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This is a fanon where Osea and Usea form a alliance in order to stop a new group called "A World With No Grey Men".

NOTE: This story exist in a timeline where Steven Mercier and Roy Harding tried to fix the timeline (See Time Machine and Timeline-H) but failed, creating this new timeline.


IOSAADF (Independent Osean State Allied Air Defense Forces)

22nd Random Air Force Unit- "Warface"

AWACS AWACS- Real Name: Violet Hughes

Kei Nagase (AC5) - Refered to as "Captain Nagase" (TAC Name: Edge)

Kei Nagase (AC:AHL) - Refered to as "Edge" (TAC Name: Edge)

"A World With No Grey Men"

3/4ths Tactical Fighter Squadron "Red"

Red Leader- Real Name: Valarie Hamilton (Yeah that's right. Hamilton's daughter)

Red 2-10


In the year 2013, terrorist attacks begin to rise in the Osean and Usean Continents. In order to combat this threat, Osea and Usea unite to create the IOSAADF (Independent Osean State Allied Air Defense Forces.) Squadrons apart of the IOSAADF consisted of Osean and Usean pilots. It was when the IOSAADF was created that Captain Nagase (AC5) met her the person she would call her enemy and soon her best friend...Kei Nagase (AC:AHL.)

Chapter 1- I Didn't Ask For This!

Mission 1

Mac Madden: Alright listen up! As members of the IOSAADF we are expected to stop terrorist activities in the Osean and Usean Continents. Captain Nagase!

Kei Nagase: Sir!

Mac Madden: You still don't have a wingman yet.

Kei Nagase: Sir I asked to be paired up with Blaze but-

Mac Madden: I've already told you Nagase, Blaze is being partnered up with Mobius One. Our studies have show that the two of them teamed up would be, scientifically stated, "Very Badass."

Kei Nagase: *Sigh*

Mac Madden: Don't worry though, we'll find you a partner that you can work with. Now pick a name out of the hat.

Kei Nagase: Sir?

Mac Madden: This is how we pick the teams in the IOSAADF. The rest of your squadmates did and now it's your turn.

Kei Nagase: Very well then sir.

"And that's how I got partnered up with her."

Mission Start

AWACS: This is AWACS callsign AWACS. Can you hear me Edge?

Captain Nagase: I can hear you loud and-

Edge: I think he was talking to me.

AWACS AWACS: No I was talking to Captain Nagase.

Edge: This is ridiculous! Why are we paired up?

AWACS AWACS: "Because the hat giveth and the hat taketh." You think I wanted my callsign to be AWACS? I wanted to be called AWACS Hellstorm but nooooooo, I had to pick AWACS. Now be quite Nagase and let me talk to Nagase!

Edge: Whatever...

AWACS AWACS: Now then. Let me give you your in-flight breifing.

Breifing: Take out all the targets.

AWACS AWACS: You got that Warface?

Captain Nagase: Uhhh...Is that it?

AWACS AWACS: Yep that's it. We have to cut back on the details during a breifing due to budget cuts. That's also why your radar has been replaced with a compass.

Edge: What the- Is this some kind of joke.

AWACS AWACS: Sorry to say it's not. Though I guess this shouldn't be a surpise since Mac Madden has been rumored to dislike women in the military.

Captain Nagase: Unbelieveable! I can't believe that we still have to deal with men like him!

Edge: I agree with you.

AWACS AWACS: Anyways, the targets should be on ra- well just keep flying until you see them.

(Moments later)

Captain Nagase: I've got a visual on the targets.

Enemy Fighter: It's the IOASAFD! I mean the IOSAFDA! I mean, it's.. them!

Enemy Fighter: Where are the escort bombers!?

Enemy Bomber: Don't worry. We won't let those fighters get you.

Enemy Fighter: Can someone explain why the bombers are protecting us?

Enemy Fighter: Isn't it obvious you idiot!? The bombers can cause a lot a damage to the fighters with those bombs.

Enemy Fighter: But aren't the fighters faster than the bombers? How can they possibly hit them.

Enemy Fighter: You really are an idiot. That's why they have so many bombs. Duh!

Captain Nagase: Edge engaging.

Edge: Edge engaging.

AWACS AWACS: You already said that Nagase.

Edge: No, that was me. Not Nagase.

AWACS AWACS: No, i'm sure that Nagase said she was engaging.

Edge: No that was- *Sigh* You know what? Nevermind. Engaging.

Captain Nagase: Enemy Bomber in sight. Fox 2.

Enemy Bomber: Missile incoming! Evading!

Enemy Bomber: No! I't can't hurt you if you don't believe in it! Trust me!

Enemy Bomber: Really? Alright then.

(The bomber explodes)

AWACS AWACS: Bomber down.

Enemy Bomber: Dammit! How didn't that work!? It always worked against the monsters under my bed!

Enemy Fighter: One of the escort bombers are down. What's going on!?

AWACS AWACS: Nice job Warface!

Edge: Not bad. Just make sure to keep it up.

Enemy Bomber: Fighters! Prepare to take evasive manuvers.

Enemy Fighter: Evasive- What are you talking about!? We're the first mission pilots! We can't do shit execpt fly in a straight line and provide dialouge.

Enemy Bomber: Why didn't anyone tell me we were protecting first mission pilots!?

Enemy Bomber: Don't worry. This also means that the enemy is flying in the starting aircraft, like F-4s and F-5s.

Enemy Bomber: But what if they have already done all of this and are restarting the story again? They would have fighters like the F-22 and Su-37!

Enemy Fighter: Are you guys talking out of dialouge again!? Just stick to your scripts!

Edge: Are you guys done yet?

Enemy Bomber: Uh yeah! Sorry about that! *Ahem* Curse you allied fighters!

Edge: Fox 2!

Enemy Bomber: Incoming missile! Launching flares!

(The flares cause the missile to fly away from the bomber)

Enemy Bomber: Hah! What do you think of that!?

Captain Nagase: Fox 2.

Enemy Bomber: Crap! No one told me they would launch another missile! Flares! Flares!

Enemy Bomber: They're still recharging sir! We're going to be hit! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Enemy Bomber: We haven't even been hit yet.

Enemy Bomber: Oh sorry.......Now?

Enemy Bomber: ....Now.


Enemy Bomber: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enemy Fighter: Another Bomber down. Only two are left.

AWACS AWACS: Nice job. Only two bombers remaining.

Captain Nagase: We already know that AWACS. We can hear the enemy's transmissions.

Enemy Fighter: What!? You guys told me that they couldn't hear us!

Enemy Fighter: We thought they couldn't! We're only human!

Edge: Fox 2!

Enemy Fighter: Missile incoming! Quick fly in a straight line, only better!

(Missile hit)

Edge: This is Edge, comfirmed kill.

AWACS AWACS: Nice job Nagase. That's your 3rd kill today.

Edge: No that was me who got the kill. Not Captain Nagase!

AWACS AWACS: Geeze this is getting confusing. Look, I'll call you Warface 2 and Captain Nagase Warface 1. How's that?

Edge: Why am I Warface 2? Nagase is the one who is always the wingman.

AWACS AWACS: Because she has 3 kills and you don't have any.

Edge: But I just- For the love of god someone just shoot me...

Captain Nagase: Let's just focus on the mission. Fox 3.

Enemy Bomber: Here comes more missiles!

Enemy Bomber: Forget this! I'm outta here! *Jumps out of the bomber* So long suckers! Hahahahahah!!!

Enemy Bomber: Wait! You forgot your parachute...Oh never mind.

(Nagase takes out the last two bombers)

AWACS AWACS: All escort bombers destroyed. Now finish off the fighters.

Enemy Fighter: Dammit! All the escort bombers are down! What do we do now!?

Enemy Fighter: Surrender?

Enemy Fighter: Wait, is that a choice? I mean can we just surrender?

Enemy Fighter: Sure why not? I mean it's not like we're going to survive at this rate.

AWACS AWACS: I'm getting a message from the remaning fighters. It reads as follows:


AWACS AWACS: What do you make of it?

Edge: Well, I'm not that good at deciphering code but I think that means they want to surrender. What do you think Nagase?

Captain Nagase: If they want to surrender that's fine with me. I'd rather not have to fight them anymore.

AWACS AWACS: Alright then. I'll send them a message.

Mission Complete

"And that's how it all started. We didn't like each other at first. To be honest, it was strange just being around each other at all. It was like being around yourself, but you acted different. Almost like looking at a mirror and the mirror was doing different things than what you were doing. But in time we would learn how to trust each other."

Mission 2

Violet Hughes: Have you two seen the news yet?

Captain Nagase: What do you mean?

Violet Hughes: Look.

Sheryl Grimes: This is Sheryl Grimes reporting from OBC. Today we have recieved a video from the supposed leader behind the recent terrorist attacks across Osea and Usea.

(Video Starts)

???: This is a message for the leaders of Osea and Usea! We will stop you. We will remove how the world views you and replace it with our own, better image. We will no longer let men like you run the world! Men like you...Men with grey hair! You're old and don't look that well on camera! But we "A World With No Grey Men" we end all of this! Osea and Usea are just the beginning! We were created to end the terror of men with grey hair in the world...and as a side project we also work in creating our own nation, but mostly in removing grey haired men! That's the important detail! Now watch as we begin with Harling! Look at the areas on his head that have turned grey! Disgusting...But with this weapon! New and Improved-Belkan Hair Color! Give your hair the pride that you give your country! We will remove this problem.

Vincent Harling: You won't succeed. Some people look good with a bit of grey in their hair.

???: Don't you dare lie right in front of me! Grey hair is nothing but a problem. If it wasn't for grey hair Belka would have won the war! If it wasn't for men with grey hair my father would still be alive! *Removes mask* My name is Valarie Hamilton -Yeah that's right. Hamilton's daughter- and I will avenge my father's death!

(Valarie starts using the hair product on Harling, removing his grey hair)

Vincent Harling: *Heavy Breathing* Is that it? My hair will return to its original color in time.

Valarie Hamilton: Hahahaha! Is that what you think? With new and improved-Belkan Hair Color your hair will never turn back! You'll have blond hair forever! Hahahahaha!

Vincent Harling: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valarie Hamilton: Get him out of here! And let that be a message for the rest of you! You can't stop us! No one can stop us! Not Osea! Not Usea! Not two female pilots who have the same name! No one!

Sheryl Grimes: I must apologize for the images just shown. When we recieved the video there was a label that said "Apporpriate for all ages." We at OBC didn't count on them being liars. This has been Sheryl Grimes from OBC.

Captain Nagase: ....

Violet Hughes: Nagase?

Edge: Are you okay?

"How could this have happened? How did they get kidnapped Harling? Hamilton had a daughter!? I had so many questions at the time that I couldn't think straight. Everything was happening too fast."

Edge: Nagase! Are you okay!?

Captain Nagase: Harling! They have him! We've got to do something!

Edge: Calm down! There's nothing we can do for him now!


Violet Hughes: Oh what now!?

Announcer: The enemy is attacking the base! All pilots get into the air now!

Edge: Nagase let's go!

Mission Start

Tower: Warface One you're cleared for emergency takeoff!

Captain Nagase: Roger. Taking off now.

Grey Fighter: Here comes some more fighters! Not that it will matter.

Grey Fighter: Dammit Bill! What did I tell you about saying stuff like that!? Now we're going to get jinxed! Remember what happened in Kaluga!? "It's only one fighter guys. Nothing bad will happen to us." And then what happened!? Stuck in the ocean for a day with you idiots!

Edge: Warface Two here. I've taken off from the runway.

Tower: Alright then! The rest of you guys on the ground need to scramble!

Allied Fighter: I like my eggs fried, not scrambled.

Tower: We're not talking about breakfast here! We're talking about war!

Allied Fighter: Oh, that makes sense...still if there are eggs I want mine fried.

Tower: Just get in the the air you worthless fu-

Everyone: Hey!

Tower: What!?

AWACS AWACS: We're only rated T for Teen, tower. We can't have that kind of language here!

Tower: Forget this! I'm going to Call of Duty! Enjoy having your base destroyed!

Grey Fighter: ....Do- Do we just keep going?

Grey Fighter: Uhhhh.....Yeah I guess.

Edge: Fox 3.

Grey Fighter: Missiles incoming!

Grey Fighter: Aw crap.

Edge: Targets down! Alright!


Allied Fighter: ....

Edge: What?

AWACS AWACS: We didn't say go. The war was on pause still Nagase! They're rules to war you know! How is this going to make us look in front of the world?

Edge: Oh come on! It's war!

AWACS AWACS: Even war has a set of rules to follow.

Edge: Whatever PJ....

AWACS AWACS: What did you say?

Edge: Nothing.

Grey Fighter: Alright then. Everyone ready now?


Mission Start

Captain Nagase: Fox 2!

Grey Fighter: Missile incoming! Evading poorly! It's not working!

AWACS AWACS: Fighter down! That's the first kill today. You're still falling behind Warface 2!

Edge: What!? Are you telling me that those two kills didn't count.

AWACS AWACS: Just focus on the mission Warface 2. You're going to have enough trouble on the ground.

Mac Madden: This is Mac Madden, commander of the IOA- You know what I'm the commander of. Now I'm only going to say this once to you. Stop it.

Grey Fighter: No.

Mac Madden: Stop right now or i'm going to tell your parents!

Grey Fighter: He sounds serious guys! Maybe we should stop.

Grey Fighter: We're not going to stop. In fact we're just getting started. Have you noticed the name of the allied squadrons you have out?

AWACS AWACS: What? Omega, Halo, and- oh crap.

Grey Fighter: You know what that means...

AWACS AWACS: Incoming attack all planes break!

Grey Fighter: Fire Excalipoor!

Excalipoor Operator: Excalipoor firing! Let's see how they handle this!

(Excalipoor fires. enveloping the base in a laser)

Edge: Ahhhh!!!

Captain Nagase: What the!?

AWACS AWACS: Damage report!

Captain Nagase: I can't see...It's too bright!

AWACS AWACS: Everyone respond!

Omega 1: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Halo 3: Halo 2 is down. So is Halo 4! And I just got the special addition of it too!

AWACS AWACS: The laser stopped...

Edge: Checking damage. Uhhhh....

AWACS AWACS: What Warface 2? How much damage did you guys take?

Captain Nagase: We only damage? Is this an error?

Edge: Mine's saying the same thing too.

AWACS AWACS: Then what happened to the other planes!?

Halo 3: You know the guys who want to be pilots but really shouldn't be? That's us.


Halo 3: And on that note...My plane is going out of control! I'm going to crash! Static.

Captain Nagase: Did he just say "static" like his plane was down?

Halo 3: -Static noise imitation-

AWACS AWACS: Well you guys know the rules to first superweapon encounter. Everyone leave the combat zone!

Captain Nagase: Warface Squadron leaving the airspace.

Mission End

Mission 3

After we escaped the attack from Excalipoor we retreated to a local aircraft carrier called "DA BOOM!" It was a nice place to be on. Reminded me of the Kestrel. We recieved reports that Mac Madden had disappeared after the attack, though from reading ahead in the script I had found out that he was secretly working with the terrorist and that on mission 5 we would be attacking Excalipoor but enough about that. The fact was that the terrorist had Harling and Mac Madden was gone. But luckly thanks to the stupid system we were put on Violet became the new leader of the know.

Violet Hughes: "The hat giveth and the hat taketh!" This time the hat giveth! I'm now the leader of what is now being called the "UOAF" Usean-Osean Allied Forces. So much easier to pronounce than that last name.

Captain Nagase: Congrats on your promotion.

Edge: So how do you like it?

Violet Hughes: Well I'm getting payed less, have no medical, and now I have to serve for 10 more years, and people are already starting to dislike me, mostly the people who came up with our first name, but I guess it's worth it.

Captain Nagase: Well...ummm...I believe that you will do a good job.

Violet Hughes: Thanks! Also, before I forget. You two got new planes!

Edge: Really? What are they?

Violet Hughes: They are the new experimental planes that we have been working on! It's called the ADFXFAGAFX,2 more Xs, the sum of 49x35 and the first letter in the capital of Wellow. But you can just call it "Cutting Edge." They look like a F-22, they fly like an F-22, and have the same weaponry of an F-22, but those guys we bought it off of for 200mil Foli. each, told us they were definitely not F-22s.

Captain Nagase: I thought you said that you made them.

Violet Hughes: That's just what we have to say to avoid a lawsuit. Those guys who sold them to us told us all about it, so don't tell anyone about this!

Edge: ...

While not convinced that these "Cutting Edge" fighters were something other than a F-22, Edge and I decided that it would be best not to say anything to Violet about it.

Captain Nagase: How are we going to launch these things off the carrier?

Edge: Hopefully we won't have to find out if we can get to the nearest base soon.


Breifing: Alright then! Here is the current situation. AWWNGM has taken over several areas in Usea and Osea thanks to the fact of their superweapon Excalipoor and that awesome recruitment commercal where Larry Foulke is riding a one winged dragon right into Osea and cuts another dragon head off with a katana and starts doing an awesome guitar solo and then is surronded by hot women. Man I want to join them so bad! Anyone with me!?

A few moments later...

Breifing: I will be the one giving you your breifing now since the last guy has been put into a cell. Though I will admit that the commercial was pretty awesome...

Another moment later...

Violet Hughes: It looks like I will have to do the breifing now. AWWNGM has a base located in the north and were going to destroy it. This mission will be considered lv.5 difficulty so expect superweapon attacks, enemy squadrons appearing out of nowhere, and flying into tunnels. This shouldn't be a challange though. The Cutting Edge does have ECM, TLS, OBC, and MTV. So you should be just fine. Warface Squadron. Lunch! Then after that, launch!

Mission Start

AWACS AWACS: Warface squadron you should be able to see the enemy base now.

Captain Nagase: I'm sorry AWACS we still can't see the base. Are you sure this is the correct area?

AWACS AWACS: Hold on a second, let me check....Yeah the base should be right here.

Edge: Are you sure AWACS? Because we still haven't taken off yet!

AWACS AWACS: Oh my mistake Warface! I just got this job after Miss Hughes got her promotion. I was originally a tank operator when I got the call that I was to be transfered to the air force....Damn hat.

After taking off

AWACS AWACS: Okay then. Can you see the base now?

Captian Nagase: Yes AWACS! The base is visible now.

AWACS AWACS: I'm sorry about earlier Warface. I'm not just cut out for this job.

Edge: You'll just have to do the best you can AWACS. You're no use to us if you can't do your job!

AWACS AWACS: Y-Yes Warface 2! I'll be the best AWACS operator ever! Also my birthday is 8 months away from today. A victory today would be nice...also a truck.

Captain Nagase: Uh...Roger that AWACS! We'll win this one for you, though we'll have to think about the truck.

Grey Soldier: Hey what's that?

Grey Soldier: I'm not sure. It looks like two...F-22 Raptors.

Grey Soldier: That must be the new pilots we were gettting. Prepare them for landing!

Grey Soldier: Shouldn't we identify thier IFF?

Grey Soldier: What did I tell you? Either we could have a popcorn machine in the office for movie night or we could identify IFF. And what did we decide on?

Grey Soldier: Popcorn...

Grey Soldier: Right, so prepare for the landing! Hey what's that droping from those planes...

(The bombs from the "Cutting Edge" planes drop right onto the base, destroying everything instantly.)

Edge: Base destroyed! I can't believe it was that easy!

Captain Nagase: Why didn't they try to defend thierselves? Was intel wrong?

AWACS AWACS: No, that was definetly an enemy base. Nice job Warface. Return to- Hold on. I've got incoming hostiles on radar.

Edge: ...

Captain Nagase: ...

AWACS AWACS: ...I SAID! Incoming hostiles on radar!

Edge: ...

AWACS AWACS: Hey! Is this your first day on the job!?

Crash 1: Oh! Was that the signal? Come on guys we're on!

Captain Nagase: Hostiles on radar. I see seven of them.

Edge: You ready Captain?

Captain Nagase: Are you?

Edge: Always.



AWWNGM Air Force

1-12 Fighter Wing 1st Squadron

Crash 1: Is this thing on? *Ahem* There they are boys. Warface.

Crash 2: Nothing we can't handle. Right Captain?

Crash 1: We'll find out. Crash squadron! Prepare to engage!

(Cutscene end)

Crash 1: Let do this Warface!

Crash 3: Prepare to die.

Crash 7: Let's go!

Captain Nagase: Here they come.

AWACS AWACS: Be careful Warface. From that cutscene we just saw they must be an elite squadron.

Crash 1: Prepare to attack!

Crash Squadron: Roger!

Edge: They're coming right towards us!

Captain Nagase: We should've been in thier attack range by now. Why are they not firing?

Crash 3: Kamikazie!!!

(Crash 3 tries to ram Edge's plane but Edge narrowly evades him, while Nagase evades the other planes)

Edge: Are they nuts!? They just tried to ram into us!

Crash 1: "Risk it all to win. No sacrifice is too great." That is the motto of Crash Squadron. Prepare to die along with us Warface!

(Crash 1 tries to ram into Nagase's plane again.)

Crash 1: Not bad Warface.

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