Sandstorm Squadron
Full name 117th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Sandstorm"
Allegiance Silvelkian Military (former)
Silvelkian Resistance
AC Fanon Ace Combat: The Silver Dove
Leader Jackal (Former) Steven Mercier (Current)
Known members Steven Mercier "Sandstorm 10/Hunter"
Alexis Ballard "Sandstorm 2/Serenity"
Roy Harding "Sandstorm 5"
Lilly Rosenthal "Sandstorm 11/Rose"
Aircraft F-22 Raptor
The 117th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Sandstorm" was a squadron that fought in the Ravalkan Conflict in 2012 under the Silvlekian military and later the Silvelkian Resistance.


Ravalkan Conflict

Silvelkian Resistance

After the War

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