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The story takes place 12 years before the events of Ace Combat: The New World. This story tells about how Hunter 1 became the Ace he is today and his experience with two pilots known as "The Silver Dove" and "The Golden Jackal".

Groups and Names

Silvelkian Military

Silvelkian Flag

Silvelkian Flag

  • 117th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Sandstorm"
Aircraft- F-22A Raptor

Sandstorm 10: Hunter One (Real Name: Steven Mercier)

Sandstorm 1: Jackal a.k.a. "The Golden Jackal" (Name N/A)

Sandstorm 2: Serenity a.k.a. "The Silver Dove" (Real Name: Alexis Ballard)

Sandstorm 5: Roy (Full Name: Roy Harding)

Sandstorm 11: Rose (Real Name: Lilly Rosenthal)

AWACS: Blizzard (Real Name: Leonard Rivera)

Note: Each pilots get thier own number in this squadron. (Ex: There will only be one Sandstorm 10.)

  • 1st Elite Fighter Squadron "Mirage"
Aircraft- Unknown

Mirage 1-5

Note: Currently comprised of mercenary pilots.

Ravalkin Military

Ravalkan Flag

Ravalkin Flag

  • 3rd Royal Fighter Squadron "Scorpion"
Aircraft - F-14D Super Tomcat

Scorpion 1 a.k.a. "King" (Real Name: Victor Acevedo)

Scorpion 2 (Real Name: Erika Solomon)

Scorpion 3 (Real Name: Barry Salas)

Scorpion 4 (Real Name: Joshua Ratliff)

Only pilots with relations to Ravalkin royalty are allowed in this squadron.

  • 42nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Dusk"
Aircraft- Mig 1.44 (1-4), EA-18G Growler (5&6)

Dusk 1-6

Silvelkian Resistance

Silvelkian Resistance Flag

Silvelkian Resistance Flag

Leader - Vance Garza

Ice - Sterling Noble a.k.a. "The Ice Devil" (Aircraft X-02)

  • 62nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Nighthawk"

Aircraft- Su-47

Nighthawk 1-4

Part 1: Sandstorm Squadron

Mission 1: Sandstorm

Sandstorm 10: .........

Sandstorm 1: Hey! Wake up! You're the newest member to the Sandstorm squadron and I don't want you to crash before we even meet any hostiles!

Sandstorm 10: Ugh...sorry.

Sandstorm 2: Come on Jackal, don't be so hard on the kid.

Sandstorm 5: Thats our Silver Dove for ya. Always being too kind for these skies.

Jackal: Cut the chatter. I see hostiles on radar.

Sandstorm 5: I hope that isn't Scorpion squadron.

Jackal: ....

Serenity: Hostiles are Su-37s.

Sandstorm 5: Phew! Something easy for a change.

Hunter: (Easy?)

Jackal: Sandstorm 5 cover my tail. Sandstorm 10 cover Sandstorm 2.

Sandstorm 5: We have names you know?

Enemy: Hostiles are 4 Raptors.

Enemy Commander: Engage the targets.

Sandstorm 5: Damn they're fast! So much for being easy.

Serenity: Sandstorm 10 hostile at your six!

Hunter: Damn!

Enemy: And another kill for me!

Hunter: (What the-)

Jackal: Well, at least you make nice bait for the enemy Sandstorm 10.

Enemy: Huh!?

Jackal: Fox two.

(Missle hit)

Enemy: Ahhhhh!!!

Jackal: Hostile down.

Enemy: They got the captain!

Enemy: We have to continue the operation!

Jackal: 3 hostiles remaining.

Serenity: Sandstorm 10 cover me while I engage this hostile.

Hunter: Let me have this one.

Enemy: Hostile at your six.

Enemy: I can't shake him.

Hunter: You're mine. Fox two!

(Missle hit)

Enemy: I've been hit! Ejecting!

Hunter: Hostile down!

Sandstorm 5: Well! It seems that you're awake now! That hostile wake you up?

Hunter: Well I'm more willing to fight if that's what you're asking...

Enemy: Allies on radar.

Enemy: It's Scorpion squadron!

Scorpion 2: King, the hostiles are on radar.

Scorpion 1: Lets make this quick. I have a score to settle with "The Golden Jackal".

Jackal: There you are!

Serenity: Jackal! Stay with the formation!

Jackal: This time you will not escape!

Base Commander: Sandstorm squadron, you have been ordered to leave the combat zone.

Jackal: What!?

Base Commander: That is an order Sandstorm.

Jackal: .....Sandstorm squadron........Exit the combat zone.

Scorpion 3: Hah! Look at them retreat.

Scorpion 1: Whats wrong Jackal? Can't reach me from your leash?

Scorpion 4: King, request to chase down the hostiles.

Scorpion 1: Go ahead. Make them feel the sting of the Scorpion squadron!

Sandstorm 5: Damn! One of them is after us.

Hunter: I'll take him.

Serenity: Wait, Sandstorm 10!

Jackal: Let him die....

Serenity: Jackal!

Scorpion 4: You think you have the skills to take me?

Hunter: You don't look that strong. (Let's see if I still have what it takes)

Scorpion 4: Then i'll just have to show you! Fox 2!

(Hunter evades the missle)

Scorpion 4: Still alive? Fox 2! Fox 2!

(Hunter keeps evading)

Hunter: (He's fast, but i'm faster!)

Scorpion 4: How the hell is this guy giving me so much trouble! Die already!

Sandstorm 5: Whoa! Look at him go!

Serenity: Where did he learn how to fly like that!?

Jackal: Hmph.....Maybe he'll survive after all.

Scorpion 4: What the hell? Let's see if you can handle this!

Hunter: You're trying too hard.

(Hunter uses a counter-manuver to get behind Scorpion 4)

Hunter: I'm at your six.

Scorpion 4: What!?

Hunter: Time to die.

Scorpion 1: Time for me to join the fight.

(Scorpion 1 flys in between the two, almost colliding with Hunter)

Hunter: (Crap!)

Scorpion 3: How could you let a rookie get the best of you 4?

Serenity: Sandstorm 10 disengage and leave the combat zone.

Hunter: ...

Mission End.

Back at the base.

Sandstorm 5: Wow Sandstorm 10 you were amazing back there! Name's Roy by the way.

Serenity: Yeah, you were flying great for your first mission.

Hunter: Thanks guys. But could I ask you two a question?

Roy: Go ahead.

Hunter: Whats the story between Jackal and Scorpion 1.

Serenity: 2 years ago over the capital of Silvelkia, Jackal fought Scorpion 1. During that time Jackal was still apart of the elite Mirage squadron. The longer the dogfight went, the more they began to hate each other. Eventually Jackal had shot down Scorpion 1 but when he hated the man so much that he ejected out of his plane to finish the job.

Roy: Obviously command wasn't too happy about that.

Serenity: Anyways, when Jackal finally found Scorpion they started to fight. In the end they both came at each other with a knife. Jackal cut Scorpion's left eye, Scorpion got Jackal's right.

Roy: After that Scorpion escaped into the capital, and Jackal was removed for the Mirage squadron.

Serenity: Well, I'm going to check on my plane. Bye guys!

Roy: See ya!

Hunter: Bye.

Mission 2: The White Sands

Roy: Man, look at that view! Almost makes you want to cry.

Serenity: All that white sand...

Hunter: So....What is our objective again?

Jackal: *Sigh* Our mission is to destroy the Ravalkin forces in the area. Next time make it to the breifing.

Roy: Why should he when your here to tell him about it.

(The Ravalkin conflict......A war in Silvelkia that has been going on for about 10 years. Before the impact of Ulysses, Silvekia had been an country surviving on a forested area, giving them supplies and trade. But Ulysses destroyed that all. Eventually the Silvekia goverment fell apart, and the the country of Ravalka invaded to claim what remained of the country. It is still unknown how what remains of the Silvelkia military has fought off the Ravalkins for 10 years, or how that each side has been able to substain a war for this long. But for the people of Silvelkia the war will never end.)

Serenity: I see the targets!

Roy: All right, time to go to work!

Jackal: Sandstorm 10, this time you'll cover my tail. Keep the fighters off me while I bomb the ground forces.

Hunter: Roger.

Ravalkin Fighter: Hah! Look theres only 4 fighters.

Ravalkin Fighter: What do they hope to accomplish with such a small force?

Serenity: Engaging fighters.

Ravalkin Fighter: Silvelkian scum!

Roy: Whoa! I've got the feeling that they don't like us.

Serenity: Fox two

(Missle hit)

Ravalkin Fighter: Ugh! I've been hit. I'm bailing out!

(Sandstorm Squadron continues to destroy enemy forces)

Serenity: Hostile down! How are things on your end Jackal?

Jackal: So far 40% of Ravalkin ground forces have been destroyed.

Ravalkin Grnd: What the hell!? Are you guys just going to lets us die!?

Ravalkin Fighter: Dammit! I can't get a lock on any of them.

Ravalkin Fighter: We need reinforcements!

Roy: Looks like this is going to be another win for us.

Serenity: Another hostile down! Looks like that was the last one.

Roy: Hey Jackal! You heard the lady. Hurry up so I can get a nice cool drink back at the base.

Ravalkin Grnd: It's no use! We can't keep control of this area!

Roy: All right! The Ravalkins are retreating!

Hunter: Phew.

Serenity: Lets go home guys. The drinks are on me!

Jackal: Hold on. I have 6 new hostiles on radar.

Roy: You've got to be kidding me!

Dusk 1: Dusk 1 to all pilots. It's time for the storm to end.

Dusk 2: Roger that.

Dusk 3: The skys belong to us and only us!

Dusk 4: Lets show them our Ravalkin pride!

Jackal: Missles incoming! Break!

Roy: Here we go again.

Serenity: My radar is being jammed!

Dusk 5: They'll never win in these conditions.

Jackal: Sandstorm 2 and 5, find the jammer aircraft and shoot them down. They are most likely the other two planes I spotted before the radar went out.

Serenity and Roy: Roger!

Jackal: Sandstorm 10, the fighters belong to us.

Hunter: Ready when you are.

Dusk 3: Hey look! They're actually going to fight.

Dusk 2: I'll cover the jammers.

Dusk 1: Roger that. We'll take the other two.

Roy: Man, I hate MiGs.

Hunter: I've got one in front of me. You're not getting away.

Dusk 3: What!? How did he find me?

Jackal: I'll cover you while- Damn!

Serenity: Jackal, whats wrong?

Jackal: It's nothing, I'll be fine.

Roy: If you got hit you really should break away whlile we take the jammers.

Jackal: I said I'm fine.

Serenity: Roy you have one on your tail.

Roy: Can you get him for me? I've got a jammer in my sights and I rather not lose him.

Dusk 6: Where's my cover!? They're almost on me.

Dusk 2: Don't worry I'm about to shoot him down.

Serenity: Not while I'm still here.

Dusk 2: Dusk 6 evade! I won't be able to cover you now!

Roy: Fox two!

Dusk 6: I can't evade the missles! I'm ejecting!

(Missle hit)

Serenity: Jammer down!

Dusk 4: What the hell is the matter with you guys!? Hou could let one of our jammers be shot down!?

Dusk 2: I didn't see you do anything about it. Crap, they're all over me.

Dusk 1: All planes regroup on me. We'll fight them as a group.

Dusk 3: Roger that.

Hunter: I think your forgetting about someone.

Roy: I'll support you Sandstorm 10.

Jackal: Everyone. Focus on taking them on in a group.

Roy: I've got you in my sights.

Dusk 3: They're tearing my plane apart!

Dusk 2: Captain! We have to retreat, we can't keep this up!

Dusk 1: Everyone cover Dusk 3 while we escape. This isn't the last time we'll see each other Sandstorm!

Serenity: Hostiles are retreating!

Roy: So Jackal, what was wrong earlier before.

Jackal: I already told you it was nothing.

Hunter: Come on guys, lets go home.

Roy: Hey Serenity, those drinks still on you?

Mission End.

(Back at the base near Jackal's hanger.)

Jackal: Hey! Whats with my helmet messing up!? I could only see out of one eye back there!

Maintenance Crew Member: Hey take it easy. It's not my fault your helmet messed up when you were caught in the jamming. Be thankful that you can fly with just one eye.

Jackal: I want you guys to fix it so it never happens again!

Maintenance Crew Member: But that could take months! Also, you have the only prototype of the COFFIN helmet.

Jackal: Then make another one!

(Jackal leaves the hanger and walks by Hunter 1 and Serenity)

Jackal: Out of my way.

Hunter: Whats that all about?

Serenity: *Sigh* It must be his helmet again. It's the only thing that allows him to keep flying.

Hunter: How?

Serenity: The COFFIN Helmet allows him to see as if he had both of his eyes. It can only be used by people like him because a cable has to carefully connected to his brain to connect him to the camera on the helmet. He's lucky that they were able to get it to work, but it has a tendency to mess up and to be honest I think that Jackal is scared that eventually it will stop working at all.

Hunter: Because it would mean he would never get even with Scorpion?

Serenity: Thats part of it, but it is mostly because being able to fly is all he has left. Jackal has lost almost everything in this war. He has no family and his home was destroyed. All that man has left is his plane and his pride.

Hunter: (No family or home huh.....I see my life isn't exactly unique, but then again I was just like the others...)

Serenity: Anyways, want to go on a night flight with me?

Hunter: Night flight?

Serenity: This war stresses me out. So I've conviced Base command to allow me to fly at night to calm me down. Being a "War Hero" and all.

Hunter: And they just allowed you to do this?

Serenity: Yeah. So, would you like to join me?

Hunter: Sure. (Maybe a calm flight is just what I need.)

Mission 2+: Night Flight

Hunter: Ahh..This is exactly what I needed. Calm skies and no one trying to kill me.

Serenity: I know. The world feels so peaceful up here.

(Hunter and Serenity flew for a few minutes, practicing their manuvers when Serenity got an idea.)

Serenity: Hey, do you want to have a race?

Hunter: A race? Now?

Serenity: Yeah, we'll start here and fly to the mountains north of here and back.

Hunter: Okay. Lets race then.

Serenity: Alright! I'll start the countdown 3.......2......1......Go!

(Hunter and Serenity both flew their planes as fast as they could, both evenly matched. But when they got to the mountains enemy fighters appeared on radar.)

Serenity: What, fighters!?

Hunter: What are they doing here?

Ravalkin Fighter: The target is on radar.

Ravalkin Fighter: Looks like our intel was right.

Ravalkin Fighter: Hey, there's another fighter with the target. That wasn't part of the intel.

Ravalkin Fighter: Ignore it, our target is the "Silver Dove".

Serenity: Sandstorm 10, I can't get in contact with the base. You try.

Hunter: It's no use! I can't get a response!

Serenity: My planes has no weaponry on it. What about you?

Hunter: All I have is the guns.

Serenity: Good enough, you'll have to protect us from the fighters while we retreat to base.

Hunter: Roger!

(Hunter and Serenity retreated to the south while Ravalkin fighters engaged them. Unable to lose the Ravalkin fighters, Hunter then turns to fight off their pursuers.)

Serenity: Sandstorm 10, don't!

Hunter: Get back to base and get me help! I'll handle the fighters.

Ravalkin Fighter: One of them is turning to engage.

Serenity: You won't last long just using your guns!

Hunter: Trust me.

Serenity: ......Okay.

(Serenity then left to return to base while Hunter 1 was left with the fighters.)

Ravalkin Fighter: We can't let the target get away! We need to complete this mission if we want to end the war sooner!

Ravalkin Fighter: Get out of our way!

Hunter: You're not going anywhere!

(The fighters then tried to swarm around Hunter, but he was a better pilot than the enemy, allowing him to get behind the enemy several times.)

Ravalkin Fighter: Ten of our planes are down! Whats going on!?

Ravalkin Fighter: He can't be human! He's able to go from one target to another almost instantly! It's like he doesn't even have to think about it!

Ravalkin Fighter: Help! He's right behind me!

Ravalkin Fighter: Enemy reinforcements on radar!

Roy: Need any help there Sandstorm 10? From the radio transmissions I'm picking up it looks like you have things under control.

Hunter: What took you guys so long?

Serenity: I had trouble getting the base convinced that I wasn't a Ravalkin fighter. You know what it's like trying to land while AA guns are firing at you!?

Hunter: Sorry I asked.

Ravalkin Fighter: We can't keep this up everyone retreat!

Roy: What they're leaving!? Come on, I just got here.

Serenity: So much for a relaxing flight.

Hunter: Come on Serenity, we still have a race to finish!

Serenity: Oh no, I already won when I went back to the base!

Mission End.

Mission 3: Rescue

Base Commander: Good that everyone is here this time. Alright let's begin the breifing.

Breifing: A flight of bombers returning from a mission north of here are being attacked by Ravalkin forces. Your mission is to support the bombers and escort fighters back to base and destroy all Ravalkin fighters in the area. If three of the bombers are shot down this base will not have enough firepower to perform a counterattack on the Ravalkin forces.

Base Commander: Sandstorm squadron, launch!

Mission Start

Serenity: Man, I can't believe that I won't be able to go on night flights anymore! This sucks.

Roy: Hey it could be worse.

Jackal: It was a idiotic idea to allow you to go on these flights anyways.

AWACS: Sandstorm Squadron can you read me? I'm here to support you on your missions for now on. You will refer to me as "Blizzard"

Roy: Blizzard? In the desert?

Blizzard: It's my nickname because I'm always cool in every situation.

Jackal: Why were you sent to help us?

Blizzard: I'm here to make sure that you can "see perfectly" even if there is jamming.

Jackal: ......I see.

Blizzard: I bet you do.

Serenity: Welcome to the team Blizzard.

Blizzard: Anyways on to the mission. The bombers should be on radar now. Can you see them?

Jackal: Bombers on radar.

Allied Fighter: Hey! I got allies on radar. The reinforcements are here!

Ravalkin Fighter: We've got new hostiles on radar.

Ravalkin Fighter: Let's finish this quickly and return to base. I don't want to lose anyone on this mission.

Jackal: Sandstorm 5 we'll protect the bombers. Sandstorm 2 and 10 you engage the fighters.

Blizzard: They're are 12 Ravalkin Fighters in the combat zone. From what I've heard this shouldn't be nothing you can't handle.

(The squadron then split into two teams. Roy and Jackal were able to protect the bombers while Serenity and Hunter took the fighters out one by one.)

Ravalkin Fighter: How many of us are left?

Ravalkin Fighter: They have taken out seven of our guys.

Blizzard: Nice job guys, there's about 5 fighters left in the area.

Roy: Alright, let's wrap this up and-

(Missle Alert)

Roy: What the!?

Blizzard: I'm picking up several SAMs and AA guns on the ground. Looks like they were waiting for us.

Jackal: Everyone evade now!

Allied Bomber: We can't evade the missle we're going to-....(Static)

Blizzard: A bomber was shot down. Five allied bombers remaining.

Hunter: Should we go after the ground targets?

Jackal: No, you two should keep taking out the enemy fighters. I'll attack the ground targets.

Serenity: You can't take out all those ground targets by yourself. You'll get killed.

Hunter: I will support him.

Jackal: Alright then. Sandstorm 10 and I will attack the ground targets while you and Sandstorm 5 continue protecting the bombers from the fighters.

(Jackal and Hunter then flew to attack the ground weaponry. Hunter took out the AA guns giving Jackal a clear shot at the SAMs.)

Ravalkin Fighter: What! All of our ground forces have been destroyed.

Ravalkin Fighter: This mission is a failure. We should retreat while we still have a chance.

Blizzard: Alright Sandstorm Squadron. The hostiles are disengaging.

Serenity: Phew. It's finnaly over.

Allied Bomber: Hey AWACS, can you get a message to the allied squadron? "Thanks for the support. We will be happy to support you on future missions!"

Roy: Let's go home everyone!

Mission End

(Back at the base, Roy, Serenity, and Hunter were watching a news report.)

News Broadcaster: It has been informed the the Silvelkian Resistance has once again been reported attacking civilians in several towns.

Hunter: "Silvelkian Resistance"? Do they mean us?

Serenity: No, the Silvelkian Resistance is a group that is trying to reform Silvelkia under a government like 12 years ago. If we were to win the war then Silvelkia would be under a military rule. The people in this group want to live under a government where they would be allowed to choose who would lead them.

(Jackal enters the room)

Jackal: They are nothing but fools believing that they can change Silvelkia. They claim that they want to help the people, yet they attack civilians. They're nothing but a group wishing to take over Silvelkia to suit thier own means.

Serenity: But we don't know that! All the info we ever recieve about them is from Ravalkin propoganda!

Jackal: That is true, but they have not tried even once to support us in taking back Silvelkia.

Serenity: Of course they have never tried to support us! Our General would take away everything they're fighting for!

Jackal: Our General is fighting for what is best for Silvelkia!

Roy: (Whispers to Hunter) We should leave now.

(A few minutes later)

Hunter: What's with those two?

Roy: Man, they are always like this. They always fight about the Silvelkian Resistance. It's a mystery on how they can always act like nothing happened when they stop fighting.

Hunter: So what do you think?

Roy: I don't even want to talk about it. I going straight to my room and try to relax. You should try relaxing yourself. You always look tense.

Hunter: Yeah....I'll try.

Part 2: Operation No.9

Mission 4: The First Step

Breifing: We now have the capabilities to begin a attack to reclaim our country. We will first begin by attacking a base to the north. Sandstorm squadron, you will support the ground troops moving towards the base. Remember, this is the 9th attempt to reclaim our land. There might not be another. Sandstorm squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Roy: Hey guys, I heard that the General is suppose to be here today!

Serenity: I guess that means Mirage squadron will be supporting us on the attack as well.

Jackal: ....

Allied Tank: Man, I can't belive that we're trying this again!

Allied Tank: I know, right? Hey Chris, do you think we will get as far as the capital this time?

Allied Tank: How am I suppose to know? I just want to survive this meaningless war.

Blizzard: The allied tanks are making thier way to the Ravalkin base. Sandstorm squadron, stay close to the allied tanks and make sure to keep the damage to a minimum.

Hunter: Roger that.

Ravalkin Fighter: Here they come!

Blizzard: Our tanks are about to come in contact with the first line. Prepare to engage.

Allied Tank: Hey Ravalkins! Try to stop this! Fire!

(After defeating the first line)

Blizzard: Nice job Sandstorm! Only two more enemy lines left.

Ravalkin Tank: Everyone protect this base as if you were defending the capital!

Hunter: Where is the Mirage squadron?

Roy: Being true to thier name. You think they're there but eventually you realize they're not.

Serenity: What Roy is trying to say is that Mirage squadron only protects the General and nobody else. So unless someone tries to attack him we will not be seeing them.

Allied Tank: Yeah! On to the next ones! Hey Chris you still alive?

Blizzard: Next enemy line incoming, looks like they got anti-air with this one.

Jackal: Let's do this like we always do. First the AA guns then the Sams.

(After Destroying the Anti-Air)

Ravalkin Fighter: We're useless against the fighters! We havn't been able to hit a single one!

Allied Tank: AWACS! We can take on the rest of the enemy. So you can tell the fighters they can clear the skies.

Blizzard: Roger that! Sandstorm, you can now move on to air superiority.

Roy: About time! Hey guys, remember me! The one you've been shooting at the entire time!?

Ravalkin Fighter: The fighters have just turned to engage us!

Ravalkin Fighter: We need reinforcements!

Roy: Fox 2!

Ravalkin Fighter: I've been hit!

Ravalkin Base Commander: To all forces. The Scorpion squadron has arrived!

Ravalkin Fighter: Yes! This is exactly what we need.

Scorpion 1: Listen up! Our objective is to take out the Silvelkian General. Ignore everything else.

Ravalkin Base Commander: What!? We need support or else the base will be lost!

Scorpion 2: We have our orders and you have yours. Try to do a better job next time....If there is a next time.

Hunter: Blizzard. What should we do?

Jackal: Sandstorm 10, we don't have to worry about the General. Focus on defeating the remaining fighters.

Roy: What Jackal!? I thought you would be the first person to want to engage them!

Jackal: They're going up against Mirage Squadron. They'll be back.

Scorpion 1: I've got visual on the General.

Scorpion 3: Let's finish this and- what the!?

Mirage 1: Looks like the DOS worked. All pilots make good use of these experimental aircraft. Protect the General!

Mirage 2-5: Sir!

Scorpion 2: King they're right behind us.

Scorpion 1: Stealth and new planes. This should be interesting.

(Even though Mirage Squadron had more advanced planes they were still evenly matched with Scorpion Squadron. Both sides unable to hit the other, Scorpion Squadron eventually gave up.)

Scorpion 1: Damn! This is just a stalemate! We can't get anywhere near the target.

Scorpion 3: How about we abort the objective and take out our rage on the Sandstorm Squadron!

Scorpion 1: We might as well bring home a victory in some form. Scorpion Squadron! Disengage and focus all attacks on Sandstorm.

Scorpion 4: Hah! Now I will get my revenge!

Serenity: Looks like they're coming for us now.

Roy: And just when I got the last fighter.

Hunter: Well we should have them outnumbered.

Jackal: You're wrong if you think Mirage Squadron is going to help us now.

Hunter: Why?

Jackal: Thier objective is to protect the General, not chase fighters across the battlefield.

Roy: Here they come!

(Missle Alert!)

Jackal: All planes break!

Scorpion 1: Nice to see you again Jackal.

Jackal: How's the eye Scorpion?

Scorpion 1: Oh come now Jackal. You can't provoke me anymore. But I can provoke you easily.

Jackal: Son of a- Okay guys I'll take Scorpion 1 you take the rest.

Serenity: No we should take them together as a group.

Jackal: I gave you an order, now do it!

Serenity: ....

Scorpion 4: Remember me Sandstorm 10!

Hunter: I remember almost shooting you down.

Scorpion 4: I'll tear your plane apart!

Blizzard: Hold off Scorpion Squadron untill we have captured the base. I don't think you guys can handle them right now.

Scorpion 3: Where's the Silver Dove?

Scorpion 2: I see her. Let's take her down together.

Roy: Well it seems that our opponents have been chosen. Serenity, we're going to take them down!

Hunter: Try this. Fox 2!

Scorpion 4: You can't kill me with that!

Blizzard: Allies are at the base. Only a little longer.

(5 mins later)

Serenity: We can't keep this up. I'm almost out of ammo.

Roy: Man, of all the times I wish Mirage Squadron would help.

Hunter: Hey you just gave me an idea.

Serenity: What are you thinking?

Hunter: Everyone, fly to the location of the General.

Scorpion 4: Trying to escape me Sandstorm!

Hunter: You just keep following me jackass.

Serenity: Jackal we're moving to the General's location.

Jackal: You're what!?

Serenity: We can't keep this up. You should be almost out of ammo as well.

Jackal: Grrr....Fine then. But next time I'm going to fight to the very end. Ammo or not!

Scorpion 2: Looks like they're giving up.

Scorpion 1: Scorpion 4 disengage and fall back. They're moving towards Mirage Squadron and we won't be able to take them both.

Scorpion 4: No! Not yet!

Scorpion 2: Listen to your captain!

Scorpion 3: Yeah, listen to you captain Scorpion 4!

Scorpion 4: This isn't over....

Blizzard: The enemy is disengaging and we have taken over the base. Nice job Sandstorm!

Allied Tank: Hey Chris, can you hear me? I've got a good feeling about this time.

Allied Tank: Yeah, me too. Maybe we can win this time.

Mission End

Mission 5: Resistance (Part I)

Breifing: Listen up! We have just recived a report that the Silvelkia Resistance has just hijacked a train. The train is filled with several experimental weapons and we cannot allow them to take such advanced technology. Sandstorm Squadron your objective will be to destroy several rails to force the train to take a path leading to a blockade we have set up. At the same time we will be launching a surprise attack on a city currently under Ravalkin control. So lets hope that we can get two victories today. Sandstorm Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Hunter: So this time we're up against the resistance?

Roy: Looks that way. But do we really need to be the ones doing this? Can't we send a team on the train?

Jackal: We do not know what the terrorist have on board the train. They might also learn how to use the experimental weaponry on us.

Roy: What!? That wasn't part of the breifing!

Serenity: Calm down Roy. We can handle this.

Hunter: Yeah Roy, stop being so tense.

Roy: Me!? Tense!? Nah, I'm just excited. I've always wanted to be a target for experimental weaponry. It's like a dream come true.

Serenity: Very funny.

Resistance Member: Whoa! They're sending fighters to get us!

Resistance Member: What!? Do they intend to kill us all?

Resistance Member: We're going to need help. Call in the fighters.

(Moments later)

Blizzard: Sandstorm, I've just gotten some bogeys on radar.

Jackal: I thought they might have an escort. Everyone prepare to engage!

Resistance Fighter: We've got hostiles on radar.

Resistance Fighter: Clean kills everyone. They're our countrymen after all.

Jackal: You people are nothing more than traitors to your own country.

Resistance Fighter: You people are the real traitors!

Serenity: You guys engage the fighters. I'll keep track on the train.

Hunter: What if they start attacking you?

Serenity: Don't you trust me?

Jackal: Enough. Sandstorm 2, keep track of the train. We'll engage the fighters.

Blizzard: The first target is coming up. Prepare to fire Sandstorm 2.

Serenity: I see the target. Fox 2!

Resistance Member: Help they're firing at us!

Resistance Member: No they're not they just fired at the rails ahead.

Resistance Member: Damn. They're changing our path!

Hunter: Hey. I have a question. How are they going to change their path?

Roy: They train is connected special system that allows it to know when part of the track is damage. This allows it to change course automatically. We had to advance the technology of trains after Ulysses.

Resistance Fighter: Take them out before they can destroy anymore of the rails!

Resistance Member: Pick up speed! We need to get out of here before it's too late!

Jackal: I've got a lock on a fighter. Fox 2!

(Missle hit)

Resistance Fighter: I've been hit! I can't keep my plane up!

Blizzard: Five more fighters left.

Roy: I'm about to take out two more. Firing XMAA!

(Missles hit)

Roy: Alright! I'm in the lead!

Resistance Member: Man, our fighters are useless.

Resistance Member: That one fighter has destroyed another path!

Resistance Member: Thats it! Prepare the weapon! Fire the MLTLS. (Multi-Lock Tactical Laser System)

Blizzard: I'm picking up strange activity on the train.

Jackal: Serenity! They're about to use the weapon! Get out of there!

Serenity: Where should I go!?

Roy: Anywhere! Just get out of there!

Resistance Member: Fire!

(Four laser then shot out from the train following Serenity wherever she tried to go.)

Serenity: I can't keep this up. The lasers follow me wherever I go!

Jackal: Try flying beside the train.

Roy: Are you nuts!? It'll be too dangerous to fly that low.

Serenity: It looks like I don't have a choice.

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron listen up! I've been given intel about the MLTLS. It seems that the lasers can only be fired for about 6 minutes. After that it takes awhile to fire again.

Roy: Thanks for the info, but I don't see how that's going to help Serenity now!

Jackal: Calm down! Sandstorm 2 how much time has passed?

Serenity: About three and a half minutes.

Jackal: Forget about the plan to fly beside the train. We'll distract the traitors firing the lasers while you continue destroying the paths.

Roy: Oh this is just great! Make sure they make me well done!

Hunter: Will this work?

Roy: Well we only have about two more minutes so......why not?

Hunter: Good enough for me. Serenity, were coming to save you!

(Two minutes later)

Resistance Member: What's going on? Why have you stop attacking?

Resistance Member: The weapon needs to recharge sir! We can't keep firing it!

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron, there is only one target left. Take it out and get out of there!

Roy: Hey the fighters are still on us!

Hunter: I'm surprised they didn't try to attack us while we were dodging the lasers.

Jackal: A mistake that they will pay for with they're lives.

Resistance Fighter: How could they dodge the lasers like that!?

Resistance Fighter: They're not human! They can't be!

Hunter: I'll help Serenity with the target. You guys take the rest of the fighters.

Jackal: Okay, but remember I'm the flight lead Sandstorm 10. I give the orders. Not you!

Resistance Member: This is our last chance to escape. Fire the lasers!

Resistance Member: I told you we can't! The weapon is still cooling down!

Resistance Member: Damn! Okay then, get the civilians to the back of the train! We need to keep them safe!

Resistance Member: Yes sir!

Roy: What are they doing?

Hunter: It sounded like they have civilians onboard the train.

Serenity: But there shouldn't be any civilians on that train. What's going on?

Jackal: They must have taken them as a backup plan. All the more reason why we need to stop them.

Hunter: Okay then. I see the last target.

Resistance Fighter: Quickly! They're taking out the last escape route!

Roy: Oh no! You're not getting anywhere near them! Fox 2!

(Missle hit)

Resistance Fighter: Ahhhhh!!!!

Roy: Looks like Jackal got the rest! Alright you two! You have a clear shot!

Hunter: I've got this one. Fox 2!

Blizzard: Missle hit! Mission Complete Sandstorm! Prepare to return to base.

(When the train stopped at the blockade)

Silvelkian Soldier: AWACS! We've got the train. We have acquired the weapon and are returning to-

(A explosion erupts from inside the train.)

Blizzard: What just happen! Can anyone hear me!? Anyone!?

Roy: Whoa! What was that!

Serenity: My god.......That was a nuclear explosion.

Hunter: What!? How could they do that!

Jackal: .....I'll make every one of those traitors pay...

Blizzard: .....Sandstorm Squadron.......Return to base....

Mission End

Mission 6: Counterattack

Breifing: I know that the following events are shocking, but we still have a job to do....anyways on to the breifing. During your mission to stop the resistance from stealing our advanced weaponry we were able to take back one of our cities for the Ravalkin military. It now seems that they plan to launch an attack to take the city back. We will need you to take out all Ravalkin fighters in the area. Also, keep an eye out for any bombers. It wouldn't be the first time Ravalka tried to destroy a city they couldn't capture. Sandstorm Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Roy: Man I can't believe that they are already trying to take back the city! I could really use a break from all this flying.

Serenity: .....

Hunter: Serenity are you okay? You haven't said anything since yesterday.

Jackal: Everyone, I have something to say.

Hunter: What is it Jackal?

Jackal: Upon completion of this mission. I will be transfering back to the Mirage Squadron.

Serenity: ......

Roy: What? Really? I mean you are not my favorite person in the world, but I've always believed that you would be leading this squadron forever.

Hunter: So who will be the new flight lead then?

Jackal: It will be Sandstorm 2. She was the last person to lead this squadron before me.

Serenity: ...

Blizzard: Alright guys listen up! We're about to be in the city airspace. Prepare to engage any hostile aircraft and keep damage to the city at a minium.

Ravalkin Fighter: Hah! Even if we can't take back the city they're going to lose this one!

Ravalkin Fighter: Everyone prepare to engage the hostiles!

Jackal: Sandstorm Squadron engage!

Roy: Sandstorm 5 engaging! Let's make this a battle to remember!

Hunter: Sandstorm 10 engaging! I'm ready to take them all out!

Serenity: ....Sandstorm 2 engaging.

Allied Tank: Alright! The flyboys got us covered. Prepare to take out all enemy tanks!

Ravalkin General: Attention! To all members of the Silvelkian Military. Lay down your arms and surrender! You have no more reason to keep fighting. You can never win this war. The people of Ravalka pity you and want to save you. We want to make this country whole again.

Jackal: Nothing but lies!

Allied Tank: Yeah! Like we're going to fall for that!

Roy: Sorry general, but Silvelkia belongs to us!

Hunter: Got a MiG in front of me! Fox 2!

(Missle hit)

Ravalkin Fighter: Argh! I've been hit.

Blizzard: Nice job!

Allied Tank: Stay out. Stay out and never come back!

Ravalkin Soldier: This is Ravalkin territory now. Just admit defeat!

Silvelkian Soldier: We will never give in! No matter how many times we have to fight you!

Hunter: Looks like everyone is fired up today.

Roy: Yeah. I've never seen both sides like this.

Ravalkin Fighter: We will end this war today!

Jackal: Not while i'm here!

Roy: Hey buddy! It looks like you got a few on your tail.

Hunter: They can't do much. Mind getting rid of them though?

Roy: Anything for a friend! Firing XMAA.

(Missles hit)

Ravalkin Fighter: We've been hit! We can't keep this up!

Hunter: Thanks for the support!

Blizzard: You're in great form today Sandstorm! Only 45% of enemy fighters remain.

Silvelkian Soldier: Look at them go!

Sivelkian Soldier: Yeah! Show them that this land belongs to the Silvelkian people!

Ravalkin General: What's with these people!? Why do they fight so hard for a barren wasteland!? What could they possibly be fighting for!? How can we be losing!?

Ravalkin Soldier: Sir! The broadcast is still on!

Ravalkin General: Wha-What!?

Blizzard: You heard him Sandstorm. Looks like we're getting to them. Finish them off!

Roy: Jeeze. You'd think we were fighting over the capital. But still I love this spirit!

Hunter: I've got one in my sights! Fox 2!

Blizzard: Target destroyed!

Roy: I'm still ahead of you by 2 kills.

Hunter: Not for long!

Ravalkin Fighter: Is this just a game to them!? They talk like they are not even trying!

Ravalkin Fighter: Is he the one they call the "Golden Jackal"?

Ravalkin Fighter: That can't be him! I just heard he was somewhere else.

Ravalkin Fighter: Is he some kind of demon!? How can he be in two places at once!?

Roy: Looks like you've got them confused.

Ravalkin Fighter: Don't be a bunch of idiots! He is just another pilot! Calm down before the enemy takes us all out.

Hunter: It looks like Jackal took out 3 more.

Ravalkin General: Grrrr.....Forget reclaiming the city! Retreat and let the bombers finish them off!

Blizzard: Attention to all forces! Enemy bombers on radar.

Hunter: So what? We'll just shoot them down!

Blizzard: Hold on i'm getting some new intel.........All units! Do not attack the bombers! I repeat, do not attack the bombers!

Roy: Huh? Why not!

Blizzard: We have been informed that they are carring special bombs that will cause massive damage if we attack them. All units retreat from the combat zone!

Roy: We can't just leave! This is our last chance to win the war!

Blizzard: I'm sorry Roy, but we cannot risk any of our forces getting destroyed by the bombs.

Allied Tank: Retreat? Is this some kind of propoganda?

Silvelkian Soldier: Everyone fall back! Forget the civilians, just get out of the area!

Hunter: Is there nothing we can do?

Jackal: I'm afraid not. We'll just have to accept that this city is doomed.

Ravalkin Bomber: We see the target. Remember, we only have one shot at doing this. Keep yourself stable, remember these bombs are sensitive.

Ravalkin Bomber: I don't know why we can't just use regular bombs. I'm not in to this chemical warfare stuff.

Roy: Damn! We're just going to watch as all of the people in that city die!?

Hunter: Hold on. I've got an idea.

Blizzard: Sandstorm 10! Do not engage the bombers! Are you trying to get yourself killed?

(Hunter flys near the bombers and then goes invert right below one of them.)

Ravalkin Bomber: What the hell is that fighter doing!?

Ravalkin Bomber: Sir! We won't be able to drop any bombs with that fighter like that!

Ravalkin Bomber: What!?

Blizzard: Your plan might actually work. All fighters, fly directly below the bombers! Make sure none of them can drop their bombs!

Roy: Alright! Everyone let's go!

Ravalkin Bomber: Dammit! We're over the target and we can't do a thing!

Ravalkin Bomber: We should drop the bombs anyways.

Ravalkin Bomber: Are you nuts!? I don't want to die here.

Ravalkin Bomber: Damn! Don't we have any fighters lert!?

Blizzard: Bombers are almost out of city airspace. Just a little more.

Hunter: I don't think I can keep my plane like this any longer guys.

Roy: Just try to hold on a little more buddy!

(After the bombers were out of the city's airspace.)

Blizzard: Nice job Sandstorm! I don't think we've ever seen something like that!

Allied Squadron: That was some crazy flying! That guy is from the Sandstorm Squadron right?

Allied Squadron: If we can keep doing things like that this war will be over in no time!

Roy: Let's go home guys! I know where we can get some drinks around here!

Mission End

(At a bar in the city)

Roy: Man, can you believe what we pulled off today!

Silvelkian Soldier: I believe it was your friend's idea that saved this city.

Roy: I'm not just talking about that! We've never been this fired up in such a long time.

Barkeeper: So which one of you is the "Ace" who saved our fine city?

Roy: He's right here next to me!

Barkeeper: So you're the one....Thought you'd look older. Anyways, what would you like to drink? Everything is on the house tonight for you "Ace!"

Hunter: Water will be just fine. I don't drink.

Roy: What? Buddy, you have to start living a little. Have a drink man!

(Serenity enters the bar)

Hunter: Serenity, are you okay?

Serenity: Yeah I'm fine. Hey, could I talk to you in private?

Hunter: Sure.

Roy: You leaving already? Hey! Barkeep! Are the drinks on the house for me too?

Barkeeper: Sorry, only the "Ace" gets to drink free here!

(Outside the bar)

Hunter: So what did you want to talk about?

Serenity: It's about who will become the new flight lead. I've seen how you fly and how you handle the situation. After what has happen I don't think I can be a good leader for this squadron. So, I would like you to be the flight lead. I know what Jackal said but the choice is up to me.

Hunter: Me? Have you asked Roy already about this?

Serenity: I know he wouldn't want this role. That's why I asked you. So, will you do it?

Hunter: Yeah.

Serenity: Thanks.

(A man walks up to the both of them)

???: Serenity it's me we need to talk.

Serenity: Why are you here!? You shouldn't be this close to the military!

???: I'm sorry, but we need to talk about the events from yesterday.

Serenity: Okay then. Let me introduce you to my brother.

Hunter: I didn't know you had any siblings. (Hmm...They don't even look like they're related. But then again this country was hit by Ulysses.)

???: (Whispers) Will he be coming with us?

Serenity: (Whispers) I don't think we can trust him about this...Not yet.

???: I see. Well we should be going now.

Serenity: Right. Thanks for taking the role of flight lead. We'll talk more later!

(Serenity and her Brother leave)

Roy: Hey! Come back in here "Ace"! More people want to meet you.

Hunter: Okay, I'm coming back in.

Mission 7: Flight Lead

Breifing: Due to lack of activity from the Ravalkin forces and preperation for another assualt on the enemy lines, today you will be going on a recon mission. The area in question is surrounded by advanced SAMs. So you will have to fly through the ravines in the area to avoid being shot down. Once you reach a certain point, you will be out of the SAMs coverage and will be able to send info about what we suspect to be a supply route for the Ravalkin forces. If you do find anything confirming this, you are ordered to return to base via the ravines and prepare to be armed to engage the Ravalkin forces that are in the area. Sandstorm Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Blizzard: Alright guys fly towards the north and begin your mission. I'll be heading back to base when you start.

Hunter: Thanks Blizzard.

Roy: Jeeze Serenity, you didn't even ask me if I wanted to be the flight lead.

Hunter: Wait, I thought you did ask him.

Roy: I'm just joking! Serenity told me about it after we left the bar. Man the barkeeper was mad!

Hunter: That's because you wouldn't stop looking at his daughter.

Roy: Hey, I can't control who I am after a few drinks....well...maybe it wasn't a few drinks.

Serenity: Man, I can't leave you guys alone for a minute.

Hunter: Hey!

Roy: This squadron just got fun now that Jackal is gone.

Hunter: Come on Roy, he was a good leader.

Roy: Yeah, but he wasn't a fun leader.

Hunter: Anyways I can see the ravines up ahead.

Serenity: Preparing to fly into the ravine.

Hunter: Let's go.

(While flying in the ravine)

Roy: Kinda narrow isn't it?

Serenity: We need to just stay calm.

Hunter: Remember if we fly too high we'll be shot down by the SAMs.

Roy: And if we survive that a nice group of Ravalkin soldiers will pick us up and take us to one of thier luxury POW camps. Now with pool and spa.

Hunter: Good motivation there Roy.

Roy: I'm just glad no one has told me to "Shut up" already.

Hunter: Looks like the ravine is breaking into two paths.

Serenity: Let's look at the radar to see-Wait. What's going on?

Roy: What?

Serenity: The radar is being jammed! I can't see anything.

Hunter: Damn! Mine too.

Ravalkin Fighter: Hah! They fell into our trap.

Ravalkin Fighter: Time to finish them off.

Dusk 1: Remember us Sandstorm!?

Dusk 2: It's time to finish you off and become the new stars of the Ravalkin Air Force.

Serenity: Are they the ones jaming our radar?

Hunter: No, I don't think so. The coverage area is too large to be them.

Roy: How are we going to do this Captain?

Hunter: Well...we can't go backwards...we will have to find a path that will allow us to circle around and return to base.

Serenity: Damn! I can't get in contact with anyone!

Hunter: Again!?

Roy: Wait, are you saying this is just like that one night?

Serenity: Could there be a spy giving them info about us?

Hunter: Well we won't know unless we survive.

(Missle Alert)

Serenity: We've got missles incoming!

Hunter: We've got to evade.

Roy: Evade where!? We don't have any room in this ravine to evade missles!

Hunter: (Is this it? Is this where it all ends?)

Serenity: Missles went off track.

Hunter: Huh?

Ravalkin Fighter: What the hell!? What happen to our missles?

Dusk 1: What the hell is going on! How did they do that!

Ravalkin Fighter: Sir! We've got hostiles on radar! Confirmed as resistance.

Dusk 2: The Silvelkian Resistance! Damn! They're going to ruin everything!

Dusk 1: Why are the SAMs not firing!?

Ravalkin Soldier: We can't get them to fire! All of our SAMs are offline!

Hunter: Well I wasn't expecting this.

Roy: We'll take what we can get. Also, didn't they say the SAMs were offline?

Serenity: Yeah Roy they did. Quickly, let's get out of this ravine and return to base.

Hunter: Right. Sandstorm let's get out of here!

Dusk 1: Oh no you don't! I won't let you get away this time!

Serenity: We have to go faster before they get to us!

Roy: Damn! I've got Ravalkin and Resistance fighters attacking me!

Hunter: Hold on Roy! We're coming to save you!

(Missle Alert)

Roy: Sorry guys, there are just too many of them! You got to get out of here!

Serenity: But what about you?

Roy: Don't worry. I'll be fine.

(Roy ejects out of his plane)

Hunter: Roy!

Serenity: There's nothing we can do now. We have to survive!

Resistance Fighter: The pilot just ejected out of his plane.

Resistance Member: We'll send someone to intercept him.

Dusk 1: Send someone to capture that pilot. I want to meet him in person.

Dusk 2: Captain what about the others?

Dusk 1: We need to focus on the Resistance members. Don't worry, we'll be seeing them soon.

Hunter: Serenity, we are almost out of the combat zone.

Serenity: ....

Hunter: Don't worry. He will survive.

Mission End

(Back at the base)

Serenity: I can't believe that we were blamed for the failure of the mission!

Hunter: That's not the worse part. They just laughed at us when we told them there might be a spy.

Serenity: Well the military has been always known for thier pride. *Sigh* I wonder who got to Roy first?

Hunter: How would the resistance treat him?

Serenity: Hmm....I don't really know. I've never heard of them taking prisoners before. But hopefully they would treat him better than the Ravalkin Interrogation Bureau.

Hunter: How bad is it at thier POW camps?

Serenity: I would rather not talk about it. I just...I just need to rest right now!

Hunter: *Sigh* (I hope you're okay Roy.)

Mission 8: Duel in The Desert

Breifing: Alert! We've have been informed of a large scale attack from the Ravalkin forces incoming to the city. It looks like they're trying one more time to reclaim it. Unfortunently for them we've recieved info of this attack and are going to intercept their forces. You two plus our new addition to your squadron who you will be breifed about later will be leading the attack on the Ravalkin forces. It's time to push the Ravalkin military back to where they came from. Sandstorm Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Blizzard: Allow me to introduce your new member of Sandstorm Squadron. You will refer to her as "Rose."

Rose: Nice to meet you two. It look like i'm now Sandstorm 11.

Serenity: It's nice to meet you too Rose. It'll be nice to have another woman in the squadron.

Rose: I've heard a lot about you guys. They say you're the heroes of the Silvelkian military. I hope that I can fill the part.

Hunter: I'm sure you'll make a fine addition to the team.

Rose: Thanks Captain!

(Upon Reaching The Combat Zone)

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron listen up! As soon as you attack the first target our forces will join you in the attack. It is recomended that you focus mainly on the Ravalkin air forces.

Hunter: You heard the guy. Everyone prepare to engage!

Ravalkin Fighter: Huh? I've got something on radar.

Ravalkin Fighter: No way there shouldn't be anything out here but us.

Ravalkin Fighter: Is it the resistance again!?

Hunter: Fire missles! Fox 2!

Serenity: Sandstorm 2 engaging!

Rose: Sandstorm 11 engaging!

Ravalkin Fighter: It's the military! They found out about the attack!

Ravalkin Soldier: They're appearing out of nowhere! Where did they come from!?

Allied Tank: Alright boys! Here we go!

Ravalkin Fighter: Incoming missles! Everyone evade!

(Missle hit)

Ravalkin Fighter: Argh!!! I've been hit! I can't keep the plane up! Ejecting!

Hunter: One down. Many more to go.

Rose: Captain! I see several AA guns to the east.

Serenity: We can't let them start firing on us. We'll have enough trouble with the fighters.

Blizzard: Don't worry guys. Just keep engaging the fighters.

Hunter: But what about-

Blizzard: You guys will have nothing to worry about. You'll know it when you see it.

Serenity: What is he talking about?

Hunter: I don't know. But i'll take his word for it. Concentrate on the fighters.

Rose: Are you sure Captain?

Hunter: Yes.

Ravalkin Soldier: Let's see how they like our anti-air! Prepare to fire!

Serenity: The AA guns are starting to fire on us. We need to do something.

Blizzard: Prepare for the fireworks Sandstorm!

Ravalkin Soldier: What the!? I see bombers!

Allied Bombers: Time to return the favor! Drop bombs now!

(Bombs are drop causing several explosions destroying a majority of the AA guns.)

Rose: What an explosion!

Hunter: Nice work guys!

Blizzard: I told you had nothing to worry about.

Serenity: Next time just tell us about the bombers.

Blizzard: *Laughing*

Ravalkin Soldier: How many of our guns survived?

Ravalkin Soldier: Only 3 sir.

Ravalkin Fighter: Damn! It looks like it's up to us now.

Hunter: Serenity, take out the last of the AA while Rose and I handle the fighters.

Serenity: Okay, but be careful. I don't want to lose anyone else.

Hunter: ....We'll be fine.

Rose: I see five fighters coming this way.

Hunter: Let's take them out! Firing XMAA!

Rose: Firing XMAA!

Ravalkin Fighter: Several missles incoming! Qucikly evade!

(Multiple missle hits)

Rose: I see several missle hits Captain.

Ravalkin Fighter: They got the captain!

Ravalkin Fighter: Who's left. Someone! Anyone! Respond!

Ravalkin Fighter: It's him! The "Golden Jackal"!

Hunter: I wish they would stop calling me that.

Blizzard: New hostiles on radar!

Hunter: What!

Scorpion 4: That man is not the "Golden Jackal".

Scorpion 3: Only a fool would think that fighter was him. Fools that I have to work with.

Scorpion 2: We know the he is no longer here.

Rose: Captain!

Hunter: Where are they?

Scorpion 2: Well look what we have here. "The Silver Dove". Looks like her allies are nowhere near her.

Scorpion 3: You know I've wanted to get my hands on her for so long. Try not to kill her. I want to do it in person!

Scorpion 4: As for you Sandstorm Lead, I won't let you touch the ground. No, you will die today. I will defeat you and regain my honor as a Ravalkin Knight!

Blizzard: Wait, I've only got three of them on radar. Where is the other one?

Scorpion 4: He has no reason to be here. His true opponent is no longer here...

Hunter: Serenity! Get out of there!

Serenity: What the!?

Scorpion 3: I want to hear her scream!

Rose: Captain! We need to get to her fast!

Hunter: Stay alive!

Serenity: Roger! But get here quick, I don't think i'll be able to last long.

Scorpion 2: Fox 2!

(Missle Alert)

Serenity: Damn alarm won't shut up!

Hunter: Just a few more seconds!

Scorpion 3: Why won't you just accept that you're going to die today!?

Hunter: Because she's not.

Scorpion 3: What!?

Hunter: Fox 2!

Scorpion 4: He's finally here! Everyone! You know who are targets are. Engage!

Scorpion 3: One missle isn't enough to stop me!

(Missle evaded)

Hunter: It looks like they're going to take us one on one.

Serenity: Looks like I've got to fight the crazy one.

Blizzard: Stay alive Sandstorm!

Scorpion 4: I'm at you six Sandstorm Lead! Fox 2!

(Missle Alert)

Hunter: Oh no you don't!

Scorpion 4: This is the day I reclaim my honor! I won't live in shame anymore!

Rose: Damn! This one is good.

Scorpion 2: You're not much of an opponent. Looks like you'll be added to my kill list.

Rose: Not today!

Scorpion 2: What the!?

Scorpion 3: I'm going to tear you apart!

Serenity: You don't have what it takes! I'm going to shoot you down today!

Scorpion 3: Good! I like your spirit! It's more fun this way. I'm going to enjoy myself today! *Laughing*

Hunter: I going to finish what I started!

Scorpion 4: I will never lose to you!

Scorpion 2: Scorpion 3, I need some help here.

Scorpion 3: What's wrong? Can't handle one pilot by yourself?

Scorpion 2: Are you going to help or not?

Scorpion 3: *Sigh* Alright. Seeing as i'm the only decent pilot here.

Serenity: The crazy bastard just disengaged!

Hunter: What? Why would he do that?

Serenity: He's going after Rose! We need to help her!

Hunter: You go help her out! I can't get this guy off me!

Scorpion 4: Don't you dare ignore me Sandstorm!

(Missle Alert)

Hunter: Damn!

Scorpion 4: You can't keep evading me forever! Just admit defeat!

Hunter: Never! Come on.....Missle evaded!

Scorpion 4: Why are you still alive!!!

Hunter: I'm finishing this battle right now!

(Hunter uses a counter-manuver)

Scorpion 4: What the- Where did you go!?

Hunter: Right above you!

Scorpion 4: Damn!

Hunter: This is the end! Fox 2!

(Missle hit)

Scorpion 4: Argh! I've been hit! Come on! Work!

Scorpion 2: Scorpion 4! What happen!?

Scorpion 4: *Heavy Breathing* I lost.

Scorpion 2: You have to eject!

Scorpion 4: It's no use....nothing is working.....this is the end.

Scorpion 2: Eject Scorpion 4! Eject!

Scorpion 4: *Heavy Breathing* Sandstorm......finish me off.....I...I don't want to hit the ground.

Hunter: What's wrong with you?

Scorpion 4: I-I can't do anything. My plane is nothing but a coffin. But I'll be dammed if I don't choose how I die. So shoot me now Sandstorm! Do it now!

Hunter: ......Fox 2.

Scorpion 4: Scorpion 2.....Keep our King alive, and Scorpion 3.....Go to hell. *Static*

Scorpion 2: Josh!!!

Blizzard: Hostile down.

Scorpion 2: ....We need to retreat.

Scorpion 3: What!? Now!?

Scorpion 2: We can't keep this up.

Scorpion 3: Fine. *Sigh* Leaving the combat zone.

Blizzard: Hostiles are retreating. Looks like this war will be over soon.

Hunter: ...Yeah.

Serenity: What's wrong?

Hunter: Nothing.

Rose: We should return to base. We've completed our objective.

Hunter: ...Alright. Sandstorm Squadron! Let's return to base.

Mission End.

(At a Ravalkin Air Base)

Scorpion 1: I only saw two planes. What has happened?

Scorpion 2: Scorpion 4 is dead.

Scorpion 1: What!? Who did it?

Scorpion 2: It was the flight lead for Sandstorm.

Scorpion 1: Hmm...I see.

Scorpion 2: King?

Scorpion 1: Perhaps it is time we show the true power of the Ravalkin Military.

Scorpion 2: Does it really have to come to that!?

Scorpion 1: It does. We cannot let our pride be our downfall. We need to use that weapon. Too much is at risk.

Scorpion 2: Your right King. This war needs to end now.

Scorpion 1: I'm going to get the authorization now. As for you, take the day off.

Scorpion 2: But King-

Scorpion 1: Today has been tough on us all. You'll need to take a break. People like us are only so lucky to have time to rest.

Scorpion 2: Thank you King.

Scorpion 1: (This is all my fault...)

Part 3: The Truth

(At the Silvelkian Air Base)

Hunter: What could they possibly want now?

Serenity: I don't know. But maybe they could've found Roy.

Hunter: All we can do is hope Serenity.

Base Commander: Ahem. Thank you for showing up. As you are well aware, Sandstorm 5 was shot down during your retreat from the Ravalkin ambush.

Hunter: (Now he calls it a ambush.)

Base Commander: After your debreifing we began to look into the location of your downed pilot.

Serenity: Well...did you find him or not!?

Base Commander: Calm down. Let me finish. Anyways, we also looked into your theory about a spy in the military.

Hunter: What are you trying to say? (I don't like where this is going...)

Base Commander: I said let me finish. It has been confirmed that a spy is indeed in the military. We don't know who it is exactly but...

(Several soldiers enter the room)

Base Commander: We do know that the person is indeed in Sandstorm Squadron.

Hunter: What!?

Serenity: This can't be true. We're the ones always being attacked! Where is your proof!?

Base Commander: You will be informed later on in a disclosed location. Untill then members of Sandstorm Squadron excluding your AWACS and your new member will be held as traitors untill more info is gathered.

Hunter: Does that mean that Jackal will be joining us? (I wonder...)

Base Commander: As I said you will be informed later.

(Later in a disclosed location)

Serenity: I can't believe that this is happening. How can we be traitors?

Hunter: Don't worry. We should be fine. (Or not...)

Silvelkian Soldier: Enter through here sir.

Jackal: What is the meaning of this!?

Silvlekian Soldier: Sir! I have orders to shoot you if you resist.

Jackal: Grr...

Serenity: Jackal! You're here.

Jackal: No thanks to you two. Why is it just you two? Where's the other one?

Hunter: He was shot down. We don't know what group got to him first.

Jackal: Hmm...

???: All of you report to the breifing!

Hunter: What!? Breifing?

Silvelkian Soldier: Move it!

Mission 9: Traitors

Breifing: I hope that the trip was smooth. Anyways here is the breifing. We have info that a unknown weapon is enroute to attack our current position. Upon receiving this info we knew that the real spy might try to inform thier leaders. That's right. We know that none of the members of Sandstorm Squadron are traitors.

Jackal: Then why am I here!?

Breifing: We'll need Sandstorm Squadron at it's best if we want this plan to work. You will regroup with your other members and launch a surprise attack on the Ravalkin superweapon. If you fail however, you will be considered traitors and will be executed.

Hunter: No room for error then?

Breifing: Exactly. Now Sandstom Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron, we're now in range of the Ravalkin superweapon's radar.

Jackal: We have to be ready for anything.

Ravalkin Soldier: Hostiles on radar.

Ravalkin General (Radio): Prepare for combat! Show them the power of "Archimedes!"

Ravalkin Soldier: All fighter prepare for takeoff. Stay in the safe areas and wait for the first shot!

Hunter: Looks like they know we're here.

Ravalkin Soldier: Archimedes ready to fire.

Ravalkin Soldier: 5...4...3...2...1...Fire!

Blizzard: I'm picking something up from the target area...what the?

Rose: What is that? It looks like some kind of giant shell.

Serenity: It just opened up and.....missles incoming!

Jackal: Dammit! There's a ton of them.

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron do everything to survive!

Hunter: This is crazy! My alarm will not shut up!

Rose: How are we going to do this!?

Ravalkin Soldier: Hah! Look at them! Archimedes will tear them apart!

Blizzard: Just keep cool Sandstorm. You can do this.

Hunter: I think I'd rather go back to base.

Serenity: We can't just let this thing survive! We have to take it out here regardless of the danger.

Rose: Serenity is right Captian. We have to do this.

Hunter: If you two are up for it, then so am I!

Jackal: I've shakened off the missles.

Serenity: Same here.

Hunter: Well I'm glad for you two but me and Rose are still having problems.

Rose: Come on...just a little more....and...missles evaded!

Ravalkin Soldier: What the- The enemy is still on radar!

Ravalkin General (Radio): What!? Fire again! They can't evade forever!

Hunter: Phew! Got rid of mine. Now lets teach them a lesson.

Jackal: I can see the target now.

Serenity: Look at that thing! It's a walking tank!

Ravalkin Soldier: The fighters are taking off!

Ravalkin Fighter: We see the targets. Let's see you evade us!

Blizzard: Looks like we've got fighters here too.

Hunter: This just keeps getting better...

Ravalkin Soldier: Archimedes will be ready to fire in 10 minutes.

Rose: we even have an idea where to hit this thing?

Jackal: Hmm.... We should search for what looks like a weak spot. Sandstorm 10 and 11, take care of the fighters while 2 and I try to find a opening.

Ravalkin Fighter: It looks like they are spliting into two groups.

Ravalkin Fighter: Let's take out these two first! We don't need to wait for Archimedes!

Hunter: Here they come! Let's take them all out!

Rose: Im with you Captian! Fox 2!

Ravalkin Fighter: Damn! Missles incoming!

Ravalkin Fighter: What are they trying to prove?

Hunter: You think you can take me on?

Ravalkin Soldier: Archimedes fire in 7 minutes.

Rose: Come on guys you have to find an opening.

Serenity: Urgh......I can find any weak spots! (Fires a missle) Dammit!

Ravalkin Soldier: We've just been hit! One of the legs are down!

Ravalkin General (Radio): What!? Archimedes is suppose to be invincible!

Serenity: Um....Well it looks like I found a weak spot.

Jackal: It looked like you hit it at the back of one of its legs. If we take them all out Archimedes should fall.

Hunter: Well at least we can fight back now.

Rose: Yeah! Let's take this monster down!

Ravalkin Soldier: Due to the damage the time for fire is going to take longer! Archimedes fire in 9 minutes.

Blizzard: Take'em down Sandstorm!

Jackal: Fox 2!

Ravalkin Fighter: Hey! Look at Archimedes.

Ravalkin Fighter: What the hell! They're actually doing damage to it!

Ravalkin Fighter: Who are these guy!?

Hunter: Firing XMAA!

Ravalkin Fighter: What the- Arghhh!!!!!!

Rose: Should've pay attention to the battle.

Hunter: I don't think they'll make that mistake again!

Blizzard: 4 fighters down! Nice job.

Ravalkin Soldier: All of the fighters are down!

Ravalkin Soldier: Forget about the cannon! Switch all power to anti-air weaponry! Take these fighters down!

Serenity: Crap! AA guns!

Jackal: We need you guys here.

Hunter: We're coming.

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron listen up! Due to the anit-air you will not be able to get to any of the legs unless you attack all at once. Choose a target and focus all fire there.

Serenity: Ok guys, where should we hit.

Jackal: We have only one more leg on the left side. We should hit there and the thing should fall.

Serenity: Ok then, everyone ready?

Hunter: Ready

Rose: Let's do this!

Jackal: Everyone attack now!

Sandstorm Sq: Fox 2!

Ravalkin Soldier: 1 missle down...2....third missle down-argh! We've been hit!

Ravalkin Soldier: We're falling!

Blizzard: Target destroyed!

Ravalkin General (Radio): This isn't over yet!

Ravalkin Soldier: Quickly switch power to the engines! Detacth the remaining legs! We have to get out of here!

Rose: What the- What's going on!?

Serenity: That thing stopped falling.

Hunter: What the hell! That thing is a flying fortress too!?

Blizzard: Looks like the job isn't done yet Sandstorm.

Ravalkin Soldier: Hurry! We need to get out of here!

Jackal: Take out the engines! We can't let this bastard get away!

Hunter: Fox 2!

Serenity: Firing XMAA!

Rose: Firing XMAA!

Jackal: Firing XMAA!

(Multiple missle hits)

Ravalkin Soldier: Dammit! All the engines have been hit! We're falling!

Ravalkin General (Radio): We're not done yet! Fire one last shot! Fire the V2!

Ravalkin Soldier: Archimedes fire in 3 minutes! The engines should be able to hold us for now.

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron! You have to take out that cannon!

Rose: How are we suppose to do that!? The armor is too thick.

Jackal: Keep firing at the engines!

Serenity: Fox 2! .....Nothing happened! That thing is still in the air!

Blizzard: The only way you can stop the cannon from firing is to fire directly into the cannon. A plane will have to fly directly at it.

Rose: But none of us will be able to do that!

Hunter: .....What if one of us flew into the cannon.

Serenity: What!? That's insane! You couldn't survive that!

Hunter: Blizzard. If I were to fly into the cannon, could I make a hole I could fly out of?

Blizzard: Well......It's possible..but...

Hunter: I'm going to fly in the cannon!

Rose: Captain you can't be serious!

Hunter: Let's hope this works!

(Hunter flys into the cannon's barrel and destroys the cannon. Fly through a hole made from the explosion)

Blizzard: I've got Sandstorm 10 on radar!

Rose: He did it! He actually did it!

Serenity: Amazing....

Ravalkin Soldier: The cannon is destroyed! Explosions all over! We're fallling!

Ravalkin General (Radio): ....To all Ravalkin soldiers. If any of you survive the crash. It would be best for you to never return to our country.

Blizzard: Target destroyed by Sandstorm 10! Well done Sandstorm Squadron.

Serenity: Phew. I could use a nap right about now.

Rose: You and me both.

Blizzard: Mission complete! Sandstorm Squadron. Return to base.

Mission End.

(Back at the base)

Rose: That was amazing! How did you even do that!?

Hunter: A buddy of mine sent some secret info about how a F-14 Super Tomcat did something similar during the Circum-Pacific War.

Serenity: Secret info?

Hunter: Umm...never mind. So where are you girls headed?

Rose: Well I'm going to the city seeing as we have the day off. What about you Serenity?

Serenity: I've got some personal matters to take to. But we should meet up at the bar in the city.

Hunter: Okay then. See you two later.

(In a unknown location)

(Phone Ringing)

???: What is it.

Ravalkin General: What do you mean!? You know what happened! Th-Those fighters you sent just destroyed our most powerful weapon!!! This wasn't suppose to happen!

???: Calm down. Everything is still going according to plan. "Archimedes" was just add on. We still can complete our goals.

Ravalkin General: Of course, forgive me sir, I've just been under stress from the people.

???: Now that we are all nice and calm, tell me about our current production.

Ravalkin General: Well, with the trouble from the Silvelkians we've had to be more careful with sneaking resources into Ravalka.

???: Don't worry. Soon the Silvelkian people will rally under us and eventually they will beg to become part of Ravalka.

Ravalkin General: And you will have your money for giving us such a prize. Ah, the fame I will have of being the leader who finally got control of Silvelkia.

???: There is one problem though.

Ravalkin General: What is it?

???: ...Its nothing. Nevermind that I said anything.

Ravalkin General: If there is something wrong, I need to know about it.

???: You will be told what I believe you should know general!

Ravalkin General: ...

???: I've got things to do. You do too.

Ravalkin General: ...Yes, Sir.

Mission 10: Dusk

Breifing: Nice to see you all still alive. Here is your next mission. Today you will be attacking a former Silvelkian oil facility now being runned by Ravalkin forces. This facility is important to the Ravalkins as it not only holds oil but is also where the Ravalkin forces have been keeping their supplies. Taking this area out will damage the Ravalkin forces greatly. Sandstorm Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Blizzard: Do you have visual of the target yet?

Hunter: Not yet Blizzard. We'll keep searching. Shame that Jackal left us again.

Rose: I didn't really care for him anyways. I guess its true what they say about never meeting your heroes.

Serenity: Well I'm just glad to be fighting against something I'm used to. No laser or giant machines.

Hunter: Nothing but true combat.

Rose: I've got visual on the target.

Ravalkin Soldier: Put out those fires! We need to evacuate the area!

Serenity: What's going on down there? Blizzard, are you seeing this?

Blizzard: Something is wrong. We weren't planning a ground attack there.

Hunter: Well something is causing all those fires down there. Maybe a accident happened?

Rose: I don't think so Captain, look at the areas the smoke is coming from. There's too much just to be an accident.

Ravalkin Soldier: Damn! Those resistance members! Now we've got fighters on radar!

Ravalkin Soldier: Fighters!? Now they plan to bomb the entire area from above. What's with those monsters!?

Ravalkin Soldier: Quickly! Get some of our guys up in the air too! We can't let them get away with this!

Blizzard: Fighters are taking off from the runway. Take them out quickly before they can get into the air.

Hunter: Serenity, they only got one runway. Seeing as the facility is practically destroyed you might as well drop the bombs there.

Serenity: Right. Dropping GPBs!

(The bombs destroy the runway. The nearby explosion damages a fighter trying to takeoff.)

Ravalkin Soldier: One the fighters was hit! Our runway is destroyed!

Ravalkin Fighter: We can't takeoff! What are we suppose to do now!?

Blizzard: Nice job Sandstorm. Return to base and- hold on. I've got something on my radar.

Rose: What is it?

Blizzard: I can't tell. The area is being jammed.

Serenity: My radar is being jammed! I can't see anything.

(Missle Alert)

Hunter: I've got a missle on me! Launching flares!

Dusk 1: It's time to finish this Sandstorm!

Serenity: Again!?

Ravalkin Soldier: They're here! Dusk Squadron has arrived!

Ravalkin Soldier: What took them so long? The area is no use to us anymore!

Blizzard: Sandstom Squadron, take out the fighters. You've been ordered to take them out before returning to base.

Rose: Who are these guys?

Hunter: They're called Dusk Squadron.

Rose: Oh, I've heard about them. They're the Ravalkin's 2nd best fighter squadron.

Dusk 3: We are the best squadron in the military. And today we will prove that!

Dusk 1: Split into two groups! We'll tear right through this storm!

Blizzard: The target has split.

Rose: Captain they're going to try to overlap us in the jamming. What should we do?

Hunter: Grrrrr....Stay close to each other and try to take them out one by one!

Dusk 2: Attack them from the front!

Hunter: Here they come!

(Missle Alert)

Serenity: Missles! Evade!

Dusk 1: What kind of mistake was that!? Where is the great Sandstorm squadron I've heard about!

Dusk 4: There just a bunch of rookies who survived a few battles that's all!

Dusk 5: There's no place for you here! Just crash and die!

Rose: They sure like to talk, don't they?

Hunter: You're the ones that don't belong here!

Dusk 1: Prove it!

Serenity: I've got a jammer in sight!

Hunter: Cover me while I go after the jammer!

Dusk 6: They see me! Don't let them shoot me down!

Dusk 4: Quit being such a coward!

Rose: Two fighters are right behind us.

Hunter: Distract them for me.

Serenity: But we don't know where the others are!?

Hunter: *Sigh* After all that has happend Serenity, you still don't trust me?

Serenity: ...

Dusk 3: There lead is all alone.

Dusk 1: Move. Now!

Hunter: Just...a..little..closer...

(Missle Alert)

Hunter: Firing now! Fox 2!

Dusk 6: Missles! Oh no, not again!

Blizzard: Jammer down!

Hunter: (Now for the missles)

Rose: Captain! Coming to assist!

Serenity: Rose, wait!

Dusk 1: We've lost one jammer, but the enemy is not together now.

Dusk 4: Moving to engage!

Hunter: Damn! I've still got missles incoming! Time to see the facility up close!

Dusk 5: The fighter is going near the facility.

Dusk 4: Let's get him!

(The two fighters follow Hunter, flying close to the facility.)

Hunter: Alright guys, time to see how good you can handle your planes.

Dusk 4: Let's see how good you can fly scrap metal! Fox 2!

(With the combination of the area and altitude, Hunter easily evades the missle.)

Dusk 4: What the- How was he able to evade.

Hunter: Keeping up? Next we're going through the smoke!

(Hunter performs a Pugachev's Cobra in the smoke)

Dusk 5: Grrrrrrr!!!!! I'll put that bastard in his place!

(Dusk 4 and 5 fly through the smoke but cannot find Hunter)

Dusk 5: Where did he go!?

Dusk 4: I don't see him either. Where is he!

Hunter: Right behind you! Firing XMAA!

Dusk 4: What! No!!!

Hunter: Hostles down!

Dusk 1: What's going on! How is this possible!

Dusk 2: Captain get ahold of yourself!

Dusk 1:! We cannot die!

Dusk 2: Captain!

Dusk 1: Attack them all at once! Tear them apart!

Serenity: Got the other jammer in my sights. Fox 2!

Blizzard: All jammers down!

Rose: I've got the fighters on radar now.

Hunter: Let's finish this.

Dusk 1: I'll send you all to your graves!

Hunter: Take him as a group.

Rose: In gun range. Firing!

Dusk 1: Grrr. You can't kill me. Not yet...

Serenity: Fox 2!

Dusk 1: Not even missles can stop me now! (Warning alarms) Be quite!

Dusk 2: Captain....

Hunter: Fox 2!

Dusk 1: I cannot die here!!!!!

(Dusk 1's plane explodes)

Blizzard: Only one fighter left!

Dusk 2: ....

Rose: He's leaving the combat zone. Should we go after him?

Hunter: Our planes are getting low on fuel. We need to return to base.

Serenity: Let's get out of here.

Mission End

(At a Ravalkin Air base)

Dusk 2: (I'm the only one left... How could it come to this? What do I do now...)

(King enters the room)

Dusk 2: What the hell do you want?

King: *Sigh* It must be difficult to lose all of your friends in one day.

Dusk 2: Are you here to mock me!? Was our squadron nothing but a joke to you!?

King: Calm down. I'm not here to insult you.

Dusk 2: Then why are you here.

King: ....Tell me, were you part of the last war with Silvelkia?

Dusk 2: ...The War of Inhumaninty? Why are you asking me this?

King: Countless crimes of inhumane actions carried out by both countries. Neither one knowing who really started this war, yet each side was willing to do anything to destroy the other...

Dusk 2: What's the point of this dark history lesson?

King: You haven't answered my question yet. Were you part of that war?

Dusk 2: I was...

King: Now answer this, were you a pilot in that war?

Dusk 2: Yes sir.

King: I wasn't. I saw many things while I was on the ground. Things I wish I could forget.

Dusk 2: We all saw things in that war. It was a pointless war that did nothing but cause suffering and hatred.

King: Exactly! And what are we doing now!? Here we are in another war created by the remains of a previous war! What has really changed!?

Dusk 2: ...

King: ...Forgive me. I forgot why I came here for a moment.

Dusk 2: Just leave. My friends are dead, and from what you're saying they died for nothing.

King: Did you care for your fellow pilots?

Dusk 2: Of course I did! Each one of them was like a brother to me! And I didn't even try to get revenge for what those bastards did to us!

King: You are not the only one who has lost someone close to them in this war. One of my men died, and it's my fault. All because of my pride...

Dusk 2: I heard about the engagement...He was there too...

King: The new lead of Sandstorm Squadron...

Dusk 2: We were told that he was nothing more than a rookie pilot. What went wrong?

King: ...

Dusk 2: You know something about him, don't you?

King: Sadly, I don't. But I can be sure from what I've seen that he is not some rookie. The way he flies, he's the type of person who has been through war before.

Dusk 2: ....So what now?

King: Now, you have a choice. We need someone to become the new 4th in Scorpion Squadron. And after hearing what has happened, you are the best candidate for the position.

Dusk 2: Why me?

King: Because you have a real reason to fight now. Something more than just fighting for your country. You and I want the same thing.

Dusk 2: I-I'm just not sure about anything right now.

King: ...I'll be leaving now. We'll be fine with the choice you make, but be sure you can live with it.

Dusk 2: ...

Mission 11: The Heroes of Silvelkia

2 years ago...

Breifing: Attention Mirage Squadron listen up! The Ravalkins have begun a chemical attack on our capital! A support team has been sent to neutralize the gas but will need support to ensure their safety. We've got word of enemy fighters coming towards the area. We are unable to get any anti-air into the area at this time and we need your support. Mirage Squadron! Launch!

Mission Start

Mirage 2: Captain I can see the captial now. How could they do this...

Jackal: We shouldn't be surprised that the Ravalkins would stoop this low. Not after that last war.

AWACS: Mirage Squadron the squadron carrying the neutralizer should be visible on radar now.

Sandstorm 7: We see you on radar now Mirage Squadron. Cover us while we take out the gas.

Mirage 4: Hey it's your former squadron Captain!

Jackal: Are you there Serenity?

Serenity: I'm still alive Captain. It's good to hear your voice once again.

Jackal: Same here. We'll keep you covered.

Serenity: Roger. Commencing mission now!

AWACS: Hostiles on radar! Mirage Squadron engage!

Jackal: Mirage Squadron engaging!

Ravalkin Fighter: Don't let them neutralize the gas! We need to finish this war once and for all!

Mirage 3: Let's take out these hornets!

Mirage 5: This land belongs to the people of Silvelkia. Leave and never return!

Hunter: So you and Jackal were part of that mission?

Serenity: Yeah, I was the lead of Sandstorm at the time. I had more pride in what I was doing back then. Jackal was my mentor. He taught me how to survive...

Jackal: Two hostiles comfirmed down! How's the operation going?

Serenity: So far we have neutralized 30% of the gas. But we need to hurry.

Ravalkin Fighter: Damn! They're tougher then we expected. We'll never stop those planes at this rate! We need reinforcements!

Mirage 5: I've got one locked! Fox 2!

(Missle Hit)

AWACS: Another fighter down! 60% of the hostile forces have been destroyed! Keep it up!

Jackal: This is too easy. I've got 3 fighters right in front of me!

Ravalkin Fighter: That's the flight lead! Fire all missles!

(Missle Warning)

Jackal: I see them! Nothing I can't handle!

(Jackal easily evades the missles coming at him.)

Serenity: Nice Captain!

Jackal: Now it's my turn! Firing XMAA!

Ravalkin Fighter: Shit! Missles incoming evade! Evade!

(Missles hit)

Jackal: Four more for me!

Hunter: Well it seems that the mission was going well.

Serenity: It would have if they hadn't arrived...

AWACS: Warning! New hostiles on radar!

Mirage 3: Nothing we can't handle, right Captain?

Jackal: Let's take them all out! Come on boys I'm fired up!

Serenity: We're almost finished with our mission. Think you could leave some for us Captain?

Jackal: I can't make any promises.

Scorpion 4: Looks like we're too late.

King: Some of the gas is still visible we've just have to take out the fighters.

Scorpion 2: We'll take care of the escorts.

King: Right then. Okay, I'll take care of the rest. Remember what your primary objective always is.

Scorpion Squadron: SURVIVE!

Jackal: One of the fighters is breaking off. I'll intercept. You guys take on the others.

Mirage Squadron: Roger!

Jackal: You're not getting away from me!

King: Let's see if your Raptor can keep up with me!

Mirage 2: This should be easy! There's only 3 of them and 4 of us!

Mirage 5: What can they hope to do with aircraft like those!?

Mirage 3: Let's get this over with. Ravalka must have nothing decent to fight with!

Scorpion 2: Take them out quickly. Scorpion formation. I'll be the tail.

Scorpion 3&4: Roger!

Mirage 3: One's flying above the other two. What are they doing?

Mirage 2: Who cares? Take them down!

Scorpion 3: No you don't! Fox 2!

(Missle Warning)

Mirage 4: I can evade this!

Scorpion 2: Time to strike! Firing SAAM!

(Missle Warning)

Mirage 2: Another missle incoming! Evade Mirage 4!

Mirage 4: What!? I can eva-

Scorpion 2: One down!

King: Good job. Finish off the rest.

Jackal: What the- Hold on! I'm comming to help.

King: Are you sure you can do that?

Jackal: What do you mean!?

King: Look ahead of us.

Jackal: Damn! I won't let you get near them.

King: I'll admit you've done a good job of keeping up. But you'll watch hopelessly as I take them out one by one!

Jackal: Shut up! Fox 2! Fox 2!

(King evades the missles wiht little effort)

King: Hahaha. You think you can take me down so easily? Think again.

Serenity: One by one we were shot down. All of the members of Mirage Squadron were shot down. None of them survived...Except for Jackal.

AWACS: All aircraft in the area. You have been given the order to retreat! Everyone leave the combat zone!

Serenity: We can't just leave yet! The city is still in danger. There's people still down there! We have to save them!

Jackal: To hell if I'm leaving! I'm not going anywhere till I've killed every last Ravalkin here!

AWACS: You have been given an order to leave the area!

King: Only two planes left. Time to finish this.

Scorpion 2: Let's end this!

Jackal: I'm going to drag you all straight to hell!

Scorpion 3: You'll fall just like the rest of them!

King: I'll finish off the last target.

Serenity: Captain I need you to cover me while I finish off the rest of the gas!

Jackal: Grr...

Serenity: Captain!

Serenity: It was like he was a completely different person. He used to be such a good person. It things like this that make me hate war. How it can change people into something they should never be...

Hunter: It's such a shame that war is necessary.

Serenity: What makes you think that? Why can't people just live in peace with each other? Why do we need war?

Hunter: To me it just feels...natural. I hate it but I also enjoy it. It's a weird feeling but...

Serenity: But what?

Hunter: .....So what happened next?

Serenity: *Sigh* Jackal took on the Scorpion Squadron.

Jackal: Fox 2!

Scorpion 3: Damn! Come on!

(Missle hit)

Scorpion 3: Argh!!!

Scorpion 2: King! 3 is down! I didn't see a chute!

King: How much do you people plan on taking from me!

Jackal: None of you are going to survive!

Scorpion 4: This one is stronger than the other ones. We should retreat!

King: No! Not yet!

Serenity: I'm about to finish this!

Jackal: Just finish already and leave these bastards to me!

Serenity: Captain! Calm down!

Jackal: Just get out here now! Forget about the captial!

Serenity: I can't just leave! They're people down there that need my help!

Jackal: Serenity just get out of there!

Serenity: Captain...

(Missle warning)

Serenity: What the- (Static)

Jackal: Serenity!!!

Serenity: I was shot down before I could finish the mission. I managed to get out just in time.I watched the rest from the ground.

King: Did I interupt you two!?

Jackal: Argh!!!!! Fox 2!

(Missle evaded)

Scorpion 4: I'll cover you!

Jackal: Get out of my way!

Serenity: From below I watched as Jackal took down two more planes.Then it was just the two of them.

King: How could this have happened!?

Jackal: Now all that is left is you.

King: I won't let you take me down! I'll avenge all those who fell before me!

Jackal: Fox 2!

King: Fox 2!

Serenity: Even from where I was I could tell the fight was intense. It was like watching demons fight each other. I couldn't turn my gaze from it for a second...It was amazing...The way they fought each other. Each one matching the moves of the other. You wouldn't believe that they were in different planes..Let alone different people...

King: Argh!!!!

Jackal: Argh!!!!

(Jackal and King fight each other ferociously. Practically becoming demons only wanting the death of the other.)

Jackal: Fox 2!

King: That's not going to work!

(Missle evaded)

Jackal: Die!!!!

(Jackal launches his plane right towards King. Both pilots firing everything they have left while flying towards each other.)

King: Argh!!! Damn...this can be!?

Jackal: *Heavy Breathing* I told you I'd kill you. Now die....what the?

(Jackal realizes he's out of ammo.)

Jackal: DAMN!!!

King: Hahahahahahah. It looks like I'll live to see another day. So long Silvelkian Ace!

(King ejects from his plane)

AWACS: No more hostiles on radar. Return to base.

Jackal: No! I won't him get away!

AWACS: Return to base or else!

Jackal: I'm going to finish this now!

(Jackal ejects from his plane)

Mission End

Serenity: And the rest you know. When I saw Jackal eject from his plane I went to find him. When I did I saw him on the ground bleeding.

Serenity: Captain! Oh my god are you okay!?

Jackal: He got my eye! Damn him!!!

Serenity: Captian we need to get out of here!

Jackal: I can't let him get away! I saw he going to the capital!

Serenity: He couldn't have survived if he went that way! We need to get you out of here.

Serenity: He wouldn't leave so eventually I had to do something.

Hunter: What did you do?

Serenity: I knocked him out. It was the only thing I could think of at the time.

Hunter: You knocked him out!?

Serenity: I needed to get him out of there.

Hunter: ...Anything after that?

Serenity: Eventually we learned that we engaged Ravalka's best fighter squadron. Back then we weren't as good as we are today. Then we learned that the capital was destroyed by bombers.

Hunter: What!?

Serenity: Bombers were sent to destroy the city. They made sure that the Ravalkins couldn't get to anything we had.

Hunter: Wait...Silvelkia did this!?

Serenity: The "General" said it was for the best. Later on he proclaimed the city he was in as the new capital of Silvelkia, and Jackal and I were his special guest.

Mavado: Ahhhh. I've always loved the word "General." But you two are not here to listen about me. You two are here to help me raise the spirits of the people!

Serenity: General Mavado our leader...

General Mavado: People of Silvelkia! Today I present to you two great heroes. They have given so much to their country! Though from what we hear they are opposites of each other, though they work together quite perfectly!


General Mavado: Along with what we are here for I have another announcement! Today I have not just brought these two to congradulate them. I am here to give them titles worthy of thier actions. First I give you the man known for his aggresion towards the enemy! Let me introduce you to the "Golden Jackal!"


General Mavado: And second! This woman has been known for her dedication towards protecting her allies. A person worthy to stand at the side of our Silver Angel! I give you the "Silver Dove!"


General Mavado: I give you the Heroes of Silvelkia!

(Loud Cheers)

Serenity: These were the names we were given. They wanted everyone in Silvelkia and Ravalka to know the two of us. Of course, we were only heroes created the propognda. There are no heroes in this war...

Hunter: *Sigh* Thanks for the story Serenity...and I'm sorry.

Serenity: Don't be. There's no reason for you to be. I can tell that you're not from here.

Hunter: ...How long have you known?

Serenity: Besides the fact that you needed to be told any of this? Well...It's your flying. It's much different from how a Silvelkian or a Ravalkin flies. So..who exactly are you?

Hunter: ....I can't remember the name my parents gave me but...

(Hunter reveals a tattoo on his shoulder of a Falcon flying towards the sun.)

Hunter: When i was young my parents died after the fall of Ulysses. I was put into a orphanage wiht others like me. Then one day a man came by and adopted me. He was a strange person. It wasn't untill later that I founded out that I had just becom a child soldier for the Falcons of Dawn.

Serenity: ...What was it like?

Hunter: It was hell and lies. Every day we were trained to fight and taught to hate. The special ones became more than just soldiers. We were trained to use aircraft and other kinds of technology. As I grew up I became a leader of my own squadron. We fought as mercenaries to help keep our group funded. But eventually I learned the truth and escaped from my life as a terrorist.

Serenity: I should be the one to say I'm sorry now. If I had known I wouldn't have asked.

Hunter: Don't worry about it. Afterwards I became a test pilot for the EASA. It was a decent life but eventually they found me. I had to escape. Anywhere I could, and that's why I came here. Silvelkia is ignored by most of the world. I though it would be the best place to hide out, and when I found out this country was at war...Well you know the rest.

Mission 12: Raging Sea

Breifing: Ravalkin forces have begun to move supplies towards the capital of Silvelkia to help support their forces for our imcoming attack. Your mission is to attack the cargo ships and any other ships at sea to prevent this from happening. The mission will take place during a storm, and from the looks of things it will be a big one. Radar may be a issue here today so be prepared. Sandstorm Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Rose: ...Are you guys okay?

Hunter: Yeah. We're fine.

Rose: I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't. I mean after all that you two told me.

Serenity: Don't worry Rose. Like the Captain said, we are just fine.

Rose: Well we'll find out about that soon. Man this storm is crazy.

Blizzard: Everything fine down there?

Hunter: It's kinda hard to see. But we'll be fine.

Blizzard: Radar okay?

Hunter: It's a little fuzzy but nothing that can effect us.

Blizzard: Glad to hear that. You should be coming up to the first group of ships right now.

Ravalkin Ship: Damn the sea is rough tonight! I can't see a damn thing.

Ravalkin Ship: How are the other ships doing?

Hunter: I see the ships now. Prepare to fire missles.

Ravalkin Carrier: How long is this storm going to last?

Hunter: Fire on my mark. 3....2....1....Mark! Fox 2!

Rose: Fox 2!

Serenity: Fox 2!

Ravalkin Ship: Missles incoming! Prepare for impact!

Ravalkin Carrier: Missles!? Launch the fighters! I don't care how bad this storm is! We need something in the air!

Ravalkin Cruiser: Take out those fighters!

(Missle hits)

Ravalkin Ship: Argh! The ship is sinking! It's going to set off the-

(A large explosion comes from the ship)

Rose: Look at that explosion!

Hunter: Strange. It shouldn't have been that large. What are these guys carrying?

Ravalkin Carrier: What the hell is going on!? We could see that from here. Are the Silvelkians using some kind of new weapon on us?

Blizzard: Focus on the mission guys. We'll let the others look into that later.

Ravalkin Fighter: Let's take them out before this storm gets worse.

Blizzard: Looks like you've got fighters incoming.

Rose: Nothing we can't handle. Right Captain?

Blizzard: What the-

Serenity: What is it?

Blizzard: I've got something new here. I can't make it out though.

Ravalkin Ship Scylla: They're here.

Hunter: My radar is being jammed!

Rose: What's going on?

Ravalkin Fighter: Let's see how they handle the Scylla!

Scylla: Jamming online. DOS is active. Preparing to deploy air mines.

Hunter: Damn, I can hardly see anything out here. Can anyone see what's going on?

Serenity: I think I see....what are those things?

Rose: They look like balloons. Are the Ravalkins throwing us a party?

Hunter: I doubt there will be any cake at this party. Look closer.

Serenity: Are those mines!?

Rose: Mines!? You can't be serious!

Hunter: They just turn this place into a minefield! We need to pay attention to our surroundings!

Scylla: Mines have been deployed. Waiting for orders.

Rose: Damn! The storm is moving the mines around. I'm having trouble evading them!

Blizzard: Sandstorm Squadron. Listen up! Those mines are being deployed by the Ravalkins experimental anit-air ship. Codename: Scylla. Command has ordered the destruction on any of these ships as top priority. Consider this as your main objective. We'll send someone else to take out the cargo.

Rose: Scylla, eh? I've heard my fair share of stories about it.

Hunter: Do you think we have a chance against it?

Serenity: Do you think we have a choice in the matter?

Hunter: Of course! We could just leave.

Serenity: That's not much of a choice Captain.

Hunter: Then I guess that just leaves tearing this ship apart.

Rose: I'm ready if you guys are.

Hunter: Let's go!

Ravalkin Fighter: They're actually planning on taking the Scylla on!? These guys must be insane.

Ravalkin Fighter: They might not be. After all this is the same squadron that took out Archimedes.

Ravalkin Fighter: You mean it's that squadron!?

(Sandstorm Squadron looks below, but can't find the Scylla)

Serenity: Where is it?

Hunter: I can't find it. Where could it be?

(Lightning flashes, showing the Scylla for a second)

Rose: There Captain! I saw it when the lightning flashed! It's using some kind of stealth to make itself invisible!

Hunter: Good job Rose! Let's wait for the next strike and engage. Untill then we should take care of the fighters.

Serenity: Right. Let's get rid of them.

Ravalkin Fighter: Prepare to engage! Fox 2!

(Missle Warning)

Rose: I've got a missle on me! Nothing I can't handle!

(Missle Evaded)

Ravalkin Fighter: Just stay calm and-

(The Ravalkin pilot collides with a air mine, causing his plane to explode)

Scylla: Tell those guys to stay clear of the mines! At this rate we'll take out all of our fighters.

(Later on after defeating all of the fighters)

Serenity: I think that's the last one.

Blizzard: How's everyone holding up?

Serenity: I think we're all fine Blizzard, though this storm is getting worse.

Scylla: The fighters have been destroyed and the mines are proving to be ineffective against the Silvelkians. Everyone! Prepare for combat!


Hunter: There it is! The Scylla!

Rose: We need to take out that jamming!


Serenity: I think I can see some kind of tower on the Scylla.

Hunter: We need to line up our missles on the next strike. Our aim will have to be perfect.

Rose: It's almost time.


Hunter: Fire!

(Sandstorm Squadron launches their missles at the Scylla.)

Serenity: Come on! Hit it!

Scylla: Missles incoming!

(A few of the missles hit the tower causing it to collaspe)

Scylla: Damage report!

Scylla Crew: The tower is down! Jamming is offline!

Scylla: Activate all AA weaponry! Take those fighters down!

Rose: Alright! The radar is back!

Serenity: I can see smoke where the Scylla is. We can keep track of it now.


Scylla: Argh! The smoke is giving away our position! Turn off the DOS! Launch the missle drones!

Scylla Crew: Drones launching!

Serenity: I can see the Scylla now.

Rose: That's some ship! I've never seen one that big! Any ideas Blizzard?

Blizzard: Well, previous intel has told us that the Scylla has several vents that seem to lead to the core of the ship. However, the paths are-

Rose: So we just open the vents and fly right in.

Blizzard: Well, not excactly. The Scylla has three vents and only one of them leads to the core. The other ones have a control system that opens the gate to the core. If you take out the core you should be able to destroy the Scylla.

Hunter: So we would have to attack at the same time in order for this to work.

Blizzard: Yes, but first you will have to take out their AA or you will never be able to get close to the vents.

Serenity: Let's take out their defenses!

Scylla: Here they come! Open fire!

(Missle Warning)

Hunter: Here they come evade!

Serenity: That thing can launch drones too!?

Blizzard: Stay away from those drones Sandstorm! They are Ravalka's AFM (Anti-Fighter Missle) Drones. They're programmed to crash into fighters like missle when they are given the command.

Rose: But they look just like regular UAVs to me.

Hunter: Don't let them near you Rose!

Rose: Missle, drone, it doesn't matter. You'll never shoot Sandstorm down!

(Missle Warning)

Hunter: AFMD behind me.

(The wings on the AFMD break off and the body turns into 4 missles)

Hunter: Launching flares!

(The AFMs ignore the flares)

Hunter: Dammit! Evading!

(Hunter flys where the air mines are and uses them to help him evade)

Hunter: Phew. That was close.

Rose: How many of these things do they have? Fox 3!

(Multiple hits on AFMDs)

Serenity: Even with the radar back on and the Scylla visible, I still can't see where they're being launched.

Hunter: If we fly too low and we have to deal with the AA, fly too high and it's the air mines, and in between are the AFMDs. Ravalka knew what it was doing when they made this thing.

Rose: Any ideas?

Hunter: Hmm....What if we were to take on all three?

Serenity: What do you have in mind?

Hunter: I'll take on the Scylla's AA and try to take out the AFMD launchers. Rose, you take out the AFMD that are alread in the air while Serenity takes out the air mines giving us a chance to escape above if things get too dangerous.

Serenity: I guess we can't take on one without something getting in our way. Oh well. I guess I'll put my trust into you Captain.

Hunter: I knew you would eventually. You ready to do this Rose?

Rose: Haven't you been listening to me this entire time? I'm ready for anything!

Hunter: Let's go!

Scylla: The fighters broke formation.

Scylla Crew: Here comes one of them. Fire!

Hunter: Fox 2!

(Missle hit)

Hunter: (Hmm...Where are they coming from.)

Rose: Fox 2!

(Missle hit)

Rose: Another one down!

Serenity: Firing guns!

(Guns hit multiple air mines)

Serenity: Alright guys I've created a safe area to escape into. But I don't know how long it will stay safe the way the storm is moving these mines.

Hunter: Let's keep it up!

Scylla: Launch more drones!

Scylla Crew: Launching!

Hunter: There they are! Fox 3!

(Missle hits on launching AFMDs)

Hunter: I found the launch ports! Fox 2!

(Missle hits on launchers)

Scylla Crew: The launchers have been destroyed! We can't fire anymore drones or mines!

Scylla: Dammit! All this damage from three fighters!

Hunter: I've taken out the launch ports!

Rose: I'm coming back down for another attack! This should be the last of them! Fox 2!

(AMFD destroyed)

Serenity: I'll help you Rose. Fox 2!

(AMFD destroyed)

Blizzard: All mines and AFMDs have been neutralized. Now finish the job Sandstorm!

Hunter: Let's take out the rest of the AA!

Scylla: We need to escape! Activate the DOS!

Scylla Crew: DOS is online.

Hunter: They're becoming desperate.

Rose: I can still track the location of the ship but the stealth still makes it hard to fire at the target.

Serenity: We need to take out the DOS or else we won't be able to finish it off.

Blizzard: Sandstorm. We're out of time. Return to base. A second squadron will take care of the other Ravalkin ships.

Rose: You've got to be kidding me! We can't let it escape yet!

Blizzard: I know you guys don't want to let it get away but we are out of time. The Scylla has taken a fair amount of damage. So we shouldn't be seeing it for awhile. Return to base and get some rest.

Hunter: *Sigh* Oh well. I guess it can't be helped. Let's get out of this storm.

Mission End

Back at the base

Hunter: Why does the General want to see me?

Silvelkian Soldier: I don't know sir. I was just told to give you the information.

Rose: I've never heard of the General meeting anyone like us in person, well, except for Serenity and Jackal.

Serenity: ...

Hunter: Something wrong?

Serenity: Nothing.

Hunter: Well according to the message, I'm suppose to meet him tomorrow at 1600hrs (4:00 PM.)

Rose: I wonder if you're getting a title too.

Silvelkian Soldier: Sir, I have also been ordered to escort you to the location. Transport leaves in ten minutes.

Hunter: Well I guess I'm off then.

Serenity: Wait! (Moves close and whispers) Be careful around Mavado. I've told you what he has done and I don't want you to get caught up in any of his schemes.

Hunter: (Whispers) Don't worry. I won't.

(Later on at Silvelkia's current Base of Operations)

Silvelkian Soldier: The General is just right behind this door.

(Opens door)

General Mavado: Ahh..You must be the Ace I've heard so much about. Come in! Come in!

Hunter: General.

General Mavado: As much as I like being called that you don't have to address me as such! You can just call me Mavado!

Hunter: Thank you sir.

General Mavado: Now let's get to buisness. you may be surprised to know that I know a lot about you. I know for a fact that you are not a citizen of Silvelkia though our current military does not care about that. So long as you're not a Ravalkan! (Laughs) But let me get serious. My sources have comfirmed that you were once a member of the terrorist organization the Falcons of Dawn.

(Hunter tenses up)

General Mavado: No need to get so serious my friend! You're not in any trouble!

Hunter: Why not? (This doesn't look good)

General Mavado: Just look outside. If you had come to Silvelkia years ago you wouldn't have ever believed that it would become the wasteland that it is today. And with this war with Ravalka, we need all the help we can get. Now, you are an exceptional pilot, and from what I've seen from history it's that in this day of age pilots are what determine the course of the world today! Who would've thought that a few people could make such a difference in the world today! Even now, pilots are what drives the Silvelkian military to victory against the Ravalkans!

Hunter: It's a strange world alright.

General Mavado: Yes, but all of this is very real as well. If you have studied history like I have you would noticed how much a single pilot can matter in a war. I mean, a single pilot practically won the last war in Usea by himself! You'd think that would be enough for the world to realize that victory today lies in the sky above us!

Hunter: I admire the praise that you have in pilots like us.

General Mavado: But of course! The exploits of the Sandstorm Squadron are well known throughout the nation of Silvlekia. You, the "Silver Dove", and your other member are one of the last hopes of the people of Silvelkia! Without you and me this country would've surrendered to Ravalka years ago! ....Ahem. It seems that I've seemed to been caught up in the moment. I do that from time to time when I get fired up. But anyways, even though you are such an exceptional pilot we just can't have terrorist in our military.

Hunter: But I'm not a terrorist anymore. I left that part of my life in the past.

General Mavado: That's not how the rest of the world will see it. Ravalka will eventualy find this out as well and then the world will believe that Silvelkia is a haven for terrorist. How could we ever win the war with countries like Yuktobania and Osea supporting Ravalka? Of course the solution is simple. We end the war now! We take out the Ravalkans while we still have a chance! And we will begin with the Ravalkan spy in our midst.

Hunter: You have the spy?

General Mavado: We have not captured the spy, but we do have the identity of her.

Hunter: Her?

General Mavado: Yes. I regret to inform you the the Ravalkan spy is our own "Silver Dove."

Hunter: What!?

General Mavado: I know, shocking news. I wouldn't have believed it myself after all she has done for this country. But all the info I have gather proves that she is indeed a traitor to our country.

Hunter: So what's my part in all of this?

General Mavado: Well your history as a terrorist is known by me and we even have aquired evidence to prove your guilt. But that evidence could just as well be used against a certain Ravalkan spy.

Hunter: That still doesn't answer my question.

General Mavado: I need you to kill the "Silver Dove." Once she is dead we will reveal that not only was she a spy and a traitor but that she was also a terrorist as well.

Hunter: ...I can't believe that Serenity is a traitor. (In fact, I don't believe it at all. What are you trying to do Mavado?)

General Mavado: I know you may have feelings about all of this. It won't be easy but if this isn't done, regardless of the results of the upcoming battle, Silvelkia might lose the war.

Hunter: So when do you want me to do it.

General Mavado: Aha! You're full of surprises my friend! I never thought that this would be so easy! But here you are asking for orders already! Maybe after all of this is done there will be a place for you in my Mirage Squadron!

Hunter: Thank you sir.

General Mavado: Very well then! It has to be done during the battle. She would never expect it and I couldn't think of any other way I would want it done.

Hunter: It will be done.

General Mavado: You don't know how much I appreciate this! Here. Take this Silvelkian wine as a gift! This is the last to ever be made so make sure to savor it while it last! Now you may leave. I wish to be alone.

Hunter: Sir.

(Hunter leaves the room)

General Mavado: Everything is coming together. Soon I will win this war! That pilot sure is something! I never expected him to agree to this so quickly. Ah, but he is a terrorist after all! (Laughter)

Hunter: (I've got to tell Serenity and Rose about this!)

Mission 13: Capital Punishment

At a Ravalkan Air Base

Scorpion 2: So is everything ready?

King: Yes. We should be ready for this mission...

Scorpion 2: ...What's wrong?

King: Nothing. It's just...How long have we been fighting?

Scorpion 2: Don't tell me you're going soft on me Victor um- I mean King.

King: No, it's actually nice to hear my real name. When's the last time we've actually heard our real names Erika?

Scorpion 2: ...

King: Erika?

Scorpion 2: ....I'm tired of this war Victor. I want to go home...I want to see my homeland again. I'm tired of seeing nothing but endless desert.

King: I wish we could go home now Erika. But we still have work to do. For Joshua.

Scorpion 2: ...For Joshua.

(Scorpion 4 aka Dusk 2 enters the hanger)

Scorpion 4: Are we ready to avenge our friends?

King: Yes. Let's go. Time to end this war.

The Next Day

Breifing: This is it. Today is the day we take back the Silvelkian capital.

General Mavado: If you don't mind sir I would like to give the rest of the breifing.

Breifing: Of- Of couse sir!

General Mavado: Alright then! The objective today is simple. The utter destruction of all Ravlkan forces in Silvelkia! This is our capital! This is our land! This is our sky! All pilots prepare for takeoff! All soldiers prepare for combat! We will take victory today and then we will take the fight to Ravalka! Everyone! We free Silvelkia today!

(At the hanger)

Hunter: He seems to put on quite a peformance.

Serenity: He's always been good with words. One of the resaons I hate him.

Rose: So are we all ready?

Hunter: Yes. Though we'll have to be subtle about it. Make sure we have a way of escape. Until then, survive.

Serenity: We might as well play along till then.

Rose: What about Blizzard?

Serenity: He should be fine. Though I took the risk of sending him everything.

Hunter: So where will we go?

Serenity: I'll tell you guys later. Just remember the password.

Hunter: "Shattered Skies"

Serenity: Good. Also, one more thing.

Hunter: What?

(Serenity moves close to Hunter)

Serenity: (Whisper) I'm sorry I couldn't tell you everything. I promise once we reach the area that everything will be told. I just can't take that risk right now.

Hunter: (Whisper) We all have our secrets.

Serenity: (Whisper) I know. But I can't help but feel bad about not telling you this after all that has happened.

Hunter: Don't worry about it. I trust you.

Rose: Um....Do you two need to be alone? I'm feeling a bit awkward here.

(The two of them realize how close they had gotten to each other)

Hunter: should prepare for takeoff.

Serenity: Uh..yeah. After you Captain.

Mission Start

Blizzard: Today's the day Sandstorm!

Silvelkian Soldier: Let's get this war over with!

Silvelkian Soldier: I hear you man! Time to free Silvelkia!

Serenity: Everyone seems ready to fight.

Hunter: Let's finish this.

Blizzard: Hostiles on radar!

Hunter: It's them!

King: Can you hear me Sandstorm?

Hunter: We can hear you.

King: Even though you have shot down our comrades, our friends, our family, know that I do not hate you for this. This is war. People live and people die for what they believe in and we have to do what we do to survive. I hold no grudge against you or Silvelkia. I can let go of such things...unlike your former leader. But I cannot stand this war any longer. None of us can. So will shoot you down and end this war today! This war will end with your deaths! Prepare yourself Sandstorm Squadron! The fate our nations will be decided with this battle! Scorpion Formation!

Scorpion Squadron: Roger!

Hunter: Here they come!

Serenity: Looks like they're back to 4 members.

Scorpion 4: I will take you down and avenge my fallen comrades! I will reclaim the glory of Dusk Squadron!

Hunter: I'll take their lead and the other one. You two take on the others!

Sandstorm Squadron: Roger!

King: I'll be the body. Two, you'll be the tail. Three and Four will be the claws.

Scorpion 2: Roger that.

Scorpion 3: We'll tear them apart!

Blizzard: Combat has started in the Capital. Our current forces are at 90%

Rose: Firing XMAA!

Scorpion 2: This should be easy to evade.

(Missles evaded)

Hunter: Fox 2!

King: Flares!

(Missle evaded)

King: You'll have to try harder then that if you want to survive Sandstorm!

Hunter: Argh! This isn't working. We need a new plan.

Serenity: Just stay alive.

Silvelkian Tank Cmnd: AWACS we need allied support now! We're getting hit hard over here!

Blizzard: No one is avalible to support you right now! Just hold on!

Scorpion 3: You're not getting close to us! Fox 2!

(Missle Warning)

Rose: I can't outmanuver it! Launching flares!

(Missle evaded)

Scorpion 2: I've got them in my sights.

King: Fire.

Scorpion 2: Feel the sting of Scorpion Squadron. Firing SAAM!

(Missle Warning)

Hunter: Incoming missle! Evade!

Scorpion 2: You can't escape.

(The SAAM goes after Serenity. Serenity tries to evade but struggles.)

Serenity: It's still on me I can't evade!

Scorpion 3: It'll all be over soon!

King: Here he comes...

Hunter: Fox 3!

Scorpion 2: Damn! Evading!

(Scorpion 2 evades the missles but losses the lock on Serenity.)

Serenity: Phew. That was close.

Rose: We can't fight these guys up here. At this rate we'll be killed!

Serenity: Any ideas?

Hunter: Want to give me a tour of the capital?

Serenity: What are you....Wait are you suggesting we fight them there!? That's insane! With everything going on there-

Hunter: We've done worse.

Rose: I'm with you Captain!

Serenity: *Sigh* Alright then. Let me show you the sites.

King: They're moving towards the capital.

Scorpion 2: Trying to get away from us?

Scorpion 4: They're trying to lead us into a trap. Be careful when pursuing their lead or he'll tear us apart.

King: Break Scorpion formation when they get there. We'll attack them from all sides. Contact the men on the ground. A Sandstorm is coming...

(Upon reaching the Capital)

Ravalkin Soldier: Sandstorm is here!?

Ravalkin Soldier: I thought Scorpion was suppose to take care of them!

Ravalkin Cmndr: It doesn't matter if they are here! We finish this today! Fire all AA weaponry! We'll turn this place into their graves!

Blizzard: You've got the attention of the ground units. Are you sure about this?

Silvelkian Squadron: Sandstorm is here!

Silvelkian Squadron: Need any help? We'll assist you in any way we can!

Blizzard: A squadron is here to support you. Thought you could use the help to survive.

Serenity: The help will be appreciated.

Hunter: What's your squadron's name?

Silvelkian Squadron: We're the 62nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Nighthawk"

Nighthawk 1: What do you need us to do?

Hunter: Take out any AA weaponry while we engage the Scorpion Squadron!

Nighthawk 1: You heard him boys! Let make some trouble down below!

(Nighthawk Squadron distracts the AA while Sandstorm focuses on Scorpion.)

Scorpion 4: There they are.

Hunter: They're here! Prepare to fly into the Capital! Watch out for buildings and stay calm.

King: Engage!

Hunter: Split up!

(Sandstorm Squadron splits up. Each one taking a path through the Capital, flying low to the ground.)

King: Stay together. We'll take them out one by one.

(Scorpion Squadron stays in a group as they enter the Capital.)

Scorpion 4: I see one of them!

Hunter: Looks like they found me.

King: You shouldn't have split up like that. You're good but you'll never be able to take us by yourself.

Hunter: Then come shoot me down.

Scorpion 4: I will! Fox 2!

(Hunter easily evades using the surroundings to his advantage)

King: Not bad. But you'll never be able to keep this up.

Hunter: (He's right. I need to think of something...)

King: Fox 2.

(Hunter evades the missle easily)

King: Hmm...Missles will not work here. Save them for later. Use your guns.

Hunter: Serenity, Rose, where are you?

Rose: We're close by but I don't think it would be a good idea to regroup.

Hunter: That won't be necessary. I've got a plan.

Serenity: What do you have in mind?

Hunter: Locate me on radar and prepare to fire you missles.

Serenity: Why? What are you planning?

Hunter: I'm going to come at you two head on and turn at the last second. I want you to fire your missles towards my direction as soon as I say so.

Serenity: ...Okay then. We're moving towards your position.

Scorpion 2: I see the others on radar.

King: They must be planning to regroup.

Scorpion 3: And we'll take them all out at once!

Rose: Whenever you are ready.

Hunter: When I give the signal, fire everything you got.

Serenity: We can see you now.

Scorpion 2: They're coming right towards us.

King: Everyone, fire now!

(The Scorpion Squadron fires thier guns at Hunter)

Hunter: (Damn! Not yet...)

(The gun fire gets more intense as they get closer)

Hunter: (Not yet...)

(Hunter's plane starts taking damage from the guns. Damaging his wings.)

Hunter: NOW!

Serenity: Fox 2!

Rose: Fox 2!

(The missles come toward Hunter but he is able to evade them at the last second.) Note: Just think of the part where Cipher and Pixy fly towards each other at the end of Zero, only instead of a plane it's two missles on each side.

King: Evade!

Scorpion 2: What the!?

Scorpion 3: Damn!

(King and Scorpion 4 manage to evade the missles, but Scorpion 2 and 3 are hit.)

King: Status report!

Scorpion 3: (Laughing) *Sigh* It looks like i'm done for...Nothing is working. It's a shame really. But to be honest....I felt like I died years ago...It's up to you now King.(Static)

(Scorpion 3's plane explodes)

King: Dammit! Erika! Erika!

Scorpion 2: I'm fine King. But I won't be able to continue like this. I'm bailing out.

(Scorpion 2 ejects from her plane)

King: .....Rest in peace Salas.

Blizzard: Two hostiles down! You're halfway done!

Scorpion 4: It's just like last time...How can this be...

King: Are you still with me on this?

Scorpion 4: ....I have no choice. Do...Do you still think we can do this?

King: ...Stay close to me.

Scorpion 4: ...Yes King.

Hunter: Are you two okay?

Rose: That was amazing! I don't think anyone can take you on Captain!

Serenity: I think I need to take a break after that.

Hunter: Well that will have to wait. Here they come again.

King: ...Change of plans. You take on the other two. Leave him to me.

Scorpion 4: What? You can't be serious!

King: If it's just one on one I should be able to handle him. Just keep the others away from me.

Scorpion 4: ....Roger.

Serenity: They're spliting up.

Hunter: ....You two. Take the other one on. I'm going after Scorpion One.

Rose: Are you sure you want to do this alone? I mean we have the advantage now.

Hunter: I'm sure.

Serenity: ....Let's go Rose.

Rose: ...Argh! Whatever! But I'm going to take him out if you're not done by the time we are! So you better make this quick!

Hunter: Okay then. Hey Blizzard!

Blizzard: Yeah?

Hunter: How's the battle below going?

Blizzard: Well to be honest, we're losing. Only 40% of our troops remain and I can't get a response from Nighthawk. But I'll be with you guys to the end! You understand right?

Hunter: Perfectly.

(The pilots split up leaving Hunter and King to fight.)

King: This is what it comes down to. One on one combat. Just you and me. It's that day all over again.

Hunter: The day over the Capital...

King: Only you're not him, and I don't plan on letting anyone but him defeat me!

Hunter: And I don't plan on dying today!

King: Let's finish this Sandstorm!

Hunter: Fox 2!

(King evades the missle and performs a counter-manuver)

King: Fox 2.

(Missle Warning)

Hunter: Flares!

(Hunter uses flares to evade and performs a counter-manuver on King)

King: Not bad. But can you keep up?

(King flys below into the Capital with Hunter persuing)

King: Still here? Fox 2!

(King shoots a missle towards a building, causing part of it to come down)

Hunter: Damn! Fox 2!

(Hunter fires a missle at the incoming debris, allowing hime to evade)

King: How was that? You're not the only one with tricks.

(Hunter continues to persue King througout the Capital, each one trying everything they can to take out the other)

King: You're pretty good.

Hunter: You're not so bad yourself.

King: I think it's time we end this.

(King turns his plane towards Hunter)

King: Firing SAAM! Fox 2!

Hunter: Fox 2! Fox 3!

(Hunter and King fire everything they have left at each other. Each one dodging the incoming missles and gunfire)

Hunter: (Shit! We're going to crash into each other!)

King: Sandstorm!

(The two try to evade collison, but their wings crash into each other causing them to break off)

King: Damn!

Hunter: Come on! Stay up!

Serenity: Are you okay!?

Hunter: My wing has broken off but I should be okay. His wing is gone too.

King: It looks like it's a draw...Unless you want to keep going?

Hunter: I think we both know the answer to that.

King: (Laughing) If you were Jackal I would assume that would be a yes. But I can tell you're not. But you are- What the?

(The radar becomes jammed)

Serenity: What's going on?

Rose: The radar is being jammed.

(Mirage Squadron appears)

Mirage 1: There's the target.

Jackal: I'm not interested in her. You know the one I want.

Mirage 3: It seems your squadron got the best of him.


Hunter: What's going on!?

General Mavado: Hmm...It seems that Scorpion was a bit much for you, but no matter. Your target is open for attack now. Finish her off.

Hunter: Mavado!?

General Mavado: Don't worry, Mirage Squadron will give you cover and the jamming won't effect you. Finish this!

Mirage 1: The target is in sight. Take the shot.

Hunter: .....Engage.

Serenity: Roger that!

Rose: Yes sir!

Mirage 1: What the!?

General Mavado: What the hell is going on! How did they find you!? What did you do!?

Hunter: I'm not about to betray my allies Mavado!

General Mavado: Damn you! Then you can just die with the rest of them! Attack!

Blizzard: Nighthawk Squadron. Engage the fighters. Protect Sandstorm Squadron so they can escape the combat zone.

Nighthawk 1: Roger that Blizzard. Take them out!

Mirage 4: How did they get the drop on us!?

Jackal: It doesn't matter! Just kill them all! You made the wrong choice Sandstorm.

Blizzard: The last two Scorpion aircraft are off radar. Looks like they bailed out.

Hunter: Shame we can't do the same. It's going to be a pain to escape from here.

Nighthawk 2: Don't worry Sandstorm. We're the best the Resistance has to offer.

Hunter: The Resistance!? Well that explains alot. So you were a spy after all.

Serenity: Yeah that part was true. After that day at the former Capital I could not let Mavado's military have control over Silvelkia. So I became a spy for the Resistance and was giving them information.

Jackal: Traitors have no place here. Firing 4QAMs

(Missle Warning)

Serenity: Flares!

(The flares allow Serenity to evade)

Jackal: You're not getting away!

Rose: Forget about them. We need to get out of here.

Hunter: Kinda hard for me at the moment. If I try anything I'll just end up crashing into the ground.

Serenity: Just focus on keeping your plane up.

Hunter: Easy for you to say.

Blizzard: We're almost out of the combat zone. Just stay alive Sandstorm.

General Mavado: What are you doing!? They're getting away! Do your jobs!

Mirage 3: Fox 2!

Nighthawk 3: Missle incoming! Evasive manuvers!

Hunter: Just a little more...

Mirage 1: Sir we won't be able to get them at this rate. Requesting mission abort.

Jackal: What!?

General Mavado: Grr....Fine then. Return to base.

Jackal: We can't let them get away!

General Mavado: Follow your orders Jackal!

Jackal: Argh!!!

Blizzard: Phew. We made out alive.

Jackal: Can you still hear me Sandstorm? Don't think this is over. I'll find you.

Hunter: ......I'm looking foward to it.

Mission End

Part 4: The Hunter and The Jackal

(1 day later)

Hunter: (Geeze...The desert sucks. Serenity, Blizzard, and Rose are at the base and i'm stuck here next to my Raptor waiting for rescue. At least this will give me some time to think about everthing that has happened so far.)

(2 hours later)

Hunter: (Man it's getting hot out here. I'm surprised that I haven't been found by the Silvelkians or the Ravalkans yet. I'm pretty sure that I would be quite a prize to any of them. *Sigh* This suit is too hot and I've already cut some of it off. Rather not be wearing practically nothing when they find me but if I have too...)

(1 hour later)

Hunter: (Almost out of water...Whatever though, it was warm and tasted bad. Water shouldn't taste like that. Hell water shouldn't taste like anything but....well..water.)

(10 mins later)

Hunter: (I would give anything for some more of that water...)

(2 hours later)

Sand Goblin 1: I think I see him!

Sand Goblin 2: Yeah I see the poor bastard! Lets get him back to base quickly!

Sand Goblin 1: Looks like he's unconscious! We better hurry.

( 1 day later at the Sivelkian Resistance's base)

Hunter: Ahhh! This is some good water!

Rose: Really!? I honestly think it taste like crap. Are you sure you're okay?

Hunter: I feel fine Lilly.

Resistance Maintainence Crew: Darn it Roy! How do you keep getting alcohol on the base!? You know the rules!

Roy: Hey if I want to drink I always find a way!

Hunter: Is that who I think it is!? Roy!

Roy: Well well! Look who's back from the dead! It's been awhile.

Hunter: How did you get here?

Roy: Well when I bailed out of my plane right in the warzone I knew I was going to be captured. So I decided to take the lesser of the two evils and went towards the Resistance. They captured me and explained to me what was really going on with this war. At first I though it was total BS but later on I found out it was all true. Eventually we began to trust each other and I became a member of the Silvelkian Resistance. Still it sucks out here man. They won't let alcohol on the base. Though as you just heard I find a way. Got some Phoenix Ale stashed in my room.

Rose: Phoenix Ale!? God, I haven't had that since I was a teenager! That stuff was the best!

Hunter: Lilly...

Roy: Well Steven. Are you going to introduce me to your cute friend? Or will I have to introduce myself?

Hunter: Lilly, this is my friend Roy Harding. His TAC name is....What is your TAC name?

Roy: Just call me Roy. And your name is Lilly?

Rose: Yes. Lilly Rosenthal. It's nice to meet you. Now about that ale...


Serenity: It's nice to see that you're still alive.

Hunter: Took you guys long enough.

Serenity: My commander wants to see you.

Hunter: Sounds like fun.

Serenity: ?

Hunter: What?

Serenity: You just seem...different from when I first met you. Does this have to do with what happened back at the hanger?

Hunter: No it's just that I feel a bit more relaxed around you guys now.

Serenity: Are you sure? Because-

Hunter: I'm fine Alexis. You don't have to worry about me. I'm just fine.

Serenity: Alright then. I guess we should see him now.

(At the Commander's room)

Vance Garza: Nice to see that you're still alive. I am Vance Garza, leader of the Silvelkian Resistance. This is my second in command, Sterling Noble.

Sterling Noble: ...Nice to meet you...

Hunter: Likewise. (Geeze! Look at the size of this guy. He looks like he could break me in half if he wanted to.)

Vance Garza: Miss Ballard, could you leave us for just a moment.

Serenity: Yes sir.

Vance Garza: Now then, it seems that while you're the one who helped get one of our best spys safely back to us, you still don't know the full picture of what is going on.

Hunter: An explanation of what I've just gotten myself into would be nice.

Sterling Noble: War. That's what you're into.

Vance Garza: Let me just get to the point. This war has nothing to do with Silvelkia and Ravalka's history. It nothing more than a way for Mavado to get rich and take over Silvelkia at the same time. After the fall of the Silvelkian government Mavado, along with the help of members of the Ravalkan military and governmant, started this war in order to get rich off the mass amounts of oil that was found in Silvelkia after the fall of Ulysses. If we had found the oil before the fall of the government things might have been different.

Sterling Noble: That wouldn't have stopped that man.

Vance Garza: *Sigh* Maybe you're right. Anyways, we had found out about Mavado's plan and been working on overthrowing him ever since but...

Sterling Noble: Propoganda.

Vance Garza: Mavado has what could be considered the most effective propoganda in the history. We can't even get any of this out to the people. Makes it hard to recruit as well. As for Mavado's plan it is to get rich off selling Silvelkian oil to the Ravalkans and then sell Silvelkia to the Ravalkans.

Hunter: I thought he wanted control over Silvelkia.

Vance Garza: Mavado is a greedy man. He wouldn't let the Ravalkans have control over Silvelkia for long. He would use the mass amounts of money he is making from this war and take out the Ravalkans before they knew what hit them. Gaining control over Silvekia and Ravalka.

Sterling Noble: And he wouldn't stop there.

Vance Garza: No he wouldn't. That man would try to take over the world if he could. And I'm afraid that he might be able to.

Hunter: Sounds like we're in trouble.

Vance Garza: It's even worse when you consider the fact that Mavado and Silvelkia and Ravalka are mostly ignored by the rest of the world.

Hunter: Anything else I should know?

Vance Garza: No that's is pretty much everything for now. Once you are cleared you and the rest of your squadron will be doing some missions for us. We need to end this as soon as we can. Noble tell Miss Ballard that she can come in now.

Sterling Noble: Yes sir.

Vance Garza: Miss Ballard. I need to discuss about recent events and about your squadron. You may take your leave now Mr...

Hunter: Mercier. Steven Mercier.

Mission 14: Power Play

Part 1: Battle of Aces. Mercier vs Noble

Breifing: Before we start with the actual mission we need to test your performance out there. While everyone here is sure of your capabilities, Garza has asked me to set some tests for you Mercier. You will be the only one out there during these tests which consist of 3 parts. 1. Manuvering. 2.Air to ground Combat. and 3. Air to air combat. To be honest though, I think Garza wants to use this as a morale booster and is not really concerned about how you perform, so don't be afraid to show off a little.

Mission Start

Vance Garza: Sandstorm Lead can you hear me?

Hunter: Loud and clear.

Vance Garza: Good. We'll begin with the first test now. Everyone here will be watching you. We can't wait to see what you can do. Now, here at the Shattered Peaks base we have various areas where you can show us how well you can manuver. We've created some "missles" for you to evade. Now these aren't normal missles. First off, they don't really exist and second, they can only be evaded by taking the path shown on your HUD. You'll need at least 1500 points to continue so do the best you can out there. We'll begin the test in 30 seconds.

Hunter: Alright then. Guess I'll just wait for the first missle then...

("Missle" Warning!)

Hunter: (What the!? That was nowhere near 30 seconds!)

Vance Garza: Surprise, Sandstorm. You better evade fast.

Hunter: Sneaky little...

(Hunter follows the path on his HUD)

Hunter: (Looks like this turn is going to be tight!)

(Hunter barely makes the turn, nearly crashing into the mountains, but is able to evade the nonexistant missle)

Hunter: Come on guys! If the "missle" doesn't get me these mountains surely will!

Vance Garza: Sorry about that Sandstorm. On the plus side you now have 500 points, though it's only going to get more difficult for you.

Hunter: I know that you want to test me but is this really the best way to do it? Can't we just get on to the air to air combat test?

Vance Garza: Hmm...What do you think Noble?

Sterling Noble: Let's not waste time.

Vance Garza: Your right. We don't need to do all of this just to see how good you are. We'll go right to the air to air then. Prepare yourself Sandstorm. I don't think you'll win here. Noble! Prepare for takeoff. Use any plane of your choice.

Sterling Noble: Any plane sir?

Vance Garza: Any plane.

Sterling Noble: *Chuckles*

(Moments later)

Hunter: Come on out Noble! I'm still waiting!

Vance Garza: In the air Noble is known by his TAC name Ice or as his enemies call him "Le Dialbe glace" or "The Ice Devil." His is the last line of defense here at the Shattered Peaks base. Let's see how long you can last against him.

Ice: Engage.

(Noble flies right in front of Hunter in a X-02)

Hunter: What the!? An X-02!?

Vance Garza: His favorite plane.

Ice: Let's see if you can find me.

(Noble flies out of view with Hunter unable to keep up)

Hunter: (Damn! His plane has excellent manuverability. Even in my Raptor I can't keep up.)

Ice: Locked. Fox 2

("Missle" Warning)

Hunter: Already!?

(Hunter turned hard right, but Noble was still on him.)

Hunter: (Damn alarm!) Alright then Ice Devil. Let's heat things up!

(Hunter pulls a Pugachev's Cobra, almost causing Noble to collide with this plane.)

Serenity: What are you doing!? You trying to get yourself killed!?

Hunter: I knew he wouldn't hit me.

Ice: Not bad.

(Hunter then chased Noble, making sure not to lose him again.)

Hunter: Fox 2!

(Noble evades the "missile" and fly down where Hunter can't see him.)

Vance Garza: Looks like Ice isn't pulling any punches with this guy. Never seen anyone give him this much trouble except for one pilot.

Hunter: (Where is he? I can't see him below the clouds.)

("Missile" Warning)

(Hunter pulls a High-G turn to evade the incoming missile.)

Hunter: (I still can't find him. How can he fly down there? There's too much cloud cover below. No one could fly through that.)

(Noble's plane shoots out of the clouds right below Hunter)

Ice: Fox 3.

("Missile" Warning)

(Hunter trys to evade the incoming missiles. He managed to get past the first three, but the last one gets him.)

Ice: Target destroyed.

Vance Garza: Not bad. You've set a new record Mr. Mercier.

Hunter: I'd rather have won the dogfight.

Part I end.

Part 2 Start.

Rose: You okay Captain?

Hunter: I'm fine Rose.

Roy: Don't feel bad Steven. I've never seen anyone defeat that man.

Serenity: I'm sure that if the two fo you fight again you'll be the winner next time.

Hunter: Thanks guys.

Blizzard: Nice to see that we're all alive here.

Roy: Hey Blizzard! How've you been?

Blizzard: Just fine Roy. Not every day that you defect.

Roy: Just think of it as truely fighting for Silvelkia.

Blizzard: I'll keep that in mind Roy. Anyways, here's your in-flight breifing.

Breifing: You'll be attacking the Silvelkia Broadcast station located in the Elsing Ravine. The Ravine is covered by a AA network. You'll be shot down if you fly over the ravine. Flying through the ravine is our only option but there is another problem. In the ravine is a radar network that informs of any planes flying through the ravine. Though we have plan for that. The each of you will have to destroy the stations located in the radar network to get through. This will take a combination of skilled flying and perfect timing. Good luck Sandstorm.

Blizzard: And with that I take my leave. Good luck out there guys!

Mission Start

Serenity: We'll each have to take a path through the ravine. That will be the only way we can take out the radar network.

Hunter: This will be tricky. Each of us will have to make sure that we reach the target on time and I doubt that each path is the same.

Rose: Here we go.

(The four of them split up into the different paths of the ravines.)

Hunter: See the first target yet?

Roy: Not yet.

Serenity: I'm getting closer to it.

Rose: Wait i'm nowhere near my first one.

Hunter: Serenity fly slower, Rose speed up, Roy keep your pace.

Sandstorm Squadron: Roger.

(The four of them fly thorugh the ravine, being careful to not to crash into the ravine itself.)

Rose: I see the first one.

Serenity: Same here.

Roy: I'm about to make visual range. How about you Captain?

Hunter: I'm in visual range now. Get ready to fire.

Serenity: Whenever you're ready.

Rose: Ready to fire.

Roy: In range.

Hunter: 5...4...3...2...1...Fire!

(The four pilots fire at thier targets simultaneously.)

Rose: Target destroyed!

Roy: And it doesn't seem that they notice us. Glad to see that you guys haven't been slacking.

Serenity: Time to move to the next one.

(The pilots continue moving through the ravine.)

Hunter: Status.

Rose: Mine is almost in visual range.

Serenity: Halfway there.

Roy: Coming up on it.

Hunter: Ugh. I need to speed up.

(Hunter starts flying faster through the ravine.)

Hunter: My path is getting narrower. Dammit!

Serenity: What!?

Hunter: It's a dead end!

Rose: You can't be serious!

Hunter: I'm afraid so. It doesn't look like I can...wait a minute.

Roy: What are you thinking Captain?

Hunter: There seems to be a small tunnel below. It could lead out to the other side.

Serenity: Are you sure there isn't another way?

Hunter: You think I can take on highly accurate SAMs?

Roy: Wouldn't be the first time I've seen you do something crazy.

Hunter: I'll take the tunnel.

Roy: Remember to turn your headlights on!

(Hunter flies into the small tunnel below.)

Hunter: So far so good.

Rose: Be careful Captain. Crashing inside a tunnel isn't exactly how I want you to go.

Hunter: But you DO want me to go. Right?

Rose: You know what I ment!

Serenity: How are you doing?

Hunter: Just fine for now.

(Hunter continues flying through the tunnel.)

Hunter: (Damn darkness.)

Rose: I'm almost at the target.

Roy: Same here.

Serenity: Got visual on the second target.

Hunter: Looks like I'll have to hurry up!

(Hunter starts speeding up his plane in the tunnel, being careful to not hit the surrounding walls and eventually flies out.)

Hunter: Phew. Glad to be out of there.

Serenity: How close are you?

Hunter: It's right in front of me. Everyone ready?

Rose: On your command Captain.

Hunter: 5...4...3...2...1...Fire!

(The four of them sucessfully hit thier targets again.)

Roy: Only one more left!

Rose: All we have to do is- *static*

Hunter: Rose what's going on!?

Roy: Someth....wron...

Serenity: Jamm....wh...n...

Hunter: (Dammit!)

Rose: Cap....nea...tar...

Hunter: Where's the jammer?


Hunter: (The radio is completely jammed. Guess I'll just focus on getting to the next target.)

(Hunter continues down the ravine looking out for the jammer.)

Hunter: (Still no signs of the jammer.)

(Hunter continues his flight down the ravine.)

Hunter: (Dammit. How close am I to the target anyways?)

(The radar suddenly comes back online.)

Rose: Hell yeah! Jammer destoryed!

Hunter: Status report!

Roy: I'm close to my target.

Serenity: I've got visual.

Rose: Nearing mine now.

Hunter: Dammit I'll pass my target at this rate! I'm to close to it.

Roy: Can you slow down in time.

Hunter: Hold on I'll think of something.....I've got an idea but you guys need to go as fast as you can.

(Hunter flies near the top of the ravine.)

Hunter: 2990ft. Just ten away from the SAMs. I'm starting my plan now.

(Hunter starts to stall his Raptor, pulling back in forth into a stall.)

Hunter: You getting closer?

Roy: Got visual.

Rose: Almost there.

Hunter: Hurry up or else they'll get a visual on me.

Rose: I'm getting closer.

Hunter: My plane's going to get a wash if you don't hurry up Rose!

Rose: I've got visual!

(Hunter pulls his plane out of the stall, thrusting the plane foward.)

Hunter: FIRE!

(The pilots hit thier targets just in time. Destroying the targets before they could inform anyone.)

Hunter: Phew...

Rose: You okay Captain?

Hunter: I'll be fine back at base.

Serenity: It looks like the paths are starting to join.

(The four pilots reform as the ravine becomes wider.)

Roy: So was the grass greener on your side?

Rose: How would I know?

Serenity: At least it looks like a straight shot to the target now.

(The four of them fly towards the end of the ravine.)

Hunter: Where's the target?

Roy: Oh well there's nothing here. Darn it. It looks like we'll have to try again tomorrow. Let's go guys.

Serenity: Very funny Roy.

Roy: Might as well be. But even with this result, I think this has been quite a bonding experience, wouldn't you agree?

Rose: Wait a minute. I think I see something above.

Hunter: I'm starting to see it too. That's an antenna!

Roy: Are you telling me that the Broadcast station is located inside a cave!?

Serenity: If it's in a cave then where's the entrenece?

Rose: Look down! I see a ship below.

Silvelkian Cruiser: What the hell!? Are those fighters?

Silvelkian Sailor: Are they one of ours?

Silvelkian Salior: Of course not you idiot! Everyone prepare for combat! We're being attacked!

Hunter: Incoming fire from the Cruiser!

Roy: We have to pull down or crash into the end of the ravine!

Rose: Which would you prefer?

Roy: I'm not in the mood in seeing the Silver Angel just yet.

Hunter: That ship didn't come from nowhere either. There must be a tunnel below, just like the one I flew through moments ago.

Serenity: So we're doing this?

Hunter: Engage!

(The four of them flew down towards the Silvelkian Cruiser, evading the incoming AA fire.)

Hunter: Fox 2!

Rose: Fox 2!

Silvelkian Salior: Incoming missiles! Abandon ship!

(The missiles landed a direct hit on the cruiser causing several explosions.)

Silvelkain Sailor: The ship's sinking!

Hunter: Cruiser destroyed.

Roy: Now it's time to fly into the tunnel. Heh, planes flying through tunnels. Bet that nobody has ever done something like this before!

Hunter: Let's hope this actually leads somewhere.

(Sandstorm Squadron beings flying through the tunnel.)

Serenity: Passing the dock.

Silvelkian Soldier: What the hell was that!?

Roy: Yeah that's right! Fighters in a tunnel. And we're about to ruin your day!

Serenity: Getting closer to the target.

Hunter: Almost there...

Roy: If we do this and there's no exit...I just want to say something.

Hunter: And what's that?

Roy: ...I could've gotten better friends.

Rose: You wouldn't be doing things like this with anyone else Roy.

Roy: I just kidding. Nowhere else in the world I'd rather be then here!

Serenity: Visual on the broadcast station!

Hunter: Everyone fire now! Fox 2! Fox 3!

Serenity: Fox 3!

Rose: Fox 2!

Roy: Fox 2! Fox 3! Fox 3 again! Bingo!

(The multiple missiles hit the broadcast station, causing several explosions and eventually the entire station collasped, causing a large cloud of smoke and dust to appear.)

Rose: How do we leave!?

Hunter: Quick the hole where the antenna is!

Roy: Shoot it down!

Hunter: Firing guns!

(Hunter fired his guns at the antenna causing to collaspe, giving the Sandstorm Squadron the exit they needed.)

Roy: Woohoo! Shit like that don't happen in the army!

Hunter: Glad that's over...wait a minute!

Serenity: What is it!?

Hunter: The SAM sites! I forgot about them!

(The Sandstorm Squadron waited for the incoming fire from the SAMs but the missiles never came.)

Roy: Why aren't we dead yet?

Rose: I don't know.

Blizzard: Still alive guys?

Roy: Blizzard!

Blizzard: Jamming is preventing the SAM sites from getting a lock on you. Good job Sandstorm Squadron. Let's get back to base.

Roy: Just another day for Sandstorm! Drinks are on me, since I'm the only one with drinks.

Mission End

Back at the base a celebration was taking place. The destruction of the Silvelkian Broadcast Station was a huge victory for the Resistance and Vance Garza had decided that the people here should have a party to celebrate. Steven and the rest of Sandstorm Squadron were praised by the fellow Resistance members and Blizzard was given the nickname "The Eye of the Storm." For this occasion, drinks were permitted and the people celebrated.

Alexis: Have you two seen Steven around?

Roy: No. Haven't seen him since Vance gave the speech. What about you Lilly?

Lilly: I thought I saw him near the hangers. He didn't seem to be enjoying the party that much. You should check there.

Alexis: Thanks Lilly.

Alexis went to the hangers hoping to find Steven there. When she arrived she saw Steven in his flight suit.

Steven: Alexis! What are you doing here?

Alexis: Steven...why are you in your flight suit?

Steven: C-Checking on my plane. I didn't care much for the party.

Alexis: But maintanence is suppose to check on them tomorrow.

Steven:'s...uhh...I mean..that.

Alexis: You're trying to leave aren't you!

Steven: I need to leave Alexis.

Alexis: But we need you to win this war!

Steven: This isn't my war Alexis! Things are getting too dangerous here. I came to Silvelkia to escape me enemies, not to make more powerful ones!

Alexis: So that's it then!? You're just going to leave all of this behind you! Just run away like an animal being hunted!

Steven: That's exactly what's going on Alexis! I'm an animal being hunted!

Alexis: But you don't have to live like this! Stop running away and fight Steven! Stop being the hunted and become the hunter.

Steven: I can't's just too much.

Steven starts going to his Raptor.

Alexis: Steven stop! We need you!

Steven enters the plane.

Alexis: ...I need you...

Steven stops preparing his plane and gets out.

Steven: Alexis...

Alexis: There I said it. I need you Steven. Don't leave me...

Alexis then move towards Steven and puts her arms aroud him.

Alexis: Don't leave me.

Steven looks at Alexis and sees that tears are coming down her face.

Steven: Alexis...

Thier faces moved closer ot each other and eventually they kissed each other.

Alexis: Don't leave me Steven.

Steven: ...Never.

Mission 15: The Abyss

Breifing: Since our last attack was at the Silvelkian military, it's time for us to take out a Ravalkan trump card. You will be attacking the Scylla. You've faced this beast before if I've checked correctly. This time however you will taking it out. The skies will be clear today so it will be difficult to make visual contact if it activates its stealth. Come back safe Sandstorm Squadron. Launch!

Mission Start

Blizzard: The Scylla should be in sight by now.

Serenity: The Scylla...

Roy: Now that you guys have me with you this thing is going down!

Hunter: Got visual on the Scylla now! Get ready guys!

Scylla Crew: Radar's picked up hostiles.

Scylla Captain: Launch AMFDs! Activate DOS! Launch mines! Prepare for combat!

Scylla Crew: Time to take these guys down!

Rose: Here comes the drones...

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