squadron, was more focused on her plane. Whenever we were on the ground all she would do in her spare time would be checking on her aircraft. The only time she ever seems to not pay attention to here aircraft is when I start playing my harmonica. "What do you think about Cross, Maria?" Jay asked her. "I have to admit," she said. "he makes a good hero."

Day 20

Today we were to escort a ISAF C-5 carrying personel to negotiate about getting some ISAF forces to help with the Erusean front. We were to complete the mission sucessfully with all enemy fighters in the airspace destroyed. Even though I've gotten used to actual combat I still can't understand what it was that made 13 enjoy it so much. Was it the rush of being near death? Was it pride? Being able to prove that the skies belonged to you? What was it that made 13 do the things he did?

Day 45

We've begun driving back the IUA. After negotiating for 10 days, ISAF and Erusea were able to come to an agreement. ISAF would send troops to the Erusean front, with one of ISAF's terms being that Erusea would become part of ISAF. While the leader of Erusea, who some people would call ISAF's puppet, would agree to these terms, the people of Erusea did not like this. But to us, this didn't matter. We still had a war to fight. Politics would come later. With ISAF fighters helping us, we attack an Amber air base that was causing trouble to Erusea. The ISAF pilots were not as good as us when it came to combat, but they were still able to keep up. At the beginning of the attack we had caught them by surprise. Amber had quite a few bombers at the base, possibly for an attack to push us back into Erusea. While some of the bombers were able to take off, the base was taken and movement into Amber had begun. If the rest of our missions are successful as this one was, the war could be over before the end of the year...

Day 73

We were caught off guard today. While flying deep into IUA territory to destroy a facility developing expermental weaponry in Amber we were attacked by Cross. In all of my previous missions the enemy had never pushed me to the limits that Cross did. Even with the four of us against him we couldn't win. It was even more difficult to return to the nearest allied base due to a hit I took in combat. The way he flew. The way he fought. I couldn't stop thinking about it. While I never showed it during the engagement, I was afraid of him. Cross was now called "The Cross of Unity" by the people of the IUA. We knew him as "The White Eagle." It did not matter to me what his name was. I just knew that sooner or later that we would fight again, and I had no intentions of losing again...

Day 105

Amber is ours. After fierce fighting and help from ISAF, we were able to gain control of all of Amber. Our next objective will be to take control of Ugellas, where Cross is now. Our squadron was considered an important factor in taking control of Amber and we were considered the heroes of Erusea. But things we not as good as they seemed. Riots had begun to break out in Erusea. Erusea had announced new leadership due to Bernard Avery's death. The new leader, Harris Lambert, was a well known supporter of ISAF and already had plans to make Erusea apart of ISAF before the end of the war. To the people of Erusea, this was nothing more than a plot to take over Erusea due to the fact that Bernard's death was questionable and ISAF's actions in the recent years. The war might start in Erusea again and we would have to choose a side. Jay was upset with ISAF even before the treaty. The man had grown up as a proud Erusean and I knew that his family would most likely join with the rebels if the rioters decided to join the IUA. What would I do though? What would "he" do?

Day 137

Things have only gotten worse in Erusea. On the news today there were reports of ISAF soldiers shooting Erusean citizens. The soldiers had claimed that they had stolen from an ISAF base and were considered hostile. This wouldn't be a surprise though, over 19% of Erusean citizens we living in poverty. What's worse is that the soldiers involved were not punished for these actions. The Eruseans were upset. A political party had begun rising in Erusea called the "Independent Erusea Party" or the IEP. This party was gaining enfluence throughout Erusea except near the border, where the nation was very supportive of ISAF. We had already recieved reports that the IEP might be secretly helping the IUA by taking supplies from Erusean bases, sabotage, allowing spies to enter the country and other things. This is what members of the government always said anyways. ISAF was doing everything they could to get rid of this party but was unable to win the people over. I found all of this kind of ironic. During the war of 2004, getting people on the side of ISAF would've been easy, but now it's no wonder that the rest of Usea hasn't raised arms against ISAF...

Day 170

When I was a child during the war, I wouldn't beleive that ISAF could be considered an enemy to our people. They had come to San Salvacion during Erusean occupation and liberated us. I can remember how everyone was singing on the day that they had come and freed us from the control of Erusea. Those days seem so far away now. Our squadron had a mission to help take over Tarhos, a city in Ugellas. It was night when we got there. We had orders to destroy the naval force located there while our army took the city over. We were also given orders to fire at anything in the port. There were various ships in the port though, not all of them could be hostile and some of them were obviously just suppy ships carrying food and medicine for the city's people. So this is what it has come to. Attacking the enemy in any way possible. Then he appeared. We still couldn't defeat him. Cross was just better than us and then it happened. Neil got hit by a SAM from one of the boats we had assumed was a supply ship. We didn't see a chute. Jay and Maria were screaming his name while I couldn't do anything. I couldn't think. My plane would've been an easy kill. But the rest of us were lucky in the end. Cross left the combat zone and I eventually came to and was able to return to base with the rest of my squadron. None of us talked when we returned. Maria was crying. Jay was just looking at a picture of him and Neil, and once again all I couldn't do anything...

Day 171

After the mission, we were given some time off the rest from the mission. I went to see the man who had become my father. He told me about how 13 was when he lost 4. Even I could still remember that though. How he told me all about her. I thought that it might help to do the same so I told him all about Neil. How he joined the squadron, how he and Jay became friends. Everything. I started to cry. I started to think about Neil, my parents and 13. What each of them meant to me and the memories I had of them. Maybe death was something you just couldn't get used to...

Part Two: Turning Point

After we returned to the base Maria and I were informed that Jay had disappeared. His family had no idea where he had gone. Did he join the IUA or did he just leave Usea altogether? Maria and I didn't know. It was at this point that the IUA had begun to expand into the northren parts of Usea. ISAF was losing their image that they used to have in Usea, as more people protested ISAF in their land. A leader of the IUA, Sergio Mendoza, gave a speech saying "The meaning of ISAF had been lost in the years, and now all it is now is a military force trying to take over this land!" ISAF had indeed become more of a military government in Usea in the last few years, since leadership of ISAF had been controlled by military leaders of North Point and the FCU. The leaders of nations part of ISAF started to lose control of their land to ISAF, starting this war.

Day 203

"How much longer do you think we'll keep fighting?" Maria asked me this while we were waiting for the breifing to start. I didn't know how to answer her at the time. Ever since Jay had left and Neil was buried, Maria hadn't been the same. She spent little time on her plane and was more focused on Cross and ISAF's actions. She had begun to intercept broadcasts that were illegal in Erusea to listen to the IUA's exploits in Usea. From the broadcasts I had been able to overhear, we were beginning to lose this war. When the breifing started we were told that the two of us, along with replacements from ISAF, would destroy a power facility in Ugellas. This facility provided power to the local area in which Ugellas had it's supplies. If were to destroy this, most of the people in Ugellas would suffer. I could tell that Maria knew this too from the way she looked at me. When we got to the facility we had caught the IUA by surprise. While this area was important to the people of Ugellas, it had little military value, other than cutting off power for part of Ugellas. All that we were doing was demoralizing the people of the IUA, making them suffer for being on the wrong side. That's when I began to think if I was on the wrong side...

Day 236-248

I'm the only one left now. After our recent missions and the actions of ISAF, Maria dissapeared as well. I was the only one of the Yellow Squadron that was left. Fighting in a war on the wrong side. But I couldn't leave the military. After Maria had dissappeared, ISAF personell had me under watch at all times. They had found out that Maria was recieving IUA broadcast on the base and had her listed as a traitor. If she was caught they would put her in a prison, or worse. I was under questioning at the time, being asked questions about Jay and Maria, and about my loyalty to Erusea and ISAF. In time, they had deemed that I was loyal to them and was let go. But after everthing that had happened I didn't feel right about any of this. The only thing that they had left behind was their planes. ISAF and Erusea had been pushed back to Amber while I was under questioning. One of the biggest blows to ISAF during the time I was out was the defeat of their Mobius Squadron at the hands of Cross. While the man that had fought 13 survived the battle, the rest of the squadron wasn't lucky. It was this defeat that most of ISAF had begun to feel that they would lose this war. But I didn't feel the same way. Even if I didn't believe in what I was fighting for, I could believe that I was the only one that could avenge Neil and by defeating Cross. This was my own war. A war that was just me and him...

Day 274

I was given a mission from Harris Lambert himself today to defeat Cross. I would be transfered to the nearest base we had where he was last spotted. This was the only thing that mattered to me now. I came to realize that I didn't care about the fate of Usea at the end of this war. Once I had defeated Cross I would leave this land and go somewhere else. There was nothing left in Usea for me anymore, nothing but memories of the past...

Day 290

All I could think about was the day I would defeat him. It was a good thing that I had been moved toward the front lines because of what happened yesterday. Erusea had joined the IUA and Harris Lambert was found dead. I was now part of ISAF. I was no longer a member of the Yellow Squadron. I was just known as "Aquila" in ISAF now. The Yellow Squadron...Was gone...

Day 315

It had been awhile since I had seen combat. ISAF was being pushed back as they lost half of the continent and only had control of eastren part of Usea. ISAF, feeling that they had no choice, begun the creation of a superweapon in North Point called "Ragnarok." This was to be made at the site where Fortress Intolerence once stood. No longer given the mission to defeat Cross, I was now to be the guardian of Ragnarok. I didn't care about this. I knew that we would meet here and that I would defeat him...or he would defeat me.

Part Three: Just A Soldier

The day was approaching that Cross and I would meet. During that time I thought about Yellow 13's actions during the war. I think I could finally understand why he waited to fight him for their last battle. After everthing that had happned only his defeat would bring 13 peace. At least, that is what I think he believed...

Day 342

Ragnarok was close to completion. This weapon created by the remaining forces of ISAF would be the key to ending this war. Ragnarok was the most advanced missile lauching device ever created. Ragnarok would be able to locate IUA bases around Usea, determine the warhead that would be most effective againt the target and fire the missile to any point in Usea. It was projected that with Ragnarok the IUA would lose 70% of its military just from the first attack. The war would finally end...

Day 373

This was it. Ragnarok was completed. All that was left to do was get the warheads loaded and this would be all over. Until then we were put on full alert in case of an attack. It was all about to end. Ragnarok. It would end all of this...

Day 375

Cross finally appeared. For my final fight aganst Cross, I was given a special plane called the X-13 "Azdaja." With this weapon I would avenge Neil and bring this war to an end. But just as I was about to take off I saw that quite a few fighters were in the air as well. Cross was distracted with these fighters. Would it really mean anything if I took him out now? Would I truely avenge Neil if I took him out like this? I don't know why but I didn't stop Cross from doing what he did. It was only when all the fighters were down that I decided to takeoff. Azdaja was an amazing plane. There was no way that I would be defeated. While I engaged Cross, Ragnarok was ready to fire. All I had to do was hold off Cross for awhile and the IUA would be defeated. We fought each other fiercely, I was amazed that he could keep up. Cross was able to get a hit on me, but I wasn't ready to give up just yet. I then activated Azdaja's SP weaponry, the ECM and ISAF's other project, the FBAM (Flame Burst Air Missiles). The FBAM would turn the sky around us into a fireball. Cross would burn while I reamined unscathed. I activated the FBAM and waited to see his plane burn. But it never did. Cross was able to evade the flames and the battle continued. Ragnarok was at 80% and almost ready to launch. I fired the FBAM again and again, wanting to finsh this once and for all. But no matter how much I tried he wouldn't die. Cross then hit me with his guns and the ECM went offline. But I was still willing to fight. I gave everything I had for these last moments. It was during this small amount of time that I felt truely alive. Is this how 13 felt? Is this what "he" gave 13 in his last moments? This feeling of being alive? We were matching ever single move the other did. Even though my plane was damaged it was still a match for the F-15S/MTD. But in the end...He was the true Ace of this battle. I was able to eject at the last second, and landed near a abandoned power plant. From there I saw Cross fly towards Ragnarok and watched him destroy it. The explosion from Ragnarok was amazing. I was lucky to not be in range of the explosion when it happened. For a moment though, I thought Cross had died destroying Ragnarok, but then I saw it. His white F-15S/MTD. The White Eagle, wounded, but still flying. It was at that moment that I started laughing. It was all I could do. After everything that had happened all I could do is laugh. I was right all along. Ragnarok would end this war, but not in the way I thought it would...

Day 616

After the war things didn't really change. ISAF still existed, though it didn't have the power it had after the war in 2004. Except for the creation of a new nation in the southren part of Usea called the Independent State of South Usea or ISSU and the reduction of power of ISAF, Usea was pretty much the same. Cross dissappeared after the war, never to be seen in the skies again. Though I never got to meet the man I was able to see the man that 13 fought. I wasn't able to speak with him directly as I was still being searched for at the time, though eventually they would stop searching for me and focus on my former leaders. Eventually I did hear from Jay and Maria. They had both left Usea and eventually met up ang got married. They had a son named Neil. Even though I had thought that I would leave Usea after all of this, I chosed to return to my first home in the end. I built a house where my parents used to live and spent the rest of my life in peace. I never wanted to be a soldier again, but if you would have asked me if I regreted anything I did when I was, I would have told you that I didn't regret anything. I didn't matter what side I was on. The enemy was the same on both sides. It wouldn't have mattered if I was part of ISAF or the IUA. I would've been fighting the same people either way. In the end, I was just...a soldier.


I write this letter to you now. I know it must have brought him unexpected joy to have an opponent like you, at the end of that meaningless war. At least that's what I want to believe. Only you the pilot who shot him down, can comfirm this. And so I write to you...

The End

Ace Combat 13: Echoes of the Past

Ace Combat 4 OST - Session00:56

Ace Combat 4 OST - Session


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