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"Make Gamers Cry"
—Offical Tagline

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon 2 is the sequel to Ace Combat: Assualt Horizon. This new game is promised to have more playable roles, easier CRA, and even more heavy breathing.


The story takes place 2 years after the events of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. From what can be seen from the previews (Which do not exist!) A rift in time and space causes the real world to mix with Ace Combat's Strangereal. The game includes Belkans and Russians working together to find more efficent ways to drop nukes on themselves. The first mission shows Bishop flyng against Scarface One in a intense dogfight where Bishop is shot down by Scarface One. Upon impact of the missles, Bishop wakes up realizing it was a dream caused by drinking from Guts' lifetime supply of Vodka and playing too much Ace Combat.


Several new features are included in AC:AH2 in this following list.

A example of AC:AH2's replacement for the usual "missle alert!"

  • DFM is made easier. Now the missles fire themselves.
  • New roles included are maintainence crew, guy who gets coffee and doughnuts, and office worker.
  • New planes are included but you can only get them by buying the "Strangereal Edition" on the game only avalible in Osea, Usea, and Emmeria.

The game will also be the first Ace Combat to be playable on the Kinect.

"To control you plane all you have to do is hold your arms out like they're wings. To make your plane go faster you have to make engine noises. Slowing down is done by breathing in and moving your body back. Missle fire and guns are done similar to accelerating, all you have to do is make the sounds. Our testers usually get dizzy or black out in a few minutes though. But we think this will not be a problem when it is released." - Member of Project Aces


Assault Horizon 2 will feature the same multiplayer modes and glitches form the previous title:

-Stall Glitch Camping (Capital Conquest):

Players will be divided in 2 teams to see who destroys more enemy planes and not play the objective, the stall glitch will be easier to perform, this time players are able to go to space and snipe other planes from there, don't giving a chance for you to destroy them. The mode now punishes whoever uses an Attacker plane that tries to intiate ASM and destroy the HQ.

- Stall Glitch Ranking (Deathmatch):

Up to 64 players, Deathmatch now features a more glitch based mode. DFM will be harder to perform and enemy missiles fired from a stalled plane won't alert you. This time, when a lobby reachs a minimum of 4 players, tre game will automatically lag so that when you counter-maneuver a enemy you will get shot down no matter what.

In addition, Ground Bounce will now destroy who's chasing you, and your plane will bounce up to 30000 feet.

Project Aces has confirmed that there won't be a patch to fix these glitches, they will only update the compatibility packs where they will add tons of Idol Master plane colors.

- No one cares about it (Domination):

This mode has now been enhanced after feedback received from Assault Horizon, it won't appear in the playlist at all.

Project Aces hasn't given out any news about it so far, but a leak suggests that they have been trying really hard to give a damn about this mode, worst case scenario they will add characters from the Idol Master series on the base locations.


The same skills from Assault Horizon will now return in its sequel, 2 of these skills have been overpowered enhanced and there's 2 new skills, avaiable for those who pre-order both physical and digital version on every plataform:

Enhanced Skills :   Homing Missiles & Burst

Homing Missiles: The skill has been enhanced this time to shoot down any plane with half a missile.

The missile will now seek the target for infinite time, and has 100% of chance of hitting it. During the beta test of the game, players have reported that the skill is in fact overpowered, Project Aces twitted that they have fixed the skill, and now the missile will automaticaly shoot whenever the enemy player respawn, and will be stealth.

Burst: During a interview in Tokyo Game Show, the game producer said that he was aware that some skills weren't overpowered enough, Burst was one of them.

Burst has now been enhanced to add invincible defense system, the only way a player can shot down a plane using Burst is by using Enchanced Missiles+++God+++, after hitting 41 missiles

Burst is avaiable in the skill list for 5 points and now does not have a match per use limit, Project Aces said that the skill is the weakest in the entire game.

New Skills:    Think and Turn & Enhanced DFM++God++

Think and Turn: This new skills allows the game to control your plane, the game will automatically control the plane using the improved Train Rail System (TRS) and will glitch the game physics, allowing you to be get behing your enemy in 2 seconds.

Enhanced DFM++God++: The skills whichwill be replacing Enhanced DFM has now been nerfed, now the player can intiate DFM from any distance.

Project Aces is aware that this skill might be overpowered but they are really focused on working in the Idol Master plane colors during the game's life spam.


The game's soundtrack is made from random sounds gather around the office from members of Project Aces. The most popular track being "Buddy singing about his girlfriend and how she cheated on him."


The game has recieved very positive reviews. Mostly from members of Project Aces saying quote "Everyone should buy this game." and "We're really running out of ideas for this one."

The game recived a 10/10 from "WTF Games" and a 5 out of 5 from "We like to be bribed .com"


It has been comfirmed that AC:AH2 will also include more heavy breathing, and new to the game tears, sweat, and spit.

"We felt that the first game did not have enough heavy breathing. This game however now includes 10x more breathing, but we did not stop there. We've also added extras like sweat, tears, and spit. The gamers will also be able to change the color of tears and sweat. We really just don't care at this point." -Another Project Aces member


On January 17th, 2012 gameplay footage was leaked onto the internet but from what can be seen of the footage it seems that PA has dropped the idea of becoming more like COD and instead have chosen to be more like Need For Speed.

Warwolf 1 Plays Need For Speed Shift06:18

Warwolf 1 Plays Need For Speed Shift

Official Gameplay of Assault Horizon 2.


No I don't hate AC:AH. I just thought it would be funny to make this page. Go dance with the angels! 12:36, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

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