209th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Vulcan"
Full name Aravean Republican Air Force/1st Air Division/209th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Vulcan"
Allegiance Aravea
Leader Anthony Hall

Santiago Lupe (Former now missing)
Known members Anthony "Fletch" Hall(Vulcan 1)

Michael "Victor" Ross(Vulcan 2)

Henry "Vox" Ross(Vulcan 3)

Erich "Pegasus" Faust(Vulcan 4)
Aircraft SU-35 Super Flanker , F-CK-1 Sky Sword
 As one of the initial units in the ARAF, the 209th TFS is considered one of it's best and finest units. It has yet to serve in major conflict but is not untested. Seeing opperations against several terrorist cells and pirate activity.

Known Members

Vulcan 1:

Major Anthony "Fletch" Hall

Vulcan 1

Anthony's Su-35

Vulcan 2:

Capt.Michael "Victor" Ross

Vulcan 2

Vulcan 3:

Capt.Henry "Vox" Ross

Vulcan 3

Vulcan 4:

Capt. Erich "Pegasus" Faust

Vulcan 4

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