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"Time has changed, people like us who should have quit were given another chance to continue. People who could not fight anymore were given the chance to take arms again. We who should have died from old age were given another chance to live. Thanks to Project: Rebirth."
—Hunter One

Groups and Names

SUF (Strangereal United Forces)

  • 22nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Blade"

Aircraft- R-103 Delphinus III

Blade 1: Excalibur - Real Name: Edzard Kunze (Able to speak Belkan and Osean language)

Blade 2: Rapier - Real Name: Aleta Asturias (Able to speak Sapin and Osean language)

Blade 3: Estoc - Real Name: Arluin Lachance  (Able to speak Rectan and Osean language)

Blade 4: Katana - Real Name: Rei Tsukino (Able to speak several different languages)

NEU (Neucom Emergency Unit)

  • 97th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Shift"

Aircraft- Su-37 Super Flanker

Shift 1

Shift 2

Shift 3

The General Nations

When General Resource changed from a corporation to a group of nations, the most dominant nation under its control was given the main name for the continent it was on. (Ex: Belka was the most dominant nation under GR's control on the Osean continent so the nations went under the name of General Belka)

GBAF (General Belka Air Force)

  • 13th Advanced Fighter Squadron "Shade"

Aircraft- PAK-FA III

Shade 1* (Flys R-666 Signatus)

Shade 2

Shade 3

Shade 4

GNRAF (General Nordennavic Royal Air Force)

  • Grendel Squadron

Aircraft- F-22G Raptor III

Grendel 1-3*

GSAF (General Sotoa Air Force)

  • 56th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Siren"

Aircraft- Su-67 Shadow Flanker-S

Siren 1* (Name:TBA)

Siren 2-5

The Wolves of War

  • 15 Tactical Fighter Squadron "Hunter"

Radio: Sandstorm

Hunter One*: Aircraft (F-22EX Raptor III)

Cipher*: Aircraft (F-15EX Storm Eagle)

Blaze: Aircraft (F-14EX Steel Tomcat) (Note: Uses her grandfather's callsign. Not Blaze from AC5.)

(*) Pilots who have undergone Rebirth.

Mission Info

  • A Missions involve Blade Squadron (Same for Interludes)
  • B Missions involve Hunter Squadron (Same for Interludes)
  • C Missions involve both squadrons (Same for Interludes)

Part 1: After The New World

Mission 1A: A New Day - 1500hrs March 15th, 2060, Newfield Island, Usea

Breifing: Alright you guys awake yet? Here is your mission. Today you will be flying over Newfield Island in search of any remains of Ouroboros facilities. I believe that this is the first mission for some of your pilots Excalibur.

Excalibur: That is correct. This is the first mission for Katana and Estoc.

Breifing: Anyways, this should be a simple patrol. The SUF are not expecting to find anything out there, but we can't be careless. Blade Squadron, prepare for takeoff!

Mission Start

AWACS: Blade Squadron can you hear me?

Excalibur: We can hear you just fine.

AWACS: Begin your search for any Ouroboros facilities.

Rapier: Do you think we'll find anything here Captian?

Excalibur: We have as good of odds as we had for any other location we've searched.

Estoc: Well at least we don't have to- wait a minute. I've got something on radar.

Katana: So do I.

AWACS: Blade Squadron, we've got unidentified aircraft in the area. There shouldn't be any other aircraft in this area. What's going on?

Excalibur: We'll find out soon enough. Everyone follow me!

(When they reach the aircraft.)

Rapier: It looks like a few XFA-36As.

Katana: Isn't that a General Resource aircraft? What are they doing here?

Excalibur: Let's go ask them.

Rapier: Should I do the honors?

Excalibur: Let Katana do this. She hasn't talk much on this mission.

Katana: Okay then. -Ahem- Attention unidentified aircraft! You are in a SUF no-fly zone. Follow us to land at the nearest air base. Failure to comply will get you shot down. Do you understand?

Rapier: I'm getting nothing from the bogeys.

Estoc: Should we shoot them down now?

Excalibur: Looks like we have no choice now. Everyone engage!

Katana: Wait! Let me try something.

Estoc: What do you have in mind Katana?

Katana: (Belkan) Attention unidentified aircraft! You are in a SUF no-fly zone. Follow us to the nearest base to land. Failure to comply will get you shot down! Do you understand?

Unknown: (Belkan) We refuse to comply with orders from the SUF. Everyone prepare to engage!

Excalibur: Looks like we're going to have to fight them anyways. Excalibur engaging!

Rapier: Rapier engaging!

Estoc: Estoc engaging!

Katana: *Sigh* Katana engaging!

AWACS: Take out all aircraft in the area.

Estoc: Time to get my first kill! Fox 2!

(Missle Hit)

Unknown: (Belkan) Argh! I've been hit! Damn SUF fighters!

Rapier: Nice job Estoc, but the bogey is still in the air.

Excalibur: I've got 4 of them on my six.

Unknown: (Belkan) You can't escape us.

Excalibur: (Belkan) I beg to differ. Let's see if you can handle this!

(Excalibur slows his plane down causing the XFAs to fly right past him.)

Unknown: (Belkan) What the!?

Excalibur: Hmph. Too easy. Firing MIRV!

Unknown: (Belkan) I can't evade!

(Multiple Hits)

Estoc: Nice one!

Rapier: Four more kills for you Excalibur.

Unknown: (Belkan) We have to retreat! We're going to get killed out here!

AWACS: Nice job Blade Squadron. Only a few more left.

Katana: I've got one right in front of me. Fox 2!

(Missle Hit)

Unknown: (Belkan) Argh!!! I'm going down!

Rapier: First kill for Katana!

Estoc: (Rectan) What!? You got your first kill before me!?

Katana: (Rectan) Don't feel too bad Estoc. You got a hit before I did.

Estoc: (Rectan) Yeah that is true. Man you gotta love these R-103s.

Rapier: Okay guys, let's speak SUF's standard language so none of us feel left out.

AWACS: The remaining bogeys have left the combat zone. We'll send another team out later. Blade Squadron return to base.

Estoc: Let's go home!

Mission End

Interlude: 1A

(At the North Point SUF Air Base)

Estoc: Not bad for our first mission. Got to engage in some real combat. Not those simulations they made us- Hey Katana! Are you even listening to me?

Katana: Huh? Oh sorry Estoc, I wasn't paying attention.

Estoc: Well never mind then. Anyways what do you think going on? I mean what were General Resource aircraft doing out here? The area was under control of the SUF. Are they trying to start a war?

Katana: I think that's a bit much Estoc. This hasn't been the first time GR has done something like this.

Estoc: (Rectan) But are you sure Katana? I mean, the pilots were speaking Belkan. Most GR pilots around here don't speak Belkan.

Katana: (Rectan) Calm down Estoc. Come to think of it, we're not even sure that they were GR planes.

Estoc: (Rectan) Not many groups that use the XFA-36A besides GR.

Rapier: Hey Estoc! Katana! Get over here! We've got another mission.

Katana: Well, it looks like we have more to do.

Estoc: It wouldn't be fun if we didn't. Right Katana?

Mission 2A: Prelude to Chaos - 1200hrs March 16th, 2060, Comona Islands, Usea

Breifing: Alright, this is an important mission. Tomorrow on March 16th the SUF and Neucom will be launching several satellites into space to finish the "Clear Skies" project. Due to flight history of Blade Squadron you have been chosen as one of the squadrons to protect the satellites from any possible attacks. You will be flying not just with SUAF squadrons but NEU squadrons as well. All squadrons will be paired with a squadron from the other group. You will be told who you will be working wiht upon arrival via the UI-4057 Sphyrna III. That is all.

Mission Start

Sphyrna: Katana you are cleared for takeoff.


Estoc: Nice of you to join us Katana.

AWACS: Blade squadron, you are not paired yet, let there anyone who needs to be paired with a SUF squadron?

Shift 1: This is the 97th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the NEU. We still need to be paired with a SUF squadron.

AWACS: Alright then. Blade squadron meet up with Shift Squadron and begin your patrol. We need to make sure nothing happens today.

Excalibur: Alright. Let's go then.

Shift 1: Nice of you to join us Blade Squadron. Let's hope nothing happens here today.

Shift 2: Captian with you here nothing can go wrong!

Shift 3: Jeeze. Why don't you just say "I sure hope no one attacks us today!" while you're at it.

Estoc: Sounds like you have quite a team there.

Shift 2: We're a odd group but we get the job done.

Rapier: Let's stay focus guys, we have a job to do.

AWACS: Attention all aircraft! Keep to your areas of patrol and wait for order to leave.

Estoc: *Sigh*

Katana: Not as exciting as you thought it would be Estoc?

Estoc: No. Don't get me wrong, I love not having to be at war, but I could go for some action like yesterday.

Excalibur: This job isn't just one battle after another. Sometimes all we do is just patrol the skies.

Estoc: I knew that when I joined the SUF, but...

AWACS: Hold on...I've got something on radar....what the? What's going on here!?

Excalibur: AWACS! What is it?

AWACS: All aircraft! We've got a large enemy force on radar! Everyone engage! Engage!

Rapier: What!?

AWACS: The enemy is coming at us from the air and sea! Blade and Shift Squadron engage all hostiles!

Shift 1: Looks like it's time to fight!

Estoc: Yeah! Let's go Katana!

GR Fighter 1: (Belkan) Here they are! We have to stop them now!

GR Commander: Are you getting this SUF and Neucom? We are here to stop you two. We will not allow you to continue your plans.

AWACS: We're getting reports from other areas in Usea about enemy attacks.

Rapier: Is General Resource insane!? Why are they attacking?

Excalibur: That's not important now. We have to stop them here.

GR Commander: Today we will show the power of General Resource. Fire the weapon!

AWACS: A large aircraft seems to be in the mix.

NEU Squadron 1: What the hell is that thing?

GR Commander: Fire!

Excalibur: Evade!

Rapier: What the hell was that!? It look like some kind of black wave!

Excalibur: Anyone hit?

Katana: No, I think we're okay.

Estoc: I don't think anyone crashed.

SUF Squadron 1: Hey I saw you guys take a hit are you okay?

SUF Squadron 2: ......

SUF Squadron 1: Are you okay? Is there something wrong with your plane?

(The SUF Squadron begins to attack the others)

SUF Squadron 1: Whoa! What are you doing!? Blue on Blue!

AWACS: What's going on? You're attacking allied squadrons! Cease-fire! Cease-fire!

Estoc: Why the hell are they doing that?

Excalibur: AWACS! Can we shoot them down?

AWACS: Hold on Blade Squadron. We don't know what's going on yet.

SUF Squadron 3: Argh! I've been hit by friendly fire! I can't stay up in the air. Ejecting!

AWACS: Cease-fire and return to base! Dammit! Why can't I get a response.

Shift 1: We'll worry about the allies. You guys take care of the fighters.

Excalibur: Okay. Let's take out these fighters.

Rapier: Rapier engaging!

Estoc: Estoc engaging!

Katana: Katana engaging!

GR Fighter 2: (Belkan) Take out all SUF and NEU fighters!

GR Commander: Too long has Neucom and the SUF had control over Usea. The SUF claims to be peacekeepers but are in fact puppets of Neucom. We will not allow the two of them to have control over the world! That is why we are fighting!

Katana: What are they talking about!?

Rapier: I don't know. Fox 2!

(Missle Hit)

GR Fighter 3: (Estovokian) My plane has taken damage!

GR Commander: So I ask the people of Usea to rise up! Rise up against these false peacekeepers!

Estoc: Who does this guy think he's fooling?

Grnd Personel 1: We need to get the satellites into space now! We can't let them be destroyed!

GR Commander: Fire the weapon again!

Excalibur: There's that black wave again.

NEU Squadron 1: Some of ours were hit!

NEU Squadron 2: ......

(Missle Alert)

Excalibur: Dammit! The NEU planes are attacking me now! Evading!

Shift 1: It looks like whatever plane get's hit by that wave starts attacking us!

Shift 2: Captian, what should we do?

Shift 1: We need to protect those satellites! If we do that General Resource's invasion will fail!

AWACS: All squadrons are ordered to protect the satellites from any damage! We cannot allow General Resource to damage any of them.

Estoc: Will we even be able to hold this area?

Excalibur: All we need to do is make sure the satellites launch.

Grnd Personel 2: Come on fly boys! We've got to get these satellites up in the air!

AWACS: 5 minutes to satellite launch.

Katana: Estoc you got one right behind you!

Estoc: What? Damn!

GR Fighter 4: (Belkan) You can't escape me. SUF scum!

(Missle Alert)

Estoc: Aww crap. (Missle hit) Ungh!

Rapier: Estoc your plane is trailing smoke. Are you okay?

Estoc: (Heavy Breathing) I'll be fine.

GR Fighter 4: (Belkan) That guy is still alive? Hmph. I'll go finish the job.

Katana: Estoc the fighter is coming back. You need to escape! I'll cover you.

AWACS: 3 minutes to satellite launch.

GR Commander: (Belkan) Dammit! We cannot let them launch the satellites! Fire the weapon!

Shift 1: Another wave is coming!

Shift 3: Dammit! It going to hit the satellites!

Grnd Personel 1: We just took a hit what happened!?

Grnd Personel 2: Something is wrong! The satellites just came online!

Grnd Personel 1: What!?

Shift 1: Hey what's going on down there? Answer me!

(A several lasers come from below.)

Shift 2: Whoa!

Shift 1: Holy shit! What's going on down there?

AWACS: Laser fire is coming from below! All aircraft evade!

NEU Squadron 3: I can't evade the lasers! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! (static)

Shift 3: Captian we need to get out of here! We have lost!

Shift 1: You're right. Let's get out of here!

AWACS: All aircraft retreat from the combat zone! I repeat, retreat from the combat zone!

Shift 1: Blade Squadron follow us to safety!

Rapier: I can't believe this is happening...

Excalibur: Estoc how is your plane?

Estoc: It should be able to land. (Rectan) Hey Katana.

Katana: (Rectan) Yes Estoc?

Estoc: (Rectan) It looks like I owe you my life again.

Katana: (Rectan) .....Just stay alive Estoc.

Estoc: (Rectan) .....Deal.

Mission End.

Interlude 2A

Alex Schutzman: (Belkan) ...We will not let the people of our lands be overthrown by Neucom! For too long we have believed in a false story where Belka has been the enemy of the world! Listen to me my people! We now know the truth! Osea will pay for its trechery and so will all those who stand by their side! We are no longer just a corporation! We are the rightful people to rule this world! This world belongs to the new nations! The only nations worth controlling this world! The General Nations! My people and others watching this! Let me show the Osean continent the power of General Belka!

The flag of General Belka.

(Loud cheers)

Reporter: That was the speech given by head of General Resource Alex Schutzman. Ten days after attacks in Usea, Osea, and Yuktobania. Alex Schutzman claims that Neucom and the SUF are corrupt, trying to take control of the world. Even now people from lands under control of...

Estoc: Can you turn that off Katana. It's giving me a headache.

Katana: I sorry Estoc. How are you feeling today?

Estoc: Better. Though I still won't be able to leave for two more days.

Katana: *Sigh* (Rectan) You are so hopeless Estoc.

Estoc: (Rectan) Hey! Don't insult me in my own language! (Laughing)

Katana: (Laughing) Seriously though Estoc, you need to be careful. I won't always be there to save you.

Estoc: Yeah but if I wasn't so "hopeless" we would have never became best friends.

Katana: I guess that is true. We were just lucky that one of us actually saw the documentry about the Belkan War.

Estoc: Thank god for Solo Wing. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for him.

Katana: If it wasn't for us.

Estoc: True. Thank's Katana. And I guess I'll have to thank Solo Wing too if I ever meet him.

Mission 3A: True Intentions - 1700hrs April 3rd, 2060, Faith Park, Usea

SUF Commander: A quick update on the situation. Since the first attacks by General Resource now called "The General Nations" the SUF has been preparing an attack on the part of the General Nations known as "General Belka". This plan however needs 2 things to be accomplished first. 1. We need to push back General Belka in Usea in order to recieve support from Neucom. Neucom has informed us that they will support us only if we help push back General Belka in Usea. Second, we also need to push General Sotoa and General Nordennavic out of Yuktobania. Only with the help of the SUF in Yuktobania and Neucom will we be able to help the main SUF force in Osea and prepare an attack in General Belka territory. Now on to your mission.

Breifing: Today you will be supporting Neucom as they prepare to evacuate a experimental fighter part of "Clear Skies." The fighter is located in a base in the ravines of Faith Park. Due to Neucom's advanced AA in the area, The GBAF will have to fly into the ravines to attack. You orders are to attack any aircraft flying through the ravines. We are not sure which ravine or ravines the enemy will choose, so pay close attention to your radar. Launch!

Mission Start

Neucom General: So you are the guys sent by the SUF? Kinda a small support isn't it?

Excalibur: Don't worry general. We can get the job done.

Neucom General: Well we'll see won't we.

AWACS: Blade Squadron, seperate into the four ravines and prepare to engage General Belka fighters.

Shift 1: Blade Squadron! I'll be the one taking off in the experimental fighter. I've seen what you guys can do. So I expect to come out of this alive.

Estoc: Hey don't worry buddy! As Excalibur said, we are the best!

Rapier: Preparing to fly into the ravine.

Excalibur: Keep a lookout for any fighters.

Estoc: Should we "Keep our eyes open for anything?" Hahahaha.

Katana: *Sigh*

Rapier: Really Estoc?

Estoc: What? That was funny.

Katana: Honestly Estoc if you are planning on- Wait. I've got a hostile on radar.

GB Fighter 1: (Belkan) I've got a hostile on radar.

GB Bomber 1: (Belkan) Shoot down any aircraft that try to get near us.

Rapier: I've got a visual on a hostile. What the- Bombers!? They're flying bombers through a ravine? They really are crazy.

AWACS: Blade Squadron. Shoot down all the bombers. Not even one can get to the fighter.

Excalibur: We've got a visual now. Fly out of the ravine and get behind them.

Estoc: Roger that! (Rectan) Prepare to die, ya crazy bastards!

GB Fighter 2: (Belkan) Hey the enemy planes are flying above the ravine! Was our intel wrong?

GB Fighter 3: (Belkan) Just stay calm and prepare to cover the bombers.

Excalibur: Be careful when attacking the bombers. Those fighters will be at your six if you stay down there too long.

GB Fighter 2: (Belkan) How are we suppose to protect the bomber!?

GB Fighter 1: (Belkan) Just slow down your plane to get behind the fighters. We'll tear them apart.

Katana: I'm going into the ravine.

Estoc: I'm going in with you!

AWACS: The enemy is coming in from three different ravines. One of you should stay above the ravines and help the others.

Excalibur: Katana, we won't be able to take them all out if we have to keep flying up. After you help Estoc cover us from any fighters that try to stop us.

Katana: Yes sir.

Shift 1: This is Shift 1, I'm on the runway. Preparing to take off in 5 minutes.

Estoc: Let's see how you like this! Fox 2!

GB Bomber 2: (Belkan) Launch flares!

(Flares cause the missle to miss the target.)

Katana: They're using flares!

Estoc: Don't worry Katana, just keep the fighters off me.

Katana: Right. Fox 2!

(Missle hit)

AWACS: Fighter down!

GB Bomber 2: (Belkan) Dammit! One of the escorts is down!

Estoc: Let's try this again. Fox 2!

(Missle Hit)

GB Bomber 2: (Belkan) We've been hit! We can't keep the bomber stable!

(The GB Bomber crashes into the side of the ravine causing a explosion taking out the escort fighters nearby.)

Estoc: Whoa! That was close!

GB Bomber 3: (Belkan) One of the bombers went down. I knew that it was suicide to bring one of these into a ravine!

GB Fighter 1: (Belkan) Just calm down and continue your mission. We can't let them get that fighter into the air.

Rapier: Katana, I could use some help here.

Katana: Roger that. Moving to your position now.

GB Fighter 1: (Belkan) Take this SUF bastard! Fox 2!

Rapier: Dammit! Come on baby! Don't fail me now.

(Rapier takes her plane staright down to evade the missle, just barely hitting the bottom of the ravine)

(Missle Evaded)

Rapier: Phew...

Katana: I'm here Rapier.

Rapier: Take out those fighter!

Katana: Right. Fox 2!

(Katana fires a missle at a fighter ahead of the bomber. The missle hits the fighter and the remains of the fighter hits a bomber.)

GB Bomber 4: (Belkan) We've been hit! We are going down!

AWACS: Another bomber down!

Shift 1: This is Shift 1! I'm having problems on the runway! My takeoff has been delayed!

AWACS: Roger that Shift 1. Blade Squadron, keep taking out those bombers!

Excalibur: Another bomber down. I've only got one more here.

GB Fighter 1: (Belkan) Where's the support team at!? At this rate the mission is going to be a failure!

GB Fighter 4: (Belkan) Dammit! The one here is tricky. He's flying through this ravine like it's not even here!

Excalibur: Katana, go help the others. I can handle things here.

Katana: Yes sir!

Rapier: I'm about to take out another bomber. Fox 2!

GB Bomber 3: (Belkan) Launching flares!

(The flares cause the missle to hit a fighter. The fighter then collides with the bomber.)

GB Bomber 3: (Belkan) What the hell!?

Rapier: Not as I planned, but i'll take it!

AWACS: 2 bombers remaining. Hold on Blade Squadron, I've got new contacts on radar. More fighters incoming.

Estoc: More fighters!? You've got to be kidding me!

Excalibur: Just stay calm and take out the bomber.

GB Bomber 5: (Belkan) We're almost in range! We have to keep moving!

Rapier: I'll go help Excalibur, Katana, you go help Estoc.

Katana: Roger that.

Estoc: Help me out Katana! This one is being hard to kill!

Katana: Don't worry Estoc, we'll shoot it down!

Estoc: I know that Katana. But it's still being a pain...

Excalibur: We've taken out our bomber. Rapier and I are going after the fighters.

GB Bomber 5: (Belkan) We're in range! Prepare to fire!

AWACS: Hurry Blade Squadron! That bomber is about to fire!

Estoc: Oh no you don't! Fox 2!

(The missle hits causing a cloud of smoke to appear. When the smoke clears a missle can be seen.)

AWACS: Dammit! They fired! It looks like to be a Trinity warhead.

Shift 1: I'm about to takeoff! I just need one more minute.

AWACS: Hurry Blade Squadron! Take that missle out!

Estoc: Katana! I can't get to the missle in time! You're the only one who can take it out!

Katana: This is going to close! Fox 2! Fox 3!

(The missle hit the Trinity warhead, but the missle keeps on going.)

Katana: Dammit! This thing isn't going down!

(Katana unloads all of her weapons on Trinity eventually destroying the warhead at the last second.)

AWACS: Missle destroyed!

Estoc: Katana!

Katana: (Heavy Breathing) I'm fine Estoc....That was close.

Shift 1: Nice job Blade Squadron. I'm up in the air now.

AWACS: Blade Squadron. Land at the base to rearm and refuel. You've been ordered to help escort Shift Squadron out of the area.

Excalibur: Roger that. Everyone prepare to land.

(1 Hour later)

Excalibur: Shift Squadron, can you see us? We're right behind you.

Shift 1: Roger that Blade Squadron. Nice to have you with us.

Shift 2: That's some plane you've got there Captian! I hope you'll get to fly that throughout the war.

AWACS: Everyone listen up! I've got 3 fighters on radar!

Shift 2: Bring them on! They can't take us!

???: (Belkan) The boss says it's time to come clean.

Shift 1: (Belkan) It's about time.

(Shift 1 uses his planes advanced speed and mobility to take out Shift 2 and 3 before anyone could realize what was going on.)

Estoc: What the hell! That bastard just shot down his wingmen!

Excalibur: Dammit! He was a spy!

Shift 1: Very observent of you. You are right, I am a spy. And thanks to Neucom, General Belka now has the most advanced fighter to ever exist. We will be unstopable!

Shade 2: (Belkan) Let's test our new fighter boss.

Shift 1: You're right. My friends, let me introduce you to the 13th Advanced Tactical Fighter Squadron. You may call us "Shade."

Excalibur: What did you say!?

Shade 1: You sound surprised. I guess this is to be expected. We were heroes after all in the last war. But to you we must be nothing more than villians now.

Shade 3: (Belkan) Enough talk! Let's take them down!

Shade 1: (Belkan) Right! Shade Squadron! Take them out! Don't leave any survivors!

Excalibur: Everyone! Break!

Rapier: Excalibur! What do we do? Can we take these guys on?

Excalibur: We have to try.

Shade 1: Are you at my six Blade Lead? Don't you know what this fighter is capable of?

(The fighter uses it's revolutionary 360 degree body to instantly switch the plane to be pointed towards Excalibur.)

Excalibur: What the!?

Rapier: How can someone do a manuver like that!?

Shade 1: Fox 2!

Excalibur: Dammit!

Shade 2: (Belkan) What's wrong? Can't take us on?

(Missle evaded)

Excalibur: We can't handle anything like this! Everyone! We have to get out of here!

Katana: But what about-

Rapier: Forget about the fighter! We need to get out of here alive!

Estoc: They're right Katana. We need to get out of here.

Katana: Grr.....

Shade 4: (Belkan) They're trying to escape!

Shade 1: (Belkan) Don't let them.

Excalibur: They're still on us. I can't lose them........Everyone! I'll take them on. You guys just get out of here!

Rapier: But Captian!

Excalibur: Fly into the ravine and escape! Excalibur breaking off!

Shade 3: (Belkan) Hey! One of them is coming at us!

Shade 1: (Belkan) It'll be his last mistake.

Excalibur: (Belkan) Let's see what you got!

Estoc: What do we do?

Rapier: .....

Estoc: Rapier! What are we going to do!?

Rapier: ....Katana...Estoc..Leave the combat zone. I'm going to help the Captian!

Katana: What!? We can't leave you two behind.

Rapier: That is an order Katana!

Katana: Umm....I'm having trouble hearing you now.......moving to assist Excalibur...

Estoc: I'm having the same problems here too Katana....Moving to assist.

Rapier: (Sapin) Those little- *Sigh* Oh well.

Katana: Need some help here Captian?

Excalibur: What the- I told you to leave the combat zone!

Rapier: I'm sorry sir but we seemed to never have gotten that message. Trouble with communications.

Excalibur: *Sigh*

Shade 3: (Belkan) It looks like the others have come back to play.

Shade 4: (Belkan) They're still no match for us.

Excalibur: I'll keep their lead distracted! You guys try to take out the others!

Blade Squadron: Yes sir!

Shade 2: (Belkan) Looks like they coming at us!

Shade 3: (Belkan) This is going to be fun!

Estoc: Argh! These guys are a real pain.

Shade 2: (Belkan) Fox 2!

(Missle Alert)

Rapier: I've got a missle on me. Evading!

Shade 2: (Belkan) The target is now in position 4.

Shade 4: (Belkan) Engaging now!

(Rapier evades the missle but is put in a bad position in front of Shade 4.)

Rapier: Dammit! He's at my six.

Shade 4: (Belkan) Firing guns! I'm going to tear you apart!

(The Belkan ace starts firing the PAK-FA III's guns at Rapier, causing a great amount of damage to her wings.)

Rapier: My wings have been torn apart! I don't know how long they're going to hold!

Excalibur: Eject Rapier! You have to get out of there!

Rapier: You better find me! (Ejecting)

Shade 4: (Belkan) Dammit! One of them escaped!

Shade 1: (Belkan) Don't worry. Remember the plan.

Shade 4: (Belkan) Right. I forgot about it in all of this excitement.

Shade 2: (Belkan) Do you really think these guys are worth all of this trouble?

Katana: What are they talking about?

Shade 3: (Belkan) Hey! It appears that one of them knows what we are saying!

Shade 1: (Belkan) Two pilots that can speak Belkan. Hmmm...Perhaps we can let them live for now.

Shade 4: (Belkan) What!?

Shade 1: (Belkan) Remember 4, I'm in command here. And at any rate, we're running out of time. We need to return this plane back to base.

Shade 4: (Belkan) Yes commander...

Estoc: What's going on? They're leaving now.

Excalibur: AWACS! We need an S&R here.

AWACS: Roger. I'm trying to get in contact with the nearest base.

Katana: The fighters are off radar. *Sigh* They got away with the prototype fighter.

Excalibur: It looks like General Belka stopped "Clear Skies" from happening. Now nothing can keep them from invading the Usean Continent.

AWACS: Oh my god. Blade Squadron. I've...i've just received reports that all SUF bases in Usea have been destroyed by General Belka.

Katana: What! How!?

AWACS: It seems that several cruse missles were launched at all of our bases here in Usea. Spies were the blame for the bases being unable to react to these missles.

Excalibur: General Resource....they been planing this invasion longer than we could've ever expected...

Mission End.

Mission 4B: Chance of Fate - 1300hrs April 1st, 2060, Ghost Island (Electrosphere), Atlantic Ocean

Announcer: It's time for another battle people! This one is big! The Ace who comes out the winner in this battle will be given the rank of AC1! There are also rumors that our leader is looking for potental Aces, so fight will all of your might people. Remember Aces, the world is counting on you!

Blaze: Whatever...

Blaze, a 16 year old girl with the skills of an Ace just like her grandfather. Currently a member of "The Wolves of War" after her family escaped to Ghost Island, a hidden Megafloat and HQ of TWOW, chose to become an Ace like her grandfather and took his callsign as well. She has risen through the ranks and is currently ranked AC2. Hoping to get the rank of AC1, TWOW's Aces of Aces. she has joined Ghost Island's simulated combat tournament, an event on Ghost Island that allows the refuges to enjoy thierselves and for pilots looking an promotion to show off thier skills.

Jake: Are you ready for this S-

Blaze: Don't say my name Jake. It's Blaze. Okay?

Jake: Okay then Blaze. Are you ready?

Blaze: Whatever. Just let me do what I do best. Tell me when.

Jake: Alright then. COFFIN online in 3...2...1

Blaze: (Here we go again...)

Jake: Connection!

Mission Start

Jake: Blaze, can you read me? Are you there?

Blaze: I'm fine Jake. Don't worry.

Jake: Just had to be sure. Don't want another accident. Anyways choose the plane you want to use from the HUD.

Blaze: What? The F-14EX isn't one of them?

Jake: It is but-

Blaze: Then obviously that's my choice then.

Jake: The F-14EX it is then. Entering combat zone now.

(The world changes in front of Blaze into the Twinkle Islands)

Blaze: (Let's see here, good cloud cover...conditions are nice...looks like it's up to the skill of the pilot for this one.)

Jake: The other Aces are online. You should be able to see them now. Don't let any of them get behind you Blaze. Don't want you to "die" as soon as the weapons come online.

Blaze: (Treating combat like it's a sport. Well I'll have quite a speech to give during the interviews after this is over.)

TWOW Ace: Online now. Hope my family sees me win this one.

TWOW Ace: Don't get your hopes up! This one belongs to me. I'll be known as one of the Aces of Aces!

TWOW Ace: Man, I don't even know how you got this far! Guess people get lucky.

TWOW Ace: Let's hear you say that again after I tear your plane apart.

Blaze: (Man these people sure like to talk. I guess it's a good thing though, it will be fun shutting them up with a missile.)

Announcer: Aircraft online!

(The pilots circled one another, trying to have the advantage for when the weapons came online.)

Announcer: Weapons online in 3...2...1...

Blaze: Time to dance boys.

Announcer: ENGAGE!

(Blaze breaks off from the other fighters as soon as the combat starts.)

TWOW Ace: Fox 2!

TWOW Ace: Fox 3!

(The Aces engage each other, taking one another down.)

TWOW Ace: I've got a lock. Fox 2!

Blaze: (Looks like one fo them found me. Oh well. Time to shut them up.)

(Blaze turns hard left, evading the missile and eventually getting behind the Ace.)

TWOW Ace: Not bad. But I have something even better.

(The Aces slows down his plane almost causing Blaze to collide with him and continues pursuing Blaze.)

Blaze: (Looks like these aren't the wannabe Aces I fought in previous rounds. These guys are the real deal. Looks like I have to give it my all!)

TWOW Ace: Fox- *Warning!* Oh what now!?

TWOW Ace: Don't mind if I cut in?

TWOW Ace: As a matter of fact, I do!

TWOW Ace: Well I guess I'll just have to get rid of you then. Fox 3!

(The Ace's missiles go after Blaze and the other Ace. Blaze is able to evade with some intense manuvering but the other Ace isn't so lucky.)

TWOW Ace: Nice job evading those missiles Ace. But it looks like our friend wasn't so lucky. Oh well.

Blaze: You talk too much.

TWOW Ace: I'll let the people that can actually do something about it have a say in that. Shoot me down and I might agree with you.

Blaze: I'll let the guy behind you do it for me.

TWOW Ace: Guy behind me- *Missile Alert* Oh for the love of-

(The Ace's plane explodes)

TWOW Ace: Haha! You do talk too much! Some "Ace!" Looks like there's only 4 of us left!

Blaze: (Only four!? It's only been 2 minutes since we started and there were 20 of us!)

TWOW Ace: Argh!!!!

TWOW Ace: Make that 3.

Blaze: Jake are you seeing this?

Jake: You'e not going to believe this Blaze but it seems that this is the doing of one pilot.

Blaze: One pilot!? *Missile Warning!* Not now!

(Blaze dives to evade the missile)

Blaze: Annoying little- Anyways who this pilot?

Jake: That's just it Blaze. He isn't on the roster. This guy is good, really good. Continue with the battle, but stay away from that pilot as long as you can!

Blaze: Which one is he?

Jake: It's the one in the F-15EX Storm Eagle.

Blaze: Thanks Jake.

Jake: (Wow. She never thanks me.)

(Missile Alert!)

Blaze: Again...

TWOW Ace: Didn't feel right to shoot you down while you were distracted.

Blaze: Tell that to the last guy.

(Blaze turns right, while pulling up.)

TWOW Ace: Just like I wanted. Fox 3!

Blaze: (Dammit!) *Missile Alert!*

Announcer: Missiles offline!

(The missiles dissapear just at the last second.)

TWOW Ace: Hey what gives!? You're cheating me out of my kill!

Announcer: Sorry about the Ace but the rules have changed! If you haven't noticed already, we have a special guest in the combat zone! The commander himself has picked his number 2 and wanted to show off his skills in combat! Since only 3 of you now remain we're changing the combat zone! Prepare for combat in 3...2...1

(The world changes again, this time into B7R.)

Announcer: 3 Aces vs 1! The one to shoot him down will be known as one of our Aces of Aces!

TWOW Ace: Looks like we're working together now kid.

Blaze: *Chuckles* Sure, why not?

???: Hope you have what it takes.

TWOW Ace: Cocky little SOB aren't ya? Forget you two! I'll take him down myself.

(The Ace pilot charges at the mystery pilot.)

???: Fox 3.

(The missiles close in the the Ace, destroying his plane.)

???: Calls me cocky then tries to take me one on one. A poor excuse for an Ace. Not even worthy of that title.

TWOW Ace: Idiot.

???: Hope you two can keep me entertained. Haven't done this in a long time. Want my return to be exciting. You know what I mean?

Blaze: (Who is this guy? What is he talking about "return?")

???: Well two on one should be fun! Give me all you got "Aces!"

TWOW Ace: Split up! We'll take him from both sides! 

Blaze: Okay! 

(The two go into different directions, hoping to take down the mystery Ace.) 

???: I remember this trick. Well I guess things don't change that much. 

(The pilot flys up above Blaze and the other Ace.) 

TWOW Ace: Now! While he is flying up! 

Blaze: Right! 

(The two pilots fly upward towards the pilot.) 

???: So predictable. *Sigh* Oh well. 

(The pilot slows down his plane into a stall, causing the Aces to shoot right pass him.) 

Blaze: (Not again!) 

(Blaze quickly turns her plane around, gaining speed as she flies closer to the ground.) 

???: Not bad. You should've done the same. Fox 3. 

TWOW Ace: Dammit. Looks like it's up to you now! 

(The Ace's plane is destroyed from the missiles, leaving only Blaze and the other pilot.) 

???: Just you and me now. 

Blaze: Well i'm not going down like the rest of them. 

???: Good. 

(Blaze and the pilot engage each other in combat, while Blaze is able to evade the attacks of her opponent it is clear that the pilot is better than she is.) 

Blaze: Jake do you have any ideas!? 

Jake: (Ideas now!? This must be my lucky day!) taking the battle close to the ground? 

Blaze: ...Never mind. 

Jake: (Oh come on!) 

???: That wasn't such a bad idea. 

Blaze: What!? 

???: You didn't think I couldn't hear that did you? You should be more willing to use the ideas of your allies. An Ace can't fight alone. 

Blaze: Don't tell me what it takes to be an Ace! 

???: Your attitude could also use some work. 

Blaze: Firing SAAMs! 

(The pilot evades the missiles even while in Blaze's attack circle.) 

Blaze: How did he!? 

???: Fox 2. 

(The missile hits Blaze's plane.) 

Blaze: Argh! 

???: You were good kid. But I was better. Maybe next time. Fox 3. 

(The missiles destroy Blaze's plane. All Blaze sees is a bright light, then darkness with a message appearing on her screen.) 


Blaze: (Don't remind me...Hmm?) 


Blaze: Argh!!! 

Mission End

Interlude 3B

Blaze left her COFFIN, frustrated with the outcome of the battle

Jake: Are you okay?

Blaze: ...

Jake: Blaze?

Blaze: I need to be alone. Tell them I won't be showing up for the interview.

Jake: Uh....sure.


TWOW Soldier: AC2 Ace Blaze!

Blaze: Ugh. What do you people want. I'm not doing the interview! Just leave me alone.

TWOW Soldier: We're not here for that. You've been ordered to report to the Silver Tower. The Commander wants to see you.

Blaze: (The Commander!? This guy can't be serious!) Why?

TWOW Soldier: We've all heard the rumors. Looks like this might be your lucky day.

Blaze: (I won't get my hopes up but...) Sure. I'll go there right away.

At the Silver Tower

TWOW Soldier: Enter through here Ace. The Commander is waiting.

Blaze entered the room, where two men were having a discussion.

???: So this is the one we're choosing?

Steven Mercier: Yes.

???: She's only a teenager. You can't be serious.

Steven Mercier: You fought her. You should know that she is more than capable of being part of this.

???: I still don't think this is a good idea. Surely someone else would be a better choice.

Steven Mercier: This is who I have chosen to be our number three!

???: I still don't approve of having a little girl fighting with us!

Blaze: Little girl!?

The two finally notice Blaze

Steven Mercier: Ahh. Blaze. Nice of you to join us. You've already met my friend here.

???: Hey there.

Blaze: ...

???: Not mad about today are you? You should be happy that it wasn't real...little girl.

Blaze: Keep talking and you'll be known as the guy who got his ass kicked by a "little girl."

???: Why you little...

Steven Mercier: Enough!

The two quickly become silent.

Steven Mercier: Anyways, do you know why I have called for you?

Blaze: To be harassed by this guy?

Steven Mercier: *Chuckle* No Blaze. Today you will be given a chance to be part of my squadron. But you will only be part of it if you prove yourself in training and can show that you can work perfectly with me and your wingman, him.

Blaze: Him!? I can't work with him!

???: Wait a minute! I never agree to this!

Steven Mercier: We had a deal Cipher! You'll work with whoever I choose!

Blaze: Cipher?

Steven Mercier: Yes, Cipher. You might know him as "Demon Lord."

Blaze: You're liar. This man can't be Cipher! He looks like he's in his 20s! Cipher would be a old man by now.

Steven Mercier: And what about me Blaze? Why don't you question my age? After all, I am the Commander of the Wolves of War.

Blaze: As if. You look as young as him. Now I assume that you two are here for the same reason as I am.

Sandstorm: Enough from the three of you.

Blaze notices the old man enter the room.

Sandstorm: Hunter, Cipher, Blaze. Sit down and be quite so I can explain all of this.

The three pilots sit down in the chairs

Sandstorm: Do I need to remind you Hunter that I am the leader of the Wolves of War not you?

Steven Mercier: *Sigh* You heard that didn't you?

Sandstorm: I may be old, but I don't let much escape me. Now Blaze, these two are men who have experinced war on more than one occassion. These two are special. They have been reborn. They have been through Project Rebirth.

Blaze: Project Rebirth?

Sandstorm: Yes. You've heard of the war in 2040, have you not?

Blaze: Yes.

Sandstorm: Remember Ouroboros?

Blaze: Yeah, they were a terrorist group.

Sandstorm: Correct, in a way.

Blaze: In a way?

Steven Mercier: Ouroboros was originally under our command but Dision took it over and made it to what it was know as, a terroist group.

Sandstorm: Ouroboros was suppose to be our way of helping people escape from the rule of General Resource but Dision went too far. He attacked Usea and was defeated by a ace pilot.

Steven Mercier: We tried to get control of what remianed of Ouroboros after that but then someone else got control. Baldric. A ghost of my past.

Sandstorm: Baldric was the leader of a terrorist group known as The Falcons of Dawn. He took control of Ouroboros and tried to use it to take over the world. But luckly he was defeated. Thanks to the Shade Squadron.

Blaze: So what does this have to do with Project Rebirth?

Sandstorm: Let me explain. Rebirth is the idea of taking someone's mind, putting it into the electrosphere and then putting it into a combat body.

Blaze: Combat body?

Sandstorm: Yes, a combat body. A machine body without a mind. The person's mind is put into the machine and they have full control over it. It functions better than a human body and has other features. Besides improved senses it can also recieve messages instantly and take more damage than a regular body. A pilot who has undergone Rebirth is almost immune to Gs, giving them the ability to perform manuvers that would cause regular pilots to black out of even die. If you are willing, we would try to put you through Rebirth.

Blaze: Try?

Sandstorm: Rebirth doesn't work for everyone. Some minds are not compatible with the Electrosphere since the events of the second rise of Ouroboros. They damaged the Electrosphere causing it to be dangerous for some people to try to enter it. We will try a test to see if you can enter the Electrosphere.

Blaze: But I have already done this before.

Sandstorm: The Electrosphere you entered was in an area protected. We need you to be able to enter the damaged areas of the electrosphere if this is going to work. You and the electrosphere will be connected to each other. If you can't handle the damged areas, you could die. So if you want to we will begin testing.

Steven Mercier: Are you with us?

Blaze: (Why not? After all this is what I have been waiting for. A chance to prove myself, and what better opportuniy than to fight along the Commander's squadron.) Yes. I'm in.

In the Rebirth chamber

Sandstorm: *Coughing* Ahem. Unlike how you usually enter the electrosphere, you will be conscious the entire time for the test. The experince is unique if you can withstand it. Like being in two worlds at once. However, if you can't take it you'll black out and have one heck of a headache.

Blaze: Sounds like fun. Set me up.

Sandstrom: Hunter is everything ready?

Steven Mercier: Yes sir. Ready for testing.

Sandstorm: Connecting in 3...2...1...

Blaze felt some pain as she entered this state but was soon amazed by the sensation of being in two worlds at once.

Sandstorm: How is she?

Steven Mercier: She is stable for now. Looks like we've got another pilot for- Hold on something is not right.

Sandstorm: What?

Blaze starts to feel some pain as part of her feels like it's shutting down.

Blaze: (Argh. This hurts.)

Steven Mercier: Blaze is starting to lose consciousness. She's going to black out.

Blaze: (Everthing is going dark. I can't see anything, I can't hear anything.)

Steven Mercier: She's out.

Sandstorm: ...

Cipher: What now?

Sandstorm: ...When she wakes up....prepare her for training.

Steven and Cipher: What!?

Sandstorm: You two can't do it alone and we're out of time. Even if she isn't capable of Rebirth you two will need her. You two will be her teachers. She's already a good pilot. Make her a better one. You'll depart for your first mission in two weeks. We have to stop General Resource and Neucom. We have no allies in this world.

Steven Mercier: Yes sir.

Cipher: Okay then.

Sandstorm leaves the room leaving Steven, Cipher, and the unconscious Blaze alone

Cipher: So how did you meet that guy?

Steven Mercier: Sandstorm? Let's just say he's a friend from a long time ago.

Cipher: You sure have some friends Mercier.

Steven Mercier: You should talk. You're one of them.

Cipher: Excactly. So what should do with her?

Steven Mercier: Let's just wait for her to wake up.

Five Months Ago - Belka

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) I'm looking for a former pilot. Went by the name of Cipher.

Belkan Civilian: (Belkan) Cipher? Never heard of him. Try the bar. If he's a former Belkan pilot, that's a good place to look for them.

In the bar.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Excuse me sir. I'm looking for a pilot.

Bartender: (Belkan) Take your pick. We get a lot of Belkan pilots drowing thier sorrows here. You'll have to be more specific.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Served in the Belkan War. Not for Belka though.

Bartender: (Belkan) No one here like that, unless you mean the crazy old man in the back.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Crazy old man?

Bartender: (Belkan) Says he was quite the Ace back then. No one here believes him though. A lot of people here were "Aces."

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Thanks for the info. Here something for the help. (Gives the bartender some money.)

Bartender: (Belkan) Hah! Any time friend!

Mercier takes a seat next to the old man.

Old man: (Belkan) So have you come to make fun of me as well?

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Not at all. I've just heard some info that you might be who I am looking for.

Old man: (Belkan) Leave me be. I'm in no mood for a kid like you.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Looks can be deciving. Now tell me, did you serve in the Belkan War?

Old man: (Belkan) ...Yes. I did. Back when I was young, about your age. I was the Ace of Aces back then. I was mercenary pilot back then, working for Ustio. Me and my Buddy. But that was a long time ago. After a job in Anea where I was shot down, I was injured. Not just physically, but mentally as well. My pride was broken, so was my arm. All I've done afterward is drink. I've only grown this old because of the advancements of technology in the world. I would've been dead back then.

Steven Mercier: Cipher.

Old man: (Belkan) Hmm? What did you say?

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) That was your TAC name right? Cipher.

Old man: (Belkan) Never heard of him.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Don't lie to me. You're him. I know it.

Cipher: (Belkan) And what of it? I'm nothing more than an old man. I'm no use to anyone. I can't fight anymore, everyone knows my story and the parts they don't know would never be told. Leave me alone and let me drink in peace.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) What if I told you there was a way for you to be useful.

Cipher: (Belkan) Hah! I think it is you who needs to stop drinking if you think that I could be any use now.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Would you be willing to try if you could?

Cipher: (Belkan) If you could do it. Make me feel like I did when I was young. Then yes.

Steven Mercier: (Belkan) Then we have a deal?

Cipher: (Belkan) I assume there is a price to this, but at this rate I'll take whatever deal you'll give me.

Steven Mercier: (Belakn) If everything goes as planned Cipher, it'll be worth it...

Back in the present

Blaze: Uhh...Where am I?

Cipher: Oh, you're awake. Have a nice nap?

Blaze: Yeah, everthing was good...then I saw you.

Cipher: Now that's no way to talk to your wingman.

Blaze: What are you talking about? It didn't work.

Steven Mercier: Well it's your lucky day. Rebirth or not, you're part of the team. Now get ready for training.

Blaze: Training? Already? Argh. My head is killing me.

Cipher: I wouldn't know. Rebirth worked just fine for me.

Blaze: Lucky you...

Steven Mercier: Quit it you two. We're going up in ten.

In the skies above Ghost Island

Hunter: You guys up yet?

Cipher: I'm in the air. Hey kid! You've taken off yet?

Blaze: Yeah I'm up here.

Hunter: Alright then. Prepare for training.

Blaze: Haven't I've trained enough already?

Hunter: Not like this. We'll be training you in very advacned techniques and tricks that Cipher and I have used in our past. When this is over you should be as good as us.

Blaze trained with the two pilots for the next two weeks quickly admiring the skills of both Aces and eager to learn from the both of them after thier first day.

The last day of training

Blaze: Are you ready Cipher?

Cipher: Ready Blaze. Now!

The two pilots cordinate thier attack perfectly, taking out the drones used fro simulated combat.

Hunter: You guys left one alive.

Cipher: Well that one was for you.

Hunter: Firing guns!

Steven "destroys" the last drone with ease.

Hunter: Alright guys one more time. This time the drones are set on "A.I. Mobius."

Cipher: That guy huh? I remember hearing about him. Bet I could take him out if I had the chance.

Hunter: This will be as close as you get Cipher. Blaze, when you see the combat line on your HUD prepare for a Joint Assault. Cipher or me will signal when we are ready by changing the line red. That's when you attack. You can also signal us for an Joint Assault by doing the same. Just keep on the target and we will support you. These days some pilots are just too much to take on one on one.

Blaze: Roger that.

Cipher: Here they come.

The AI Drones quicky encircle the pilots

Cipher: Man I would've love to fight this guy. The drones moves now are amazing!

Blaze: (Look for the combat line)

Cipher: Ready for a Joint Assault Blaze?

The line turns red

Blaze: Now!

Blaze and Cipher attack three AI drones in a cordianted attack.

Hunter: Nice job! Three AIs down. Only seven to go.

The AI drones get behind Blaze

Blaze: They're right behind me.

Hunter: Blaze don't forget that you can call on us for an Joint Evasion. One of us will come to your aid and distract the enemy pilots giving you time to destroy them in the confusion. This won't always work though and you can only do it so many times until they get wise to the trick. So don't use it as a go-to plan. A pilot should always rely on thier own skills.

Blaze: Roger that.

Hunter: I'm coming to help you out. Tell me when.

Blaze: Now!

Steven cuts between the drones allowing Blaze to escape and rengage the drones and destroy them.

Hunter: Good job. Using these moves require the support of your wingman. Don't leave them to the enemy otherwise they won't be able to help later on. The bars on the left of your HUD will show the status of your wingmen.

Cipher: Only four to go!

Hunter: Oops. Looks like someone accidently just set the drones to "Phoenix" difficulty.

Cipher: Oh I wondered who could've done that!

Hunter: No idea. Let's see what you got Blaze!

Blaze: Engaging!

Back on the ground

Steven Mercier: Looks like we're ready.

Cipher: Where are we going for our first mission?

Steven Mercier: We're headed to Emmeria. Our target is the General EX Aircraft Facility. We need to stop the General Nations from producing any more EX-Class fighters.

Interlude 4A

Mission 5A: New Wings - 1550hrs April 10th, 2060, Port Edwards, Usea

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