Nightmare Geschwader
Full name 937th Geheime Sicherheits Geschwader
Allegiance Belkan Waldreich, Belkan Waldreich (Rald Faction)
Leader Galaan Scharfefaust (Nightmare Leader)
Known members Unknown
Aircraft *1 ADFXC-05 Gewalt
Blitz Attack

4 wingmen of Nightmare Geschwader, Neo-Grabacr Gruppe, clearing the way for the 3113th Jagdstaffel.

The 937th Geheime Sicherheits Geschwader was an elite Belkan squadron that was formed during the early stages of the Belkan Waldreich. They consisted of Rald-aligned pilots, and took orders only from their squadron leader, who was also the Obersterführer of Belka at the time.

After a later coup by Arrik Felsen (Alpha), the squadron escaped with Scharfefaust and his private army, the StürmenArmee; Schenze, Schmerzmittel, and the surviving loyalists; in the Dragoon. After leaving Strangereal's orbit, they would become the leading squadron in the Rald Empire, Scharfefaust's Rald government-in-exile.

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